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Brutos-Eros Daniel Marvin

May 31, 2010 Posted by suefairview

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3 Day SALE: "Test Drive"

May 31, 2010 Posted by suefairview

“Test Drive” is on sale for a Limited Time Only — 3 days — at almost 50% off it’s original price. The Framed Artist’s Proof sold for $199.00 back in early 2008, but if you hurry, you can purchase one of the remaining Premier Edition Prints — the bidding starts at $49.95.

This Extremely Rare Premier Limited Edition piece is limited to just 10 prints — only 8 remain. “Test Drive” is the most highly detailed piece Rob has ever created, and each Premier Edition Print of this image is printed at 300dpi (rather than 100dpi) to ensure the highest quality reproduction possible.

The sale ends this Tuesday, June 1st — you can check out Test Drive and other work up for auction by clicking here!

DCFUK!T Releases Sex Ed Spoof

May 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Starring Matthew Rush and Brent Corrigan, the latter of which is making amends for being in bareback films.


See the very NSFW version here.

Congratulations 2010 Grabby Winners!

May 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

MOVIE OF THE YEAR: ‘Focus/Refocus’

BEST DIRECTORS: ‘Chris Ward, Tony DiMarco and Ben Leon’

BEST ACTOR: ‘Cole Streets’


BEST NEWCOMER: ‘Austin Wilde‘ &

Samuel Colt

BEST GROUP SCENE: Damien Crosse, Francesco D’Macho, Steve Cruz, Wilfried Knight, Angelo Marconi, Cole Streets ‘Focus/Refocus’

BEST SCREENPLAY: Dan Rhodes ‘Focus/Refocus’ [The mystery is eternal!!!]


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Adam Killian
Taken to the lowest level
Channel 1 Releasing


Matthew Rush


Adam Killian

Tony Buff


See all the winners here.

More photos here!

HF2: Reviewed

May 29, 2010 Posted by suefairview

HF2 was released on April 16, 2010 and was directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for Raging Stallion Studios.

Disc 1

In scene 1 the über experienced Steve Cruz was paired with Alessio Romero and I can’t say that I ever appreciated quite how handsome Alessio was until I saw him lying back with Steve sitting on his cock. Steve seemed to reach a state of oblivion rapidly; then Alessio moved him to missionary by just flipping him over. That was hot! Steve then fucks Alessio doggy style and as he always does, manages to find the right spot; then slaps Alessio’s butt. Steve shoots a big juicy cum shot on Alessio’s tush and Alessio’s load lands on his own pubes. This ultra hot pairing opens HF2 and bodes well for the rest of this DVD!

Skin heads Drake Jaden and Brandon X are paired in scene 3 and they are wearing gray jersey boxers; both have erections that they lustily rub against each other. They kiss roughly and punch each others’ pecs. Brandon grabs Drake’s ass and lifts him into a monkey hold, rubbing him against his own crotch and pulling down his underwear. Fast forward to the fucking and Drake is in cowboy on Brandon who is ramming up into him almost too quickly for the eye to see; in a tremendous show of strength. Then he pauses, and starts all over. It reminds me of rides that used to be outside of shopping centers where you could put a coin in and the ride would shake a while and then stop. You would put another coin in and it would start back up again. Brandon just kept starting up again until Drake shot his load onto Brandon’s chest! It was so impressive! These dudes had one manly suck, rim and fuck fest! You won’t want to miss a minute of it.

In scene 3, Bruno Bond is sitting in chair wearing a shirt and slacks. I came. [I adore Bruno.] In no time he is joined by a nude Tony Vega. Bruno rubs Tony’s ass, spreads his cheeks and sides a finger over his hole. That is so hot! Tony stands so that Bruno can taste his cock. Camera work here was notable as it was from below and we could clearly see Bruno’s rectangular mouth, soft tongue and white teeth, descend on Tony’s cock. Tony undresses Bruno and begins to blow him as we get to see Bruno’s “o” face, which really doesn’t have an “o”, since his mouth is a rectangle. Tony gags on Bruno’s cock and for a minute I thought he was gonna toss his cookies. Tony jumps up into the monkey hold and Bruno’s cock is pointing right at Tony’s hole! So sexy! Bruno rims Tony and licks from cock head to shaft to hole all in one motion, which Tony finds devastatingly pleasurable. Bruno fucks Tony in 2 positions; doggy style and missionary and he is a machine that just keeps his pace the same until he is ready to pull out and blow his load. Which he ultimately does all over Tony’s pubes. Tony grunts out his creamy load like a fountain all over his torso. I found this scene really hot, because I just sat back and imagined that Bruno was screwing me the whole time! A fool-proof method for making porn hot; try it some time!

Berke Banks has a huge fat dick. I had never heard of him before seeing HF2. But I am sure that Derrek Diamond had. Because if you could have seen how that boy went for it in scene 4, you would know that he wanted it bad! He just can’t wait to get Berke’s gray jersey boxers off and get that monster down his throat. Berke must have liked it, because his face and shoulders blush pink! After an obligatory and half-hearted blow job from Berke, Derrek finally gets what he wanted; Berke’s fat cock in his ass! Berke gives it to him doggy style and Derrek is turned on beyond belief, his hands clenching the couch while he moans and grunts quite loudly. Even Berke, usually a cool customer, seems to be into it. They switch to missionary and Derrek shoots his load up to his neck as does Berke. Impressive cum shots and scene! It was very memorable.

Scene 5 was like a romance story. It opens with Vic Kovacs reading a book on a cherry poster bed, in a room with potted palms and glass vase of white hydrangea on the night stand; classical guitar is playing in the background. He writhes pushing his hips into the sheets and exposing his luscious ass to the viewer as he reads, what we can only guess is a romance novel. The swarthy and muscular Alexsander Freitas enters as if in answer to his dreams. In no time they are rolling on the bed, kissing and rubbing their bodies together. Alex rips Vic’s shirt off, and has rough sex with him in that he fucks his face, fucks him doggy style with one foot on his shoulder and twists his arm behind his back. Also, Vic sits on Alex in reverse cowboy and Alex pounds up into him. Vic just eats it up! This is the best I have seen Alex do up until now. Finally he is with a partner that appreciates his roughness and shows it; as it is worked into the dream lover concept ravaging his love object. I loved the romantic setting and theme and felt that it worked for all the players. Also, he restrains the grimacing, I think I only saw it sneak out twice. I thought that Alex’s making a muscle was kind of corny and egotistical, but I must say, that it was BIG. I think that Freitas fans will be happy with this effort.

Disc 2 HF2 goes Down Under to the beach! Yay!

I just love screen tests! Maybe it is the possibility of the unknown happening. I also just love Tyler Murphy, the first man to be tested in scene 1 of Disc 2. I fell for his blue eyes and deep Irish brogue; so sexy! He had such a look of mischief about him; I couldn’t wait to see what he would do next. Bruno fucks him first, then Steve. Steve has at him from behind and maybe Tyler underestimated him, but their eyes lock and Steve goes “Yeah, is that the spot?” And Tyler, seeming surprised, nods yes, then Steve lets Tyler move, showing that he can power bottom. Tyler blushes with lust and gets all intense during sex. Steve maneuvers to missionary in one move and cums. Bruno takes over and fucks a nice cum shot out of the young man and them cums himself. Delightful!

There was no talking in scene 2, when Bruno and Remy Delaine got together. They went straight to kissing. Steve was filming and we heard him say “Okay, I’m jealous.” What followed was a tremendously hot three-way with Steve, Bruno and Remy; all very experienced men. I can’t say that I have seen anything like it in recent memory. Highlights include: Steve snapping his erection in Remy’s face while Remy sticks his tongue out and moves his head up and down, both Steve and Bruno gagging on Remy’s erection, and Remy rimming Steve and following with his stubbly chin. Also notable was Steve in cowboy on Remy moving so that his ass grabs and pulls Remy’s meat each time he moves up off of him. [A move that I thought was my trademark, but apparently not!] Next Steve bounced, then up and down staccato while Remy talked dirty to him in his randy French accent, and Steve shoots! So fucking hot! then Remy fucked Bruno in two positions until both men came together. Remy sees the mess that they made and tsks, before his kisses Bruno. Okay, so I am sold on Remy. I can see why he is a local heart-throb. [Should I worry that I can get hot for so many guys?]

Scene 3 HF2 brings in the heavy hitters. It is kind of like your mom used to say about playing with a stick in the house. It is all fun and games until somebody puts an eye out. Enter Keiran. Keiran is a completely charming and well spoken young man who has traveled to Chicago for IML, London, Berlin and Madrid for Gay Pride. Of being in Madrid for Pride he said ‘”That’s the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my life… No, that one is!” Every day is like that in Madrid.’ I have been there, though not for Pride, and I can tell you that Keiran is quite right. Keiran strips right down and even flaccid his penis is tremendously impressive. He strokes it to erection in a few minutes and it is a fucking BASEBALL BAT! He pulls it away from his body and it SNAPS back! Bruno goes in for a taste and gets more than his money’s worth as Keiran goes a bit out of control with lust, shoves his dong down Bruno’s throat and beats his face with it, eventually shooting a fountain of cum over Brunos’ face and back. You can see Bruno’s right eye bruising during the clip. I do hope we see more of Keiran and his monster dong! Bruno, you are a brave man.


HF2 held varied splendors and delights for the viewer. The cast was diverse as were the themes and it was obvious to me that a lot of caring went into the production of this film. It was all brought together by the experienced leadership of Steve Cruz; one of the extremely few visionaries in the field today to come from within the porn world itself. Quality is hammered into each scene. The sets, the camera angles, the performances, everything evinces quality. All of that makes HF2 extremely watchable, but put it all together and it becomes really hot porn! Really fucking hot porn! And that is why I highly, highly recommend HF2.

You can purchase this DVD at Raging Stallion Studios.