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Benoȋt Prévot’s Art is on SALE for the Summer!

June 30, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Paris was 300 now 200 Eu

Bouquet bleu was 300 now 180 Eu

Mariniere was 300 now 200 Eu

Be him was 300 now 150 Eu

Bouquet de roses 250 to 180 Eu

These are original art works, not prints. I love Benoȋt’s work because it evokes the styles of the Art Deco period and is very clever. These items will only gain value over time and are a great investment. Check out more items on sale here!

Ashton Kutcher’s Ass!!!

June 30, 2009 Posted by suefairview

From the Sword:

Ashton Kutcher has done a lot for us gays. He’s tweeted for our rights. He’s gotten his chest waxed on-camera. He’s put that freshly-waxed chest to work.

And now he’s gone even further for us — yup, he’s gotten naked. For his new film Spread with Anne Heche that opens next month, he plays, well, a hipster gigolo.

Now, the American version of the trailer is pretty tame. Sexy, sure. But does it show Ashton’s naked butt? Nope.

Fortunately, the French are a little less squeamish about showing hot boy booty, and in their version of the trailer (the movie is called Toy Boy in France) we get to see a whole lot of Ashton’s pink and surprisingly plump ass.

And, yes, I do have the nekkid screencaps. And the trailers. And an all-kinds-of-nekkid clip from the movie.

In theaters: August 14, 2009


Roman Ragazzi for Slick It Up

June 30, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Source: House of Vader
Photographer: Aaron Cobbett

Daily Dudes

June 29, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Source: House of Vader

Oliver Frey’s Boys in Real Life

June 29, 2009 Posted by suefairview

So, do you ever wonder where boys that look like the ones in Oliver Frey’s drawings are??? Well, Scott has them in his hometown! Not only that, he photographs them and posts them on his blog, Bill in Exile! Here are two:

The second one is a gymnast and Scott will wait to have him check out his stuff, even if there is a long line for him. 😉 I can completely understand that!