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Bruno Bond "Does" Milwaukee

October 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Milwaukee 009

And here’s the proof!

Source: Bruno Bond Blog

Sunset Yesterday

October 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview


This is the view from our porch yesterday around 5 Pm. The cove is in the foreground, and the Connecticut River can just be glimpsed between the trees. I love when the sun gets lower in the sky and lights up the trees on the opposite side of the river. This time of year it looks like they are on fire. I could just sit on my porch and gaze at them all day. We are just past peak right now, but the river valley is a bit slower than we are.

Dr. Ross Hurston "Treats" Rod

October 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview



backroom_03Uh, huh. Catch all the action in the Backroom.

Taylor Lautner Quick Fix

October 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview


I just bought the new November People Special Collector’s Edition and it worked to give me a quick Taylor Lautner fix until the New Moon movie opens on November 20th. Although, I think the magazine really underestimates the interest in this up and coming star with the scant number of photos and interviews included. The tiny photo on the cover of him shirtless, sexily hovering over just rescued Bella, is blown up to full double page size. In it, Taylor comments that he has had fans ask him to growl for them, which he dislikes to do, since it hurts. He also remarks that his fans can wait until Nov. 20 to see his 8-pack abs. Um, we will be there Taylor!

Photo source: Twilighters Anonymous

Halloween Costumier Aaron Cobbett

October 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview


From Rose et Ridé:

Here we see Tommy modeling my Halloween costume from 2 years ago, I made this out of lyrca micromesh, leather, mongolian lamb fur and dyed fox heads, It weighs a ton, needless to say I did not go to a PETA party, but it was a hit..