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Kurt's Casting Couch #1 – Cort Masters: Reviewed

November 30, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Kurt Rogers and the prospect, Cort Masters, are sitting on a white couch speaking politely about Cort’s prior experiences in porn and his ultimate porn fantasies, which seem to include group scenes. Then Kurt begins to talk about how Cort’s endowment is generous and please reveal it to the viewers. So, Cort does and Kurt says something like “Wow!” Kurt immediately puts his hand on it to massage it to life while the discussion turns to whether Cort likes his cock cut or uncut. So that goes on for awhile, and then Kurt puts his huge mouth on Cort’s organ and takes all of it without any difficulty at all.

After a bit of that, Kurt sits back and opens his own shorts and pulls out his monster cock, which is already hard as a rock. It is not only longer than Cort’s, but so much thicker!!! It is just huge! Were I Cort, I would have swooped down on that sucker and blown it immediately. But, Kurt had to rise to his knees for Cort to get the message. But once he did, he blew the monster admirably. Cort was able to throat it with ease and Kurt was so aroused by that, as could be told by the expressions on his face, that after only a few moments he laid back and dropped a huge load onto his dark grey tee shirt [that had an image of a three-legged man on it]. Phew, lordy. That was hot!

This video is only available at Liberate Studios.

Pedro Andreas & Daniel Marvin Flip Flop Fuck

November 29, 2009 Posted by suefairview

From RocketTube:

Turning up out of the blue Pedro Daniels dream guy delivers his pizza which is quickly forgotten about as the two stunning guys from the cover strip off showing their instant hard-ons and unbelievable hot bodies to us once more sharing wet kisses with their bearded faces licking and tasting their dicks in every way possible swallowing the whole shaft as it slides down their throats- Both sweet butts gets licked and eaten as they explore every inch of their bodies- Bouncing hard Pedro feels Daniel deep inside him as they both moan in ecstasy grinding harder- Watch both hunks give and take each others cock in this versatile session showing just how real men should fuck.

See the hot preview here.

Steve & Bruno in Love!

November 29, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Look at these gorgeous shots by David Khan! They are from Steve Cruz’s blog where he reports from Melbourne with Bruno Bond. You can really see the love. If it were me, I would jump for joy, kind of like this:

More photos can be seen at Steve’s blog.

Dark Fruitcake – A Holiday Specialty of Mine

November 29, 2009 Posted by suefairview

I first made Dark Fruitcake in 1976 when I moved off campus in college. My mom gave me the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book as a house warming gift and I decided to try out this recipe. It was quite the winner and quickly became a family tradition! Today was a beautiful day to bake!

The first photo is of all the dry ingredients mixed together, including the sifted four, baking powder, spices, candied fruits and peels, nuts, raisins and dates. Also shown are the melted Plugrá butter and the molasses. I had to use the biggest pot we owned, a spaghetti pot, because the recipe makes so much!

The next photo is of the four eggs beaten foamy with the cup and three quarters of dark brown sugar beaten in. Did I mention that this recipe is a dieter’s delight? Still to be added are the orange juice and molasses. The next two photos show the dry ingredients and two views of Sean’s antique sifter that I used for this recipe.

Now the labor intensive part comes. The wet ingredients are poured over the dry ones and have to be mixed thoroughly. No one wants to bite into a fruit cake and find a pocket of flour!

Then in photo #7, the loaves are ready for the oven. Hooray! Bake at 300° F [149° C] for 2 hours (depending on the size of the loaf tin). Then you end up with photo #8! The finished product!

But wait, there is more! These fruitcake loaves need to be prepared 3-4 weeks in advance because they must be soaked in some sort of *cough* alcohol containing beverage, such as wine. I go straight for the good stuff, apricot brandy! You betcha!

I wrap each loaf individually in two unused, laundered Handi Wipes, put them back into their loaf pans and douse them with apricot brandy. I then cover them with tinfoil and they go into my vegetable crisper in the fridge until I am ready to give them as gifts. So for a month my fridge will smell like a drunk died in there. Could be worse!

That put me in the holiday spirit! Who wants fruitcake???

Deep Connection in LOVE ADDICTION

November 29, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin share a toy in Love Addiction.

Source: Strongboli