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Movie Reviews: The Bubble & Walk on Water

February 27, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Both of these movies were superbly directed by Eytan Fox. In The Bubble Noam, played by Ohad Knoller, serves in the reserve forces at a checkpoint where he meets a young Palestinian man. Noam loses his I.D. card and the young man, Ashraf, played by Yousef Joe Sweid, returns it to him where he lives in an apartment in Tel Aviv. The movie continues to follow Noam, Ashraf and the other roommates which include a gay man, Yelli (Alon Friedman) and a straight woman, Lulu (Daniella Wircer) as they go about their lives in Tel Aviv. Yousef also plays the gay Palestinian man in the movie Walk on Water.

Every day they hear about bombings and deaths and they contact each other to make sure they are not affected. They protest the political and religious violence until one day it touches them and their bubble bursts. The conclusion of the movie is how they deal with violence when it touches their group. It is unforgettable and a must see. Here is the trailer:


I gave this movie

**** of five stars

In Walk on Water Eyal, played by Lior Ashkenazi, is an Israeli Mossad agent (read ruthless assassin), who after his wife’s suicide is given the mission to be tour guide to Axel, played by Knut Berger, who is visiting his sister Pia, played by Caroline Peters, at her Kibbutz from Sweden. The reason for this undercover mission is to find out if Axel’s grandfather, Alfred Himmelman (Ernest Lenart) and ex Nazi officer is still alive. Eyal resents the mission because he feels that he is babysitting and moreover it turns out that Axel is gay and tends to befriend Palestinians both of which rub him the wrong way. He expresses this to his Mossad chief Menachem (Gideon Shemer), but it was explained that this new type of work is a break since his wife’s death. Ultimately it is discovered that the old Nazi is alive and Eyal must head to Berlin and meet up with Axel by chance.

I was completely captivated by this movie. You could just fall into Lior’s blue eyes and he plays the Mossad tough guy with such panache; I was swooning in my seat! Yet at the same time he is vulnerable and you wonder just how far he will go with Knut Berger. You just have to see it for yourself. I was hoping it would never end. There are no loose ends by the end of this movie though. All questions are answered.

I gave this movie

**** of five stars

The final Eytan Fox movie I must see is Yossi & Jagger, but fear not, it is in my Netflix queue.

Honduran Hooky – Part 13, Coxen’s Hole

February 25, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Our last full day in Roatan the water was much smoother, but we couldn’t dive because we were going to fly the following day. My last massage was scheduled with David for first thing in the morning.

He showed up on time and we decided to do it outside on the second floor porch. He got the table ready and I got naked. I walked out in my sheet and got onto the table face down. Sean went for breakfast. David worked me hard and I groaned with the pain and pleasure of his talented hands. Man, he really knew what he was doing. Shortly, Sean came back and heard me groaning in pain,

“Is he hurting you Susie?”, he said with concern.

I moaned “Hurts so good.”

And he said “Oh. I see.”

No kidding, I tried to figure out a way for David to come to the US with us. But it just wouldn’t work out.

After my massage, I decided to go for one more snorkel in Spooky Channel. I walked down the wooden dive ladder and began to just look around and see what there was to be seen. I discovered the most amazing thing. Tiny schools of baby fish were seeking shelter under the ladder. There were all kinds of fry. Sergeant major fish, butterfly fish, needle nose gar and many more were there. They looked like exact miniatures of the adults at about an inch long.

They would have made the prettiest charms for a bracelet. I was fascinated and stayed for at least an hour gazing at them. At their size I could hardly blame them for being shy. They had quick meal written all over them. I’ll never forget seeing them.

After lunch, we gathered with most of the Dive group to go tour Coxen’s Hole. We piled into our vehicles and drove the short distance there. It was mobbed with traffic and people. Although part of the main street down by the water front was paved, there were potholes, monster puddles and uneven places everywhere. There were many tourist shops crammed together and we went to many of them. But there was really nothing new there to buy.

Idle men stood in doorways and gave the place a seedy look. We walked up a hill away from the waterfront to see what the residential areas were like. The residential areas were a bit nicer than the waterfront, but that wasn’t saying much. We noticed that we were being followed at a distance by a gentleman in his 40’s and at one point Sean lost his patience and asked him what he wanted. It turned out he wanted to give us a “guided tour”. Sean told him to get lost and thankfully he did.

Back down along the waterfront, we continued to walk along the now dirt street to the dock where the cruise ships moor.

We saw one couple dressed in their linen suits as if they were in Fort Lauderdale. They looked completely lost. We really were not that impressed with Coxen’s Hole at least as far as the waterfront goes. We joked about rich cruise folks arriving here with nothing to do or buy or see. The town needed a total revamp of roads and services just looking at it. The infrastructure was just a mess. Electric services looked cobbed together. One could only guess what else it needed if one took the trouble to ask around. If there was any charm here once now apparent in other towns, such as West End, it was long gone. We wondered where all the tourist dollars were going and whether the government was corrupt and how the money was being siphoned away from the people.

We returned to our hotel for dinner. Tomorrow we were flying home.

This trip is the last one we have taken. So I hope you enjoyed my summary and until our next great adventure, happy trails to you! Until we meet again!

François Sagat Interview

February 24, 2008 Posted by suefairview

In this YouTube clip, François Sagat is interviewed and briefly discusses his career in porn that he mentions has lasted 3 years so far. He expresses what he does during his striptease at clubs. He dresses as a character and uses video backgrounds and music to further define the mood for the character.


Francesco D’Macho Into Twinks

February 23, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Today on his blog, Francesco D’Macho said that he has a crush on GAYVN Award winner Best Newcomer Blake Riley and wonders how he would feel about “being raped”! Yowza! How hot is that? You have to admit, young Blake is a hottie and has a cute butt.

If it were me, I would be on the next plane to Madrid. Just sayin’.

(Hat tip to Doug at Unnatural Devotions)

Unnatural Muscle Studs – Part II

February 21, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Just some of the hot studs that I have selected over at a certain Unnatural blog and decided to share with my readers… hope you like!

Photo credit: Unnatural Devotions