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Power Play – Seasons Beatings to everyone!

December 31, 2009 Posted by suefairview

From Nick Moretti’s blog:

The first scene of video that Luke Riley and I shot for Steel Mill Media a few weeks ago is finally available on their website. I just checked it out and it is HOT! Damn do we play off each other well. I get to dom him first and then he gets his revenge. And he DOES get his revenge! My nipples are still sore from that shoot. If you want to check it out go to the Bound Muscle site here.

Here are a few photos from the video. There are lots more on the site along with some of the hottest BDSM scenes around.

Nick has different photos at his blog as well. Both men are hot and sexy as hell as far as I can see!

Stag Homme Studio’s Orlando vs. Matthew Reviewed

December 29, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Part 1: I LOVE how the Stag Homme Studios title has a shadow on the sand!!! The two men, Orlando Toro and Matthew Rush jog along the beach in Miami towards the mangrove swamps. Matthew looks quite muscled here; very bulky. Orlando holds his own, with some great looking pecs though and a nice short haircut. Once there, they head out into the water together with Matthew in the lead. As soon as they reach a spot where the water is bright blue, Orlando reaches over and kisses Matthew passionately. They continue to make out, with Matthew reaching into Orlando’s shorts to grab his erection. Eventually Orlando pulls his shorts down so that Matthew can kneel in the water and give him a half-way decent blow job in that even though Orlando’s cock is modestly sized and Matthew could easily throat it, he never does. He just does the same old boring taking about a third of it into his mouth. Plus, the time of the blow job is fairly short.


Part 2: Orlando stands and they kiss again. While doing this, Orlando is unfastening Matthew’s shorts. Matthew groans with pleasure even when Orlando grasps his cock and gives it a tug. But Orlando goes down on his knees in the water and just goes to town on Matthew’s cock! Now here is a man who knows how to give a blow job! He throats, licks, sucks, rapidly moves his head up and down, pulls out all the stops to pleasure Matthew; all the while Matthew is moaning and groaning with ecstasy. Orlando would go on forever, but Matthew pulls him up out of the water to stop him. Then Matthew begins grabbing Orlando’s cute bubble butt with both hands and putting his fingers into Orlando’s ass. Now they are both moaning and kissing.


Part 3 begins with Orlando again blowing Matthew but we are inside a beach house. Quickly we switch to Matthew pushing his condommed cock into Orlando’s asshole, as Orlando stands, leaning over the back of the couch. It takes them a while to get going, but it is definitely worth it. I like how the camera angles change, there must be at least 4 or even 5 different shots, while they are fucking and I especially like the angle when we are looking up from Orlando’s face to Matthew’s. That one made me really hot. It seems like Matthew is some kind of animal that is fucking the shit out of Orlando and that really turned me on.


Part 4 continues the fucking in the same position. But then they switch to a seated position with Orlando facing Matthew and trying to get Matthew’s dick into his ass, but it is just not that easy. When it finally goes in, they both groan with the pleasure of it and kiss again. They both seem to really be into the fuck right now! Then the cum scene is really something special as far as posing, that I won’t reveal. But I will say, that it was worth seeing and that it was amazing that they came simultaneously. How does Stag Homme do that?

 Summarizing, I would say that Matthew could improve his blow job skills, but other than that he is a great top and a wonderful turn on. Orlando has terrific skills and looks great on camera. I’m surprised I got over seeing him as a goof on Stag TV so easily. The camera work was impressive here and really added to the entertainment value of the action as a whole. The direction was superb if it had anything to do with the last pose or any of the choreography of the fuck scenes. I really liked the outdoor setting of the mangrove swamp which I feel is very conducive to romance and sex. I wasn’t expecting to get all hot and bothered over this one, so it was a nice surprise when I did. Great going Stag Homme! Another hit on your hands – How do you deal with all of this success?

See it only at Stag Homme Studios.

"Dr." Ross Hurston gives Luke Riley a check up!

December 28, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Celebrate New Year's Eve with Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond!

December 28, 2009 Posted by suefairview

What could be cooler than being in your undies with Steve and Bruno?

Spending another night with them, that’s what!

You never know, even this could happen!


Photo sources:

First two Bruno Bond blog

Last photo Steve Cruz blog

Kurt's Couch with Rosco York Reviewed

December 27, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Rosco York


Just released today, Rosco York was on Kurt Roger’s couch for an audition at Liberate Studios. The photo to the left does not do him justice. He was tan and fine with a pretty white smile. Unfortunately he was wearing a ball cap that hid his black hair, which was back in a  pony tail and looked like it would be really nice if it were worn down. He did however also look like he could use a bit of time in the gym, unless this slim look is what he is going for.  

He and Kurt chatted about his previous experience in group settings which amounted to a 10 person orgy in a pub in Johannesburg where people could watch behind two-way mirrors. Rosco indicated that he enjoys being watched. 

Kurt then signals that it is time to give the audience a show and Rosco wastes no time moving in to kiss Kurt. He then dives for Kurt’s shorts and rips open the velcro closings to free the “monster”. Upon hearing the velcro open, Kurt leans back and says “I love that sound!” 

Rosco is bent on proving that he knows just what to do with a monster cock like Kurt’s. Plus he can throat it with ease! Obviously this is not his first time with one like this. He deftly proves his expertise as Kurt leans his head back to enjoy himself. 

In the next scene, we see a naked Rosco prostrate on his back being fed Kurt’s cock from above as Kurt perches on the arm of the couch. Rosco is jerking himself. Here we get to enjoy the wonderful skin color of Rosco’s body, but he still has the gosh darned hat on! I wish it would fall off already so that we could see his hair! I bet it is just beautiful. Kurt is gorgeous as usual. 

Next we cut to Kurt giving oral to Rosco handily. His huge mouth literally devours Rosco’s cock as if it were a tiny nothing, a tidbit, when in actuality it is a full 7 inches. This is definitely worth seeing. He stretches it and pulls it this way and that, amazing! Rosco just sits back and loves it! 

Then the two men are side-by-side jerking off and Rosco cums first dropping an enormous load very quickly that seems to stun Kurt, who can only cum sometime later. He then plays with Rosco’s ejaculate with his finger tips, seemingly because there is such a big pile of it as he signs off. 

I would hire Rosco for two reasons: 1) he can throat Kurt’s cock and that has to count for something, and 2) He’s pretty and can cum quick. 

I would watch this clip because it is highly entertaining! I find that I am enjoying seeing men with Kurt for their first time (if only to see their reaction to his huge cock) so I am glad that Liberate Studios is filming Kurt’s Couch.