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Friday Fantasy – Revised

June 30, 2006 Posted by fairviewsue

Look at what was delivered to my door this morning! This exotic feline beastie must have been separated from his “Pride”. Hope he doesn’t bite (too hard). Isn’t he gorgeous? Doesn’t he make you just want to… help me out here.

(Geez, I hope he is house broken.)


Revised: There must be so little imagination out there in the blogosphere. I was picturing a whip or crop and hoops for him to jump through. You know, running him through his paces a bit while the crowd cheered and ohhhed and ahhhed. Maybe he would turn on me and get a bit out of hand. Growl, snarl, hiss, bite, scratch, that sort of thing. Merow! Egads, the only comment I got was to wash him. How boring. We could always do that after we, you know…

Sorry boys and girls. No winners. Try again next week on Friday Fantasy.

Koi Pond News – Eastern Painted Turtle

June 28, 2006 Posted by fairviewsue

Yesterday around noon, I glanced out at my koi pond as I often do, and saw the most amazing thing. A turtle! At first I thought, ‘not another snapping turtle’. But on closer inspection it turned out to be an Eastern Painted Turtle basking in the sunshine by floating on the surface of the water. How lovely; a welcome resident at last!

Eastern Painted Turtles are truly water turtles, living solely in the water and only leaving it to lay their eggs. She (I am assuming here) was about 6-8 inches, while full size is about that. Her carapace was blackish, but I could not see if her yellow plastron was painted or not. But she did have the telltale yellow and red stripes on her head and neck. She will have already bred in spring and might be here to lay her eggs.

Babies (usually around 10 or less) hatch and dig their way out in 10 weeks. Unfortunately, my fish would have a party with them just as they did with the snapping turtle hatchlings, unless my dogs dug them up first. I’m going to have to think about that. If there are any I will rescue them as I did with the snapping turtle hatchlings unless I think of something better.

Eastern Painted Turtle hatchlings

Turtles eat aquatic plants, berries, tadpoles, worms, leeches, insects, frogs, snails, small fish, and carrion.

Their predators include raccoons, crows, snapping turtles, herons, hawks, large fish, snakes, bullfrogs and foxes. We do have all of those.

They hibernate in the mud at the bottom of ponds in the winter.

I think that she finally arrived because I got rid of the snapping turtle female. I am hoping that she stays and invites her friends. They really are beautiful to see and a wonderful addition to my pond. Unfortunately they are shy and dive back into the water as soon as they sense danger. So I haven’t been able to take a picture and I haven’t seen her again. But, I will keep my eyes open, you can just bet on that.

Small Town News – Dunkin’ Donuts

June 26, 2006 Posted by fairviewsue

In the southern portion of our town there is a fork in the road. Looking north towards town, the right fork becomes Main Street and the left veers one block away from the center of town towards the firehouse. There is a property in crotch of the fork that has antique and new Irish and Indonesian wooden furniture for sale. The proprietor travels to both places at least annually to purchase his goods. It is a lovely shop with quality merchandise, as well as unusual finds, and we have purchased things there. The Irish furniture is traditional; china cabinets, dining room tables, chairs, etcetera. the Indonesian stuff is exotic and unusual; mahogany trunks inlaid with mother of pearl, hand carved chairs, whole prayer rooms and walls. He also had a set of Indonesian musical instruments. His house is on the left across the street. On the right side of the street is a baseball field. Everywhere else is residential. Behind his shop, towards town, is the Congregational Church.

Apparently Dunkin’ Donuts was eyeing the spot for a foothold in our area. They had met with Planning and Zoning and the local proprietor to discuss moving into the fork. What happened depends on who you ask. The proprietor indicated that he turned them down because he didn’t want a drive through business in front of his house. The P&Z indicated that they turned them down because they don’t allow strip malls in our town and Dunkin’ Donuts also wanted to pair their store with Baskin Robbins and another shop.

The Dunkin’ Donuts in Barcelona Spain

The proprietor is still looking to sell his store. But at least as long as he is alive we should be able to get something nice there at the fork.

Dunkin’ Donuts has settled on another location in the next town, so we dodged this bullet this time. But those ominous gleaming eyes are focusing evermore on our little town…

The Voyage

June 25, 2006 Posted by fairviewsue

“Sue, how would you like to go on a voyage with four guys and Sean to Philadelphia?” asked Scott at our yacht club’s annual commissioning ceremony.

Pretty Boys Club

Wow. The fantasy images swam in my head. Four studs. Um, hmm. Count me in. shirtless, ripped, toned, hot, tanned, oh yeah. Best offer I had had in days! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp! Back to reality.

All of the guys would be in their 60’s and between the five of them there was at least 250 years of boating experience. Sean was by far the hottest of them. One was retired from a submarine manufacturer, 3 were retired Navy, and one was a former marine architect.


The boat was a brand new (year old) Fountain 33 foot outboard with twin 275 horsepower engines (pictured below). The plan was to motor down there and back.

“No thanks, Scott.” I replied. It would be way too crowded on a 33 foot boat with six adults and Sean needed some “guy” time. But I pressed Sean into some ‘promises’ before he could depart and he kept every last one.

The departure date came and all went down the dock to pack the boat. Clothing, provisions, everything needed for a voyage of a few days was loaded and they set off.

Quentin Elias @ Oh La La Paris

They only made it about ten miles from the dock when the boat had electrical problems and had to be towed back in for repairs. But the boat has since been repaired and another voyage is planned to Portland, Maine. Sean and two other guys are going. I think I will pass. This way I can get more ‘promises’ out of Sean.

The light house at Portland, Maine

Friday Fantasy – New Pool Boy

June 23, 2006 Posted by fairviewsue

Photo source 15 Minutes

I just hired this pool boy. He’s finished cleaning the leaves out of the pool and adjusting the chemicals. What should I have him do next? Did I mention that he prefers to work in the nude?


And the winner is: David: “I’m coming over right now. I’ll bring some lemonade.”

Gathering + beverage + pool boy = great Friday fantasy. David, thanks for ‘sharing’!