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Who I want to kiss at Midnight…

December 31, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Dean Monroe wearing Slick It Up

Adam Champ

Bruno Bond

Francois Sagat, even if he looked like this!


Damien Crosse

Abraham Al Malek

Logan McCree

Goran & Tomy Hawk

Jonathan Agassi


Pedro Andreas

Francesco D'Macho

Kurt Rogers - I so miss Liberate Studios!!!

Ross Hurston

Happy New Year Erik!

December 31, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Source: Telemachus

Put some Chase in your Face: Updated

December 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Remember the cutie model from the Slick it Up shoot, that Aaron Cobbett did, Chase? Well, these are from his new blog! If you like this muscled hottie, who go-go dances and models, it is a must visit! As Aaron comments “The more Chase the better!” I couldn’t agree more!

Chase with pal, Adam Killian.

Thanks to Gavin for the video of Chase dancing with Adam Killian at the White Party!!!


Ramses Tale: The Temple of Doom by Herodotus

December 29, 2010 Posted by suefairview

I just finished reading Ramses Tale: The Temple of Doom written and illustrated by Herodotus and it is a masterpiece! Both rich in historical detail and hot as hell, I truly enjoyed it! You can check it out either by clicking on the title or the image above.


Golden Gate, Episode 4 – The Beach House: Reviewed

December 28, 2010 Posted by suefairview

The majestic wonder of the Northern California Coast has drawn lovers to its shores for centuries. Take Jacob and Brett, seemingly inseparable, bound to each other like the sky holds on to the clouds. But in a land of impulse and desire, the hunger for more is all but undeniable, even for the fiercest of lovers. And so the journey, the hunt to satisfy the irresistible craving is to begin with Jacob, here on the streets of San Francisco.




I wanted so much to love all of the Golden Gate episodes, but alas, this one was a bit of a disappointment. I felt torn by it. Some parts were hot, yet some parts were not credible.
Brett, played by Trent Locke, sleeps innocently in the beach house, while his boyfriend Jacob, played by Jeremy Bilding, trolls the streets in the Castro in his Ford truck looking for a birthday trick for him. Jacob spots Mark, played by Christian Wilde. who is covered in tats and fresh needle tracks [the camera pans down his right side expressly so that we can see them, see screen capture] from drug use on his right inside elbow [apparently he is a street hustler] and he pulls the truck over. Mark walks over to the truck window and says “$300 an hour take me where ever you want to go.” Jacob replies “I have $6…” Mark shrugs his shoulders and gets in. Okay, first of all, that would NEVER happen! There would be more bartering or Jacob would have more sense than to pick up an IV drug user! Please! Think of all the diseases he could have! This is his birthday present to his partner???

Evidence of drug use on Mark's arm

Meanwhile, Brett innocently jerks off and fingers his hole until he cums in bed. It was lovely and enjoyable, but a bit slow for my tastes.

Jacob comes home with Mark and Brett is out on the porch by this time. Jacob brings Mark out onto the porch and shows Brett his gift, then he returns to the kitchen to watch. This was a very hot scene. Mark opens his pants so that Brett can blow him while Jacob watches. Tension builds as Jacob pulls out his erection and jerks off. Eventually They come into the house and Brett blows them both.
Then in the bedroom, Mark fucks Brett in the missionary position and Jacob moves so that Brett can suck on him. Then they switch so that Jacob can fuck Brett and Mark gets blown. Everyone cums, but notably, Mark’s [Christian Wilde] shot crosses all the way over Brett and hits Jacob! Then all that could be heard was the sound of men catching their breaths. That was hot.
Brett’s mouth was not big enough to hold both mens’ dicks at the same time, so he had to switch from one to another quickly, that was hot to watch him manage that. However, I didn’t get the feeling from Jacob that he and Brett had been together for long and that having Mark around was adding new titillation or heat to their sexual relationship. This could have been accomplished with hot looks at Mark as he fucked Brett or increased passion. I also got the feeling again, that I was just watching cute boys having sex. Which is not altogether a bad thing, but there is so much competition out there these days, that it will probably guarantee that this episode will not win any awards. The cum shots were very hot and the breathing at the end was as well.
All during this episode I felt a build in tension as to what would happen at the end vis-à-vis the IV drug user/hustler exacting his price and his client paying up. But this was never addressed as the episode ends abruptly after the sex. Though the effect did make the episode hotter, it left the plot and tension somewhat unresolved. I kept looking at Jacob’s glinting diamond stud earrings and thinking that Mark would set his mind on lifting those for payment for his services. In the first episode, the trick’s wallet was lifted. Certainly this trend could continue in the Golden Gate series and more crimes could be committed to spice it up and keep it interesting. Maybe even an assault could be added; maybe even a murder. What if Christian Wilde had taken Jeremy Bilding’s earrings while they slept off their sex session and gotten caught. Jeremy could have accidentally killed him and then the two men would have been faced with hiding a body. Think how much more interesting that would have been!
See the free preview here.