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Menace – Scene 1

August 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz share some of that real-life passion for the camera in this steamy shoot. Lovers on and off the set, the muscled furballs don some sportswear and have an awesome suck and fuck one-on-one. The 69er towards the beginning of the video and Steve’s deepthroating skills are sure to be a highlight. As is Bruno’s facial expressions when his pocket rocket rides his cock like there’s no tomorrow.

Luke Riley Gets ‘Dirty’

August 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview


Luke Riley, who is cast as a redneck country boy, is interviewed by Steve Cruz. Read the interview and see more NSFW photos at Steve’s blog.


Mon Voyage À L’Acadie: Part 6: Grande-Anse & Anse Bleue

August 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview

We drove to a camp we planned on sharing with our cousins [more on that later] that was close to Caraquet and then explored the area of Grande-Anse to see the local coves and beaches.

We found a private drive, and the sign said “Welcome friends,” in French, so we felt we could go in since we are friendly people. No one was at home. But look at their view!

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Look how clear the water is! Of course they had two kayaks ready to go. I was ready to take one myself for a little paddle.

Talk about a private swimming area!

Mom got this shot of me day dreaming of swimming in this pristine water! Look how clear it is!

Then we got back into the car and drove looking for beaches. This one is a pay beach. For $5 you get public showers and this tiny patch of sand, complete with disgusting muddy area [near the split rail fence].

Here is the free beach. Gorgeous isn’t it? It was really hot out, so I don’t know why nobody was swimming. It was a work day though.

Vasco sprints across the beach, as if he has waited the entire trip to do so!

And then, Vasco takes a plunge into the water. Just what I would love to do!

Here are some driftwood heads that somebody put up.

This is a sculpture that seems to have some sexual themes.

Here is a normal Acadian residence that is decorated for the Festival.

Compare the house at top to this little house in Anse-Bleue. We drove there looking for someplace to eat dinner and I photographed this house because their decorations for the Festival acadien are really over the top!

Click to enlarge the photo above and you can see his little head watching us in the wooden swing! Another view is below.

We did find a bar, aptly called, ‘The Bar’, but they had stopped serving dinner. What they did have, however, was a free plate of hot steamed mussels for every customer! Mom and I were all over that! One of our cousins joined us in slamming a plate of these native tasties down. They were wonderful, tender, fresh and delicious! They were the best mussels I ever had! I am sure that the buckaroo in the photo below is probably smiling because he just finished a plate, and not because of the pretty girls at his table.

More Canada is on the way!!!

Marco Da Silva in Lebanese Coke Commercial

August 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview


Source: Marco Da Silva

Read more at his blog.

‘Monster Bang’

August 30, 2009 Posted by suefairview

From GayDVD Gunner World:

Gunner and Ricky Sinz
Gunner is already stroking his huge dick at the beginning of scene 2 when Ricky Sinz enters. Ricky finds Gunner already hard and wants to taste that massive shaft. Ricky goes down on Gunner, trying desperately to swallow the huge cock. Gunner takes a turn sucking off Ricky before Ricky bends over to take it up the ass. Gunner’s dick is huge and Ricky takes the whole thing like a champ. Ricky’s ass opens up for Gunner and soon enough the whole dick is in and Gunner is pounding away. Ricky takes a turn bent over the couch but then wants to go for a ride. Gunner lies back while Ricky straddles him and sits on Gunner’s massive prick. Gunner and Ricky go back to doggy style for another round and Ricky’s butthole complies. He takes it like the stud he is. Ricky’s ass is full of dick when he blows his load all over the blanket in front of him. Gunner is second and cover’s Ricky’s ass with cum.

Bruno Bond and Charlie X
Charlie X is brand new to porn but his big dick fits right in…into Bruno Bond. Bruno and Charlie enter the apartment and start off kind of sweet, kissing and rubbing and trading spit. But when Bruno unbuttons Charlie’s jeans, he finds a nice, big dick to suck on. Charlie has a beautiful, fat head on his big, thick dick and Bruno sucks it down eagerly. Bruno strips off his shirt and offers up his dick for Charlie’s lips. Bruno bends over and Charlie plows him, pushing his fat cock up into his hole as Bruno moans. Bruno wants a turn on top and Charlie allows him to sit on it, pumping up and down from above. Charlie’s dick stretches Bruno’s hole as they fuck. Bruno shoots a load while Charlie fucks him, then gets on his knees for a face full of Charlie’s cum.

Watch the trailer and see much, much more of monster dicks there.

Hat tip: Bruno Bond