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Gay Bloggies Challenge #4: The Vanity Shots

November 25, 2007 Posted by suefairview

Okay, it is time to vote for your favorite blogger’s vanity shots here. Or you can go straight to Chris’ shots and vote for him here. Also, I was impressed with Richard’s shots and you could vote for him here. Voting ends on November 27th.

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Gay Bloggies: Challenge 3 Guiltiest Pleasures

November 22, 2007 Posted by suefairview

Please go to the Gay Bloggies Challenge #3, Guiltiest Pleasures and vote for your favorite blogger’s entry here.

Or, you could skip reading all of the entries and go straight to Chris‘ entry and vote for him here!

If Chris makes it to the next challenge, he will create a vanity shot of himself with the QueerClick logo. Boy, would I ever love to see that! So, let’s get him to the next challenge, shall we?

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Happy Thanksgiving from Fair View

November 21, 2007 Posted by suefairview

Sean and I are staying home this Thanksgiving and I am so bored with turkey and goose that this year I have requested that Sean make his spectacular canard à l’orange. (Sean does virtually all of our cooking. Can I pick a man or what? His Yorkshire pudding is to die for.)

He has always used Julia Child’s recipe for the duck and it comes out fabulous every time. The skin is always crispy and tangy with the zest of orange.

He used to use the remainder of the orange and some Grand Marnier to make chocolate mousse. But I have sworn off chocolate now that I have migraines. I suppose we will have to think of something else. Maybe we will make a cake or a pie.

I will be visiting my mother and her new puppy, Vasco, from Monday to Thursday next week, so there will be no posts then. But I will return with lots of photos.

Fair View wishes you all a warm, safe and happy holiday season this Thanksgiving no matter where you live in the World.

Movie Review: His Secret Life (Fate Ignorante)

November 20, 2007 Posted by suefairview

Antonia, played by Margherita Buy, is an AIDS doctor whose husband is killed in a car accident. She is quite morose, until she discovers a painting with an inscription on the back that leads her to think that he was having an affair. She then begins to seek his lover. The painting leads her to an apartment filled with homosexuals and transgenders. But she continues to assume that her husband was having an affair with a woman. I found this part of the movie to be not really plausible. Anyone who works in the AIDS field would know that people go through times when they have sex with both men and women.

Anyhow, that aside, she has to be told, by her husband’s lover, Michele, played by Stefano Accorsi, to wake up and smell the coffee. She finally gets the point and runs away stunned. (I guess I would be too if I found that my husband was cheating on me with a man.) My other criticism of the movie is that Ernesto, played by the ever gorgeous Gabriel Garko, is in the back room suffering with AIDS and with Kaposi’s lesions. That was completely melodramatic and gratuitous as far as the plot went.

However, all in all, the movie was an interesting study of the family aspect of Michele’s world and how the players fit into it. The loss of Antonia’s husband, and the addition of Antonia is examined in the movie. Also, there is a ton of eye candy. I recommend the movie and give it

**** of five stars.

NB: Cristiano is in this film. I think I spotted him in the party scene wearing a crown and greeting arrivals. Was that you Cristiano?

Gay Bloggies: Challenge 2

November 19, 2007 Posted by suefairview

Challenge 2 of the Gay Bloggies are posted: Nature vs. Nurture. See all of the contestants here. Vote for Chris here.

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