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Stag Homme's From Here to Heaven: Reviewed

August 31, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Stag Homme introduces Goran in his porn debut, “From Here To Heaven”. This perfectly sculpted Bulgarian with piercing green eyes and the softest sun-kissed skin is hands down one of the hottest muscle gods you’ll ever set your eyes on! Goran and Damien Crosse are sunbathing under the intensely blue Spanish sky, rubbing oil on each other, when Damien pulls down Goran’s bathing suit to get a taste of those luscious cheeks and that thick uncut cock of his. What follows is one of the hottest versatile suck and fuck scenes Stag Homme has ever captured on film!!! “From Here To Heaven” is the perfect blend of sweet and romantic eroticism and intense uninhibited passion. This beautiful Eastern European newcomer gives a jaw-dropping performance which is sure to make you fall in love in with him. This feature contains kissing, rimming, sucking, fucking and oral cumshots.

Starring Goran and Damien Crosse.

Directed by Damien Crosse. Videography by Tomyhawk. Photography by Tomyhawk and Damien Crosse.


The film opens with Goran climbing over the roof-cap stones, breaking into the rooftop to sunbathe with Damien Crosse. Goran, who is seriously handsome, adds nicely to the moving collage of red roof tiles, blue sky, bronze skin, and black tattoos as the guys suck and molest each other in parts 1 and 2, which flew by due to their beauty and hotness. I was pretty breathless during these parts and found myself stunned as each part ended. I was like, oh, it’s ended, I have to hit a key now.

But, I managed it. In parts 3 and 4 Goran fucks Damien in a shaded alcove on the rooftop first doggy style and then in the missionary position. This too was very hot, and punctuated by Damien’s expected “Ahhhhs” and even some “Ooofs”. The mens’ tanned bodies glistened with sweat as well as oil by this time. Goran used little shallow strokes in the missionary position and put his hand on Damien’s throat, as if to strangle him. Damien really seemed to get off on that and even said in Spanish that he was coming. He then shot and enormous load, which Goran smeared all over his abdomen and chest. Damien then said in Spanish, “Give me your milk.”, and put his mouth under Goran’s cock. Goran then sprayed four or five good streams of semen into Damien’s open mouth! It looked exactly like someone was milking a cow! Then they kissed. What an amazing cum shot!

Holy shit! This was really fucking hot! I hate to say it, but the photos just don’t capture it. You really have to see it to experience it, but the free XXX preview, available at Stag Homme, will give you a small taste. Kudos to Damien Crosse, who has shown that he can make extremely hot porn with a very hot guy. This one has all the quality we come to expect from Stag Homme and will  do well when released on DVD. Go see it, your dick will thank you.

Country Fair

August 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Saturday evening was perfect weather-wise, Sean and I decided to go to a local Country Fair in a town just to the north of ours. This particular fair is held every year and it is strange that we have never gone to it. Now, I have been to some pretty large fairs, such as the New York State Fair in Syracuse and did not expect that this one would be nearly the same, since this is a really tiny town. Locally, there is the Durham Fair, but even Durham is a bigger town than the meager populace of this town, that is probably closer to 6,000 souls.

So, even though there was traffic, and we had to park in front of an abandoned house and walk the rest of the way, this fair seemed pathetically small to me. But, it was a Fair and had a midway, animals, a petting zoo, food, and all the other expected attributes of a country fair. We had a great time!

First I fell in love with the goats. There was this light brown mommy goat with twin black and white kids that were clowing around, climbing up on the feed bowl, her, and the fence. They came in for close ups too. I wsa ready to scoop one up and make off with it.

The cow barn was cool too. I fell in love with a calf at the NYS Fair. But back then I figured out that they grow up into cows and I cannot keep one. It was getting quite chilly and the cows’ body heat was heating the cow barn nicely. I stepped in maneur with my new Sketchers sneakers and got some on the glittery toe! One of the cow ladies laughed and told me I was blessed now. I felt that it must be true.

Sean was allured by the antique tractor pull so I went to check out the cocks. Typical! I LOVE COCK! No really, I do love cocks, I mean the birds! I had an uncle in Canada that used to raise chickens but he had the whiskered kind, and those were not represented at this fair. But I did take photos of some of the kinds of birds that I liked.

Then I looked at the agricultural exhibit and was largely unimpressed. But I took a photo of the best flower arrangement [IMO] that only won second place.

In the petting zoo, there was a Zedonk, which was a cross between a Grévy’s Zebra and a donkey. There was also a very relaxed camel, a huge pen of dwarf goats and another of spotted goats.

I had a candy apple that also dripped on my Sketcher sneakers. [When I got home, a little bleach on a q-tip fixed them right up!]

We had a really great time and Sean bought me a hand made cotton hoodie from Nepal that is really cute, plus a silk scarf from Bali. I got so chilly, that I ended up wearing the hoody, even though it did not match my outfit!

Alex Freitas at the Pornathon at Faultline

August 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Alexsander Freitas hugging a fan at the Pornathon at Faultline yesterday in LA. See many more photos of the event and a video at his blog.

New at Slick It Up: Contour Body Armor

August 29, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Dave says:

This contour body armor is our first suit that combines the neoflex material with our leather look material. The combination of matte black neoflex and eggshell finish leather look makes for a very masculine and sexy tech look. It also does a great job of molding the body to that most desired super hero look. It has the chest and rear zipper and is available in three sizes 🙂 Its gonna sell out for Halloween I know so if you like it get it now…. oh and YES that ass is REAL?! Not only is not made larger in photoshop its like a REAL ASS, no implants or anything, just Puerto Rican genetics peppered into the right places.

Click HERE to get it… the suit… we do our best to get you THAT ass with proper design of this suit, but THIS ASS in particular you cannot have… hes actually straight… BOOOO, I know, but I try and be a good person and hire heterosexuals on occasion, its my good deed of the day.

Photographer: Aaron Cobbett

Model: Louis Ramos

Today in LA

August 29, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Alexsander Freitas says:

Join us at the Faultline on Sunday, August 29, 2 – 7pm for the sexiest lot party in town. Beer, pornstars and more men than you can shake your stick at! A benefit for Being Alive! I’ll be there signing and taking pictures with the fans, so make sure you come!

Oh, to live in LA!