Damien Crosse Interview

April 13, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Recently, Damien Crosse was interviewed by the German magazine EreXXXion. Toni over at Attempted Entertainment has translated the interview and I have it here for you to read.

Age: 26
Miami, Florida
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Height: 1,73 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Dicksize: 21 cm

Sextalk with Damien Crosse

26 year old TitanMen Exclusive Damien Crosse (Men’s Room III, Cop Shack, H2O) tells us in the EreXXXion interview about what kind of tricks he has used as a teenager to tempt straight guys, where he has found the love of his life and what is so hot about pissing men.

Have you always been a porno fan?
No, I wasn’t a big fan, until I started acting in porno movies myself. But I haven`t ignored them, I just totally didn’t care who was a big star or what the names of the different studios were I saw my first sex movies on the Penthouse channel together with a couple of older straight kids that jerked off watching them. It were not the movies that I found cool at that time, but the fact that I could use straight movies to make my buddies excited and give them blowjobs afterwards!

In Men`s Room III you and Tyler Saint double- fuck the hot guy Jesse Santana.Have you ever participated in double-fucking in your private life?
Yes, I had the luck to meet some very talented bottoms like Jesse Santana. Double-fucking is really the hottest thing one can do in a threesome!

Any other qualities of Tyler and Jesse?
They both have really big, beautiful dicks and they’re not only sexy but great performers too. Jesse is strictly a bottom, and Tyler one of the best tops in the whole porno industry! Besides both are very sweet and not picky at all. Don’t need to mention what a great time during the shooting I had?

Have you a favorite Titan porno movie?

“H2O” and the recently released “Telescope” are my favourites! “H2O” is a wonderful aesthetic flick and “Telescope” is just phenomenal. Not only because I shot an incredible scene with lots of piss with Francois Sagat, the hottest man in the porn industry, but I also love the voyeuristic aspects of the movie. Not to mention the other amazing scenes including a double foot fuck.

How did you meet your partner Angelo?
He left me a comment on my MySpace page (myspace.com/damiencrosse) and then I left one on his and after two months I left my lonesome apartment in Florida and moved to him to New York, where we live together now. Angelo is the most wonderful guy on earth, everybody says to me how lucky I am for having him. He supports me in my job, is absolutely selfless. I’ve been always very cynical regarding love before I met him. Now I`m just happy.

We can see on your site http://damiencrosse.blogspot.com how Diesel Washington is pissing on you and there is a lot of piss in Men`s Room III too. What`s so cool about that?
Pissing has always turned me on. Earlier I did find it kind of humiliating, but now this is a very intensive way of a dick cult to me. When you fuck with somebody, you just want ALL of him including a heavy spurt of piss. And unlike other fluids pissing games are much safer.

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  1. thonnibg says:

    Thanks for posting it,sweetheart!

  2. Sh@ney says:

    Thats pretty cool….cheers to Toni for making it readable for those of us who would only ever be able to look at the pictures (hey which aint so bad…lol)He’s HOT! And well what more can one say! Great Interview!

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