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Boys gone wild at the Full Throttle Party!

July 31, 2010 Posted by suefairview

The Full Throttle party was a wild affair as we can see from the photos recently published on Alexsander Freitas‘ blog! The photos were taken by Joe Pessa and there are more on his site.

One photo of Bruno Bond sucking two cocks at once is from Bruno’s blog. I would brag too! But what we didn’t know, is that Bruno went through the entire party, grabbing fistfulls of cock, right and left! What a dog! That’s a man after my own heart!

We also see what a clown Race Cooper is! He jokes around with Tony Aziz, then he’s the meat in the Alex and Suzan sandwich. He must have quite a sense of humor!

So Alex, was there a striptease contest that we didn’t know about? Hmmm? That’s okay, we enjoyed the show! It really looked like a fun party!

Movie Preview of François Sagat's "Homme au Bain"

July 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

From Phénomènes Paranormaux:

“Homme au bain” de Christophe Honoré : la bande-annonce

L’acteur de porno gay François Sagat tout nu, et Chiara Mastroianni sous une capuche, le tout sur une musique de Two door cinéma club : c’est la bande annonce de “Homme au bain” de Christophe Honoré, en compétition à Locarno avant une sortie en salles le 22 septembre.

“Homme au bain” by Christophe Honoré: the preview

Gay porn star François Sagat is completely naked, and Chiara Mastoianni is under a hood, the whole to the music of Two door cinéma club: it’s the preview for “Homme au bain” by Christophe Honoré, in compétition at Locarno before its release date of 22 September.

See the preview and article here, or a larger copy at

Hat tip: Casimir

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July 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

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Alexsander Freitas in SteamWorks

July 29, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Alexsander Freitas stars in Raging Stallion Studios new film SteamWorks along side Angelo Marconi, Austin Wilde, Derek Reynolds, Diesel Washington, Race Cooper, and Topher Dimaggio. With a cast like that and directed by Steve Cruz and Tony Dimarco, this film can’t miss!!! See the free preview and more photos here. There are more photos of the very hot Alex at his blog as well! Diesel does a very nice write up on the film as well. I cannot wait to see it!


July 29, 2010 Posted by suefairview


From Spanish Oh My God magazine comes this video which stars Adam Champ, Carlo Masi, Francesco D’Macho and Raphael Carreras. You’ll swoon!

Hat tip: Attempted Entertainment