AB Soto is Featured Artist at Jersey City Pride!

August 22, 2016 Posted by suefairview


AB Soto is the HEADLINING TALENT at Jersey City Pride 2016 on Saturday August 27th! This rare East Coast appearance is your chance to check out this unique talent! In the video below is his most recognized hit, CHA CHA BITCH, in which he was costumed, styled, shot and edited by Aaron Cobbett:

Here is AB Soto’s latest hit:

OMG! SIU’s TRITON Shorts will blow your mind!

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David has said that we have never seen anything like the Triton shorts! He is so right!!! They are made from irridescent sequins sewn onto a black lace fabric; to my eye they look divine! I want a dress made out of this material! It is stunning an gorgeous!

New Triton Shorts available now, only at SlickItUp.com. Photos, and many in this spread, by Marco A Ovando

And now, for animal prints:

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Leopard is a neutral, only at SlickItUp.com.

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Cow Print Swimsuit available now, only at SlickItUp.com Photo by Marco Ovando (OFFICIAL)

Friends and fans of Slick It Up, Rick and Griff wearing the Cow and Leopard suits:



New Pineapple shorts!


New Ice Cream Swim Suit!


New Donut Swim Suit!

Get all these Summer looks and more at SlickItUp.com !!!


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Eagle Leather presents a ‪#‎filmbyroganrichards‬ feat Jesse Jackman Polly Filla and Pepper Pop as Pony Girl. photography by The Dark Room make up by Ollie Savage



TROUGH X films presents Nik Dimopoulos film I’LL BE YOUR MIRROR feat Skippy Baxter NOW @ www.roganrichards.com

Gay Of Thrones S6 E10 Recap: The Twinks Of WeHo

June 29, 2016 Posted by suefairview

All of Game of Thrones is now parodied on Gay of Thrones for your viewing pleasure! Here is Season 6, Episode 10:

Slick It Up’s New Summer Campaign!

June 11, 2016 Posted by suefairview

Head to SlickItUp.com now as we have added a bunch of new shorts and tees for summer! Were so happy about our new Summer campaign photographed by Tim Palen.

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The Black Monaco suit only at SlickItUp.com.

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Strawberry Swimsuit available now at SlickItUp.com


Watermelon Swimsuit available now at SlickItUp.com


The new Mega Daddy tee illustrated by Parisian wizard Benoît Prévot available now and only at SlickItUp.com

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