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I Hate Cristiano!

July 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview

And this is why:

Okay so he knows lots of stars, but this is too much! Go find out more at his blog.

Just kidding amore!

Movers N Shakers

July 30, 2009 Posted by suefairview

“Kyle King complains when Rod Daily keeps telling him what to do on the job. But when Daily orders him to get on his knees and suck his cock King happily complies, greedily sucking Daily’s huge tool while pulling on his own fat cock. Daily shoves his cock in King’s ass until the sight of King’s meat swinging between his legs forces Daily to get on his knees and suck. The tables turn on boss-man Daily when King throws him on all fours and shoves his cock in his ass.”

Wardrobe Malfunction

July 30, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Closeup from Pink & Wrinkly more photos and story there.

“Olympic gold medalist Ricky Berens split the backside of his bodysuit just before his heat in the world championships in Rome, but decided to swim anyway. He won. Unrelated to Berens’ butt-crack, swimming’s governing body decided today to ban the full bodysuits in future competitions after numerous speed records were broken thanks to their high-tech materials.”

Source: Joe.My.God

It is about time they disallowed those suits as many long held records have been broken already. It is too bad they can’t go back and swim those races over again. Better late than never?

The Supermartxe Float at Gay Pride Madrid 2009

July 30, 2009 Posted by suefairview

“Here’s a little feel of the energy on the SuperMartxe float. You’ll see us, Matthew Rush, our 2 sexy Argentinian friends, as well as part of the 1.5 million people that were at the parade.”


Source: Damien Crosse

Hot Photos of Nick Moretti

July 29, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Nick on a Saint Anthony’s Cross.

Nick kissing Jeffrey Payne, 2009 International Mr. Leather, at the Inn Leather Pool Party in his honor. The photographer was SylvesterQ. (

See more NSFW photos from this shoot and read the full story at Nick’s blog.