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Little Impact Seen if Military Gay Ban Is Repealed

November 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Published: November 30, 2010

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has concluded that allowing gay men and women to serve openly in the United States armed forces presents a low risk to the military’s effectiveness, even at a time of war, and that 70 percent of surveyed service members believe that the impact on their units would be positive, mixed or of no consequence at all….

At a news conference on Tuesday announcing the release of the report, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said repeal “would not be the wrenching, traumatic change that many have feared and predicted.” He said it was a “matter of urgency” that the lame-duck Senate vote in the next weeks to repeal the law.

If not, Mr. Gates predicted fights in the courts and the possibility that the repeal would be “imposed immediately by judicial fiat.”…

Mr. Obama, who campaigned for president on a promise to repeal the law, hailed the study. “Today’s report confirms that a strong majority of our military men and women and their families — more than two-thirds — are prepared to serve alongside Americans who are openly gay and lesbian,” he said in a statement….

The House passed its version of a repeal of the law this past summer, but prospects for passage in the Senate remain uncertain, with time running out this year. Mr. Gates, Admiral Mullen, Mr. Johnson and General Ham are scheduled to testify on the report to the Senate on Thursday, but a more important session will come on Friday, when the Senate Armed Services Committee is to hear testimony from the chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force and the commandants of the Marines and the Coast Guard….

Read the entire article here.

It will certainly be interesting to watch the Senate for the remainder of this week and next week. John McCain [R- Arizona] is left scratching his head and looking for a way out of this. But it seems that the military are saying that it is doable and Obama is going through the motions of supporting the repeal right now. So far, so good! I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and hope we have the votes!!! But it is like Mr. Gates said, if not, the courts can do it!

Stag Homme’s Straight Man Fucks Me – Episode 3: Reviewed

November 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

First of all the “Straight Man” in this is huge! He is so tall, he towers over Francesco when they stand together at the end! He’s got to be over 6 feet, easily! Ergo, he is hung as well! What a stud! Francesco must have hunted for this one for a long time. Because in addition to being tall and hung, he is also sexy as fuck and drop dead gorgeous! Only the best for Mr. D’Macho!

Unbeknownst to Francesco [right!] Damien Crosse is in the hall with another camera and his dick out to vicariously get off on all the action. I don’t know, are we okay with that? Of course we are!

Francesco has the straight man blindfolded and he can’t wait to take down his jeans and blow his joint which starts out soft. I would have to think that for a man like this one a blow job from Francesco has to be superior to any from a woman just because Francesco, as a man, would have a larger mouth and thus be able to get more of his dick into it. Plus there is all of that experience that Francesco has [How many facials were in that sequence again?]. Given the straight man’s moans, I would venture to say that my theory is correct.

I would really like to know which is more pleasurable for a man. Fucking the asshole of another man, or the vagina of a woman. I mean, all things being equal, such as gender identity, fit vs. tightness, etc., which feels better? We may never know. I was wondering about this while I watched this straight man plowing Francesco’s hole. He’s large enough, where he might have difficulty finding a woman who can take him, unless she’s had children. But Francesco seemed just perfect for him. Actually it was quite hot watching it all. I especially liked when Francesco balanced on the arm of the couch so that he could post on the straight man’s cock in the cowboy position.

Francesco was looking more attractive than ever in this film; his tattoos were brilliant, his facial features stood out and his physique was finely toned. I think that the black jock strap made all of this more noticeable by providing a frame and breaking up the sea of  flesh tone.

Towards the end, Damien cums and we see it only briefly  – so cute! Then the cum flies in the room! Francesco takes his favorite position, kneeling so that the straight man can cum on his face. After which he stands to cum also and the height difference can be appreciated.

This straight man totally got into fucking our Francesco. He had no problem getting it up during the blow job or bending Francesco over and shoving his cock in and doing him. Was it hot to watch? You bet it was! Damien got off and you will too! I was transfixed and took no notes. But I was doing way too much thinking to get off. That’s my problem, I think too much. But now that I have it downloaded, I can watch it anytime!!!

That’s right, I used the downloadable version to watch this film. It only took about 10 minutes to download and ran without needing to be stopped and started in parts which was MUCH better. This is a wonderful addition to the Stag Homme features as was this film.

Highly recommended!

Dave Mason Cover Boy.. er, Cover Unicorn!

November 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Wilhelmina magazine used the photo at left for it’s most recent cover and ran a story about Dave Mason and his company, Slick It Up, with all of the photos shot by Exterface with a full interview of Dave in Spanish! All of it begins on page 229 and is titled “Dave the Unicorn”. See the full article here.

There is still time to purchase a limited edition Unicorn Poster! Just click here to get one of your very own!

Now all we need is an English translation of the interview!

Logan McCree: Me, Myself and You – 4: Reviewed

November 29, 2010 Posted by suefairview

I have often wondered what men are thinking about when they jack off. Logan McCree answers this burning question in “Me, Myself and You, part 4“. He tells us quite straight forward that he is jerking off to this guy on the internet that he saw last night, with a huge and beautiful cock that loves his boyfriend to cum on his face and invites Logan to have sex with them and cum on his face too. Then he shows us on his laptop this guy’s cock as he is shooting really far. Um yeah! I was satisfied with that answer! Hot! Then he let’s us in on a secret, that is going to be an upcoming three-some on LOGANMCCREE.TV! I think it comes out this week!

Anyhow, back to the solo session. So Logan is sitting there in his hotel room in San Francisco, it looks like the same one he had sex with Tony Aziz in, you know, the white one. It’s pretty snazzy. I can tell because the pictures over the bed are the same. And he tells us that he didn’t cum last night because he was saving it all for us this morning, but that he had plenty of pre-cum. So he squeezes his dick and out it comes again! Pretty little drops of clear pre-cum, which he uses to lube his cock.

Let me just say right here, that Logan does have a very nice tool there. Not as nice as Pedro Andreas’, which in my opinion is the prettiest cock in the whole wide world, but damn nice all the same. What I don’t understand is why Logan got left off of both of the Raging Stallion Calendars. [???] That said, let me talk about Logan’s cock. The head gets all purplish and I love it’s shape which is quite broad when he is über excited. Looks like it would feel very nice going in. It doesn’t have the pretty venation in the shaft that Pedro’s does, but it is long and smooth and the top side is adorned with beautiful tattoos. The head has cleaner definition at the junction than Pedro’s.

The best thing of all is that the camera close-ups are so CLOSE in this solo, that you feel like you could just reach out your tongue and lick off the pre-cum! Actually I was thinking about taking his whole cock in my mouth when Logan said “I would love to have one of you guys here to give me a blow job!” WOW! Oh! So they do know how close the close-ups are and the effect on the viewer! His cock head filled the entire screen!

Oh yeah, you get a good look at his meat! For sure! And, you get just as nice a look a the cum shot too. Copious amounts of milky white cum spill all over the boxer shorts that were the target! Some get on Logan’s well manicured hands too. He has such manly hands. Then he pushes his foreskin forward to clean himself off a bit. I could listen to his voice all day. He said something in closing, I don’t remember what it was though. I was still staring into his brown eyes. I am in lust with someone new.

This was a very satisfying solo, because it included the viewer as much as possible, without the viewer actually being there.

Highly recommended.

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Golden Gate, Episode 1: Reviewed – Starts Today!

November 29, 2010 Posted by suefairview

I just finished watching the first episode of Golden Gate from Naked Sword, directed by Chris Ward and starring Topher DiMaggio and Cameron Marshall and I must say that I am hooked on the story-line of the sex-lives of young men living in San Francisco as this episode was quite compelling. I have never seen these two particular stars in porn either and I thought they were very hot together. Perhaps it is because they are real-life boyfriends, their chemistry comes through and is palpable in their scene. I found myself holding my breath before they came. What a cum shot Topher has! He shoots right over his boyfriend’s head! Plus both are attractive, handsome young men; that helps quite a bit!

As the series continues, it will also star DO, Kennedy Carter, Chris Porter, Trent Locke, Jeremy Building, Donny Wright, Christian Wilde, Dayton O’Conner, Rusty Stevens, and Brad Star. I do hope that each story-line is as compelling as this one was. If so, Golden Gate will be a gold mine for Naked Sword!

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