Nick Moretti's Butt Hair Trimming 101: Reviewed

March 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Nick Moretti's cock

From Nick Moretti’s blog:

…Unfortunately, you won’t be hearing about my adventures this weekend, but I don’t want you guys to get bored with my normal, average life. So here is a video on something you guys keep asking me for. I had to trim up my butt hair for the now canceled Bound Gods shoot so I decided to do a little video of it. Hope you guys like!

(NOTE: If you can’t see the video below you can try refreshing this page and waiting patiently while it loads, taking off your shoe and smashing it on your keyboard repeatedly, or clicking on the link here… Butt Hair Trimming 101. Hopefully, one of those actions will bring you a satisfying result.)

The video opens with snappy music, always a good starter, and then we see Mr. Moretti discuss what we are about to see and learn. He then sheds his jeans and we see the “gratuitous cock shot”. I must say though, that when one has a cock such as Mr. Moretti does, can one really help one’s self? Mr. Moretti turns so that his rear end is facing the camera and we are asked by graphic text to assess his asset, so to speak. Hmm. Not bad at all! Moving right along. The shaving proceeds and really gets going as we fast forward. The drama intensifies as we go in for the hole, but really Mr. Moretti was just chewing the scenery here as there is not much to it but a spreading of cheeks. He avoids the crack entirely, saying that he prefers a hairy one; but don’t we all? We shan’t dwell on that itchy subject. We see the resultant hair on the lid of his toilet seat. [I assume when he is alone, he shaves with the lid up, so that the hair can be flushed.] He finishes the tape saying that he has no idea what people will want to see next, perhaps when he shaves his balls?

This video is certainly one of the most memorable videos I have seen in a long while. Actually, I can’t remember any others right now! Highly, highly recommended! Great job Nick! I think a ball shave might be just the follow-up he is looking for!

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5 Responses to Nick Moretti's Butt Hair Trimming 101: Reviewed

  1. Stan says:

    LOL! I swear you never know what you’ll get to see at that blog of Nicks. It’s a daily stop for me.

  2. fairviewsue says:

    Me too Stan! He is very lovable! I can’t figure why he can’t find a man!

  3. Nick Moretti says:

    Hey… THANK YOU for posting such positive feedback on my little butt hair trimming video. Been having a sucky week and it really made me smile. You’re good at doing that. Thank you!

    (Oh… I did find a man. Actually, gave one that I have spent more years with than I care to remember another chance. Trusted him. Opened my life and heart back up to him. And I just found him fucking cheating again. I can find men. The just turn out to suck!)

  4. fairviewsue says:

    Prego Nick! Glad to make you smile, you deserve it!