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Travel Plans

July 29, 2007 Posted by suefairview

I’m hitting the road early tomorrow morning (Monday) to visit my Mom and her new puppy, Vasco. I will be unable to post, but I will return early in the afternoon on Saturday to post the next installment of Friday Fantasy, Egyptian Escapade. See you guys then!

Sophomore Year – Part 7, Ornithology and Zach

July 24, 2007 Posted by suefairview

The other course I was taking that I really loved was ornithology, the study of birds. Dr. Fågelson, an older man in his early sixties, was our professor and I really liked him. We had lecture classes and for our labs we went birding with him in his Volkswagen bus.

I really loved the birding part of the class. He was an expert birder. We all bought Roger Tory Petersen Field Guide to Eastern Birds in addition to our ornithology text book. We were provided with binoculars and brought the guide books and binoculars with us on our field trips. We were required to keep life lists of all the birds we saw beginning with those we saw on our class trips. I was so excited! This opened a whole new world for me.

We departed really early in the morning, before the sun was even up. Dr. Fågelson would drive like a madman with his window open listening for birds. Meanwhile, it was bitterly cold and the frozen air was coming into the van. But he would see a bird on a wire and screech the van to a halt, or hear a bird call and veer off dangerously off the road and set off out the door at a run, expecting us all to follow, or miss out on the sighting. If you missed out, you would miss out on seeing something that might be tested later. But most importantly to me, you missed out on a life experience, on seeing something you had never seen before, and might never see again. Didn’t everyone see how precious this man was? How inspiring he was? What a genius he was? How could they not? I just wanted to be inspired by him. But, not everyone saw him as I did. I got to run after him to see the woodcock, the wood thrush, the rufus sided towhee, the kingbird, the ruby crowned kinglet, the indigo bunting, the meadow lark, the killdeer, the snow geese, the blue bird, the cedar waxwing and so many more.

I sat right behind him in the van, questioning him about the birds we might see. One day we were talking about large predatory birds. I asked him what kinds of those birds we could expect in our area. His answer was “Well, we do see some kestrels and lots of red tail hawks. Rarely you will see an eagle. But, hey, wait! There is one right now!!! Pull over! Stop the van!”

We screeched to a halt and off he ran across the frozen corn field with me following at his heels. He jumped over the mounded rows that were frozen solid, and hard as rocks. I looked up and saw a huge bird sunning its wings high up in a tree in the first rays of morning light. Bur Dr. Fågelson still wasn’t close as he wanted to be. He ran down a little gully while looking up through his binoculars and fell headlong into a small partly frozen stream. Unfazed, he got up and kept running up the other side of the gully. He assembled the class on the other side in a corn field. We all had a really great view of the golden eagle there.

He told us how rare a sighting this eagle was in this area. Then he talked about what the eagle eats and how it lives and so forth. I just listened and stared at the eagle though my binoculars. I was amazed. It was a day I will never forget. God, I loved that class. I would have aced it, but a big part of the final was memorizing bird calls. To me, all ducks and sparrows sound alike. So, I only got a B. Oh well. So it goes.

At the end of that week of seeing the eagle, Zach came to Cayuga to visit me. I couldn’t wait to show him off to my suitemates. They were duly impressed. We hugged each other good and hard and I took the time to really feel all those muscles I had missed so much. We kissed in our suite lobby and as he forced his tongue into my mouth, my knees gave out and he lifted me into his arms and carried me into my room. He kicked the door shut after us. I could see my suite mates happy faces as we left; they were probably thinking it was so romantic and it was. He gently laid me on the bed and proceeded to undress me.

Oh god I wanted him to fuck me so bad. I helped him with my buttons and zippers, and his and in no time we were naked. He was making those grumbling growling noises as he kissed my body and sucked on my breasts that he mounded with his hands. I writhed on the bed with expectation. Quickly he donned a condom and we began to make love. He lifted my hips clear off the bed again and I just never could get enough of that feeling. He was so fucking strong to be able to lift me while fucking me. It was such a turn on. I felt like I was totally under his power; it was so easy for him to do. It was as if I weighed nothing. Then of course I had a great view of his meaty chest during sex, which was totally hot, plus seeing his handsome face as he pounded his cock into me until he shot his load. God, sex with him was wonderful.

Afterwards, I had time to really look at his body. He was beautiful everywhere. Since he was from Florida, and had just returned from Winter break there, he had a perpetual tan. He had great thighs. They had just the right amount of muscle, nice and thick with a bit of light brown fur. His calves were good and solid too. But nobody that went to Cornell had bad calves. (That is an inside joke – there are so many gorges in Ithaca that it is said that the coeds have over muscled calves.) He had the widest shoulders. That was my favorite part of him. From them hung his marvelous pectoral muscles that I used to lie across. He was absolutely perfect in my eyes and I wanted him to stay just where he was forever. I entertained thoughts of tying him to my bed. But I rarely saw him asleep. When he was awake he was always ravaging me with his animalistic grumbling growling noises or we were going out someplace to have a good time.

We continued to see each other through the spring. Zach became my bodybuilder boyfriend and I was thrilled.

Photo credits Zach: Unnatural Devotions

My Wierd Dream Last Night

July 23, 2007 Posted by suefairview

I’ve made no secret that I have strange and hot dreams. Well, here is an example of one that I had last night.

Sean and I were at a Country Fair and there was this blow job machine. It was huge and green mist metal and had an elaborate mouth that the victim would slide themselves under, and the machine would suck them in up to their waist. Then the machine would move like a cartoon and stretch out of shape vertically and horizontally as it pumped at the person, who would writhe in ecstasy. The first volunteer sneered and doubted that the machine could get him off, but he came right away. The second person was a woman and she came too.

During the break, all of the volunteers left, and I saw the machine housed porn stars. They were giving the blow jobs not the machine! Then, they hurriedly climbed back into the machine when the break was over.

I was completely surprised when my conservative Sean told me that he wanted to try it. He reasoned that it was only a machine, so it was okay. I urged him not to do it, but didn’t tell him why.

See, that is the thing about dreams. You cannot change silly stuff like why you didn’t tell your husband that the bj machine had porn stars in it. I woke up before he got in the machine.

Welcome to Bill in Exile

July 22, 2007 Posted by suefairview

Very recently Fair View enjoyed linking with a new and exciting blog called Bill in Exile. The blog is written by Scott, who is an ex-Marine currently living in Seattle, to entertain his friend of 20 years, Bill while he is incarcerated in a Federal penitentiary for selling methamphetamine. Bill will be there until 2010. Occasionally, letters from Bill are featured on the blog.

What I love about Bill in Exile is that it is politically feisty and irreverent and ventures where I dare not on Fair View. If you want to know where I stand on our lovely government and the conflagration in Mesopotamia just check out his blog. Semper fi Scott!

Bill used to be a semi-famous artist in New York City and was represented by Debs and Co. His works have been shown and reviewed favorably by the New York Times and Art Forum Magazine. This piece is called “Untitled (Blue)” and was completed in 1995. It is 36 by 48 inches and done in mixed media. You can read more about it here.

My favorite post was when Scott wanted to buy this boat:

But the guy who was selling said that he would “have to start peddling his ass.” So Scott thought he would get way more money selling his 26 year old, 6 foot, 5 inch, 225 pound, ex-Marine boyfriend Jake’s ass. This is Jake:

I kindly offered to run advertisements on my blog, but have not heard anything yet.

Scott also writes about porn and porn stars, as one of his ex-boyfriends works in that industry now. There is also some eye candy, such as the afternoon boy, which of course I never look at because it is too dirty for me. Here is an example:

See what I mean. That is just awful. Filthy! Scott! You should be ashamed of yourself. Corrupting the mind of a 50 year old woman like me. Oh shit! I had to look to do that! Damn you Scott!

So do give his blog a visit.

Honduran Hooky – Part 4, The Ruins at Copan

July 19, 2007 Posted by suefairview

I woke up refreshed and energetic the next morning and I couldn’t wait for my morning coffee. I showered and just about ran to the Welchez Café at our hotel. Sean would meet me there later when he was ready. Woody and Katy were already there too waiting for Carlos. The too looked rested and ready to go. Breakfast was informal and we ordered pancakes and eggs. We all were very hungry and wolfed down our food. Carlos and Sean joined us late. Carlos was not hungry, having eaten already, which was too bad since we had planned on treating him. But we ordered some food for him and did pretty well with it. Sean ate well too.

Even though the ruins were not that far, only about half a mile, it was going to get pretty hot out, so we drove the van. We all piled in and got there in no time flat. Carlos had his guide stick with a little feather on the end as many of the local guides had.

We paid the $10 fee to enter the park and first there were the colorful macaws that guard the entrance. Carlos warned us that they bite and not to get too close. As I recall, they were pretty noisy.

We entered the Great Plaza which was built between the years of 711 and 736 AD by the thirteenth ruler of the Maya, 18th Rabbit. It was a huge open area dotted with five stela and accompanying altars which Carlos showed to us one by one. (Click on images to enlarge.)

Here are two of the stelae we saw:

Note how deep the carvings are, some of them are so deep that they are almost three dimensional. This is one of the most striking and unique things about this Mayan site at Copan.

This large stone head was used as an altar:

Here is a photograph of Altar Q which was built in 776 AD by the 16th ruler, King Yax Pac:

Altar Q is significant because it depicts all of the Maya rulers of Copan, from the very first, Yax Kuk Mo in 426 AD to the 16th all seated in full length. The first ruler is handing the scepter of power to the final or 16th ruler, above. Carlos pointed out that the amazing thing is that that is when the Maya empire ended with the 16th ruler. So it was as if they knew it would end then.

Then we saw the hieroglyphic stairway, which was protected from rain by a tarp. It was built by the 15th ruler, Smoke Shell and is believed to be a lineage tree.

Next was the East Court and Ball Court. Note the macaw heads decorating the building. Apparently, the captains of the winning team were sacrificed to the gods.

Here is a detail from the Ball Court:

If you climb the wall of the East Court and look over the side, here is the view:

We also saw the tunnels, which cost extra, but it was so freaking hot out and it was cool and refreshing down there. Here is what we saw:

Then we climbed the pyramids and climbed everything in sight. I had my umbrella cum parasol out to shade me from the unrelenting sun. This cemetery is what you see if you climbed the main pyramid and looked over the other side away from the Grand Plaza:

Carlos asked if anyone had a red one lempira bill and I pulled one out and we compared it to the view and it was identical:

Here is the same view, but a bit to the leftt:

See the tree and the ball court, then the bill has the other side of the ball court and the hieroglyphic stair.

So we sat there on top of this pyramid and Sean and I looked at each other and we both felt that this was one of those rare architectural places of power, where by scale and design, something special had been achieved that made the viewer experience profound and memorable. I can only compare it to other places where I have felt it. For example, Saint Peter’s Square in Rome made me feel that way. Somehow the power of that place is both overwhelming and uplifting at the same time. The power at Copan, was just uplifting, kind of like a high. But, to be honest, I didn’t feel it until I climbed up on top of the pyramid. So, if you ever get the chance it is worth the visit.

The photos with black frames are from: