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Harry Louis & Jay Roberts in After Hours

February 28, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Visit Harry Louis’ blog.

Spartacus delivers cock and skin!

February 28, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Okay Manu Bennett, aka Crixus, fans here he is again in all his glory, as Ilithyia, played by Viva Bianca, admires his physique [in season one, Spartacus: Blood and Sand].

She gets so excited over the Gaul, that she decides to buy one of her own! Here is the man she gets:

He doesn’t last long though. She convinces him to take the life of Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, who showed up her husband in battle, and in the attempt he is foiled by Crixus who defends his brother gladiator. The Gaul’s first punishment is castration. Easy come, easy go. I did not have the heart to take a photo of it.

Anyway, more on Manu Bennett. So gladiators cleaned up in oil baths:

And when Manu stands up, no one can take their eyes off of his butt!

God, I just love this show!

The season two finale was just on last night and did not disappoint!

MORE RUSSIAN LOVE?! .. This time from Pavel Petel

February 27, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Dave says:

So I have no idea how or why but in two days I received photos from two hot Russians who are into Slick It Up?! Who knew?! Id never received anything from Russians before this?! This guys name is Pavel Petel, click on his name to see more! Click on SLICK IT UP to pick up any of the gear you see featured here!

One to One with Harry Louis

February 27, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Oh my god! I am crushing so huge on Brazilian Harry Louis! I first noticed him on Men At Play, or was it UKNakedMen? I can’t remember. But it was definitely his eyes that did it. A man’s eyes just get right to me. And Toni is not helping at all. He just discovered Harry’s blog and the new MAP One to One video clip starring Harry. It is so fucking hot! You must check it out. See it at Harry’s blog and tons more photos there as well.

Read a full review at Toni’s blog, Attempted Entertainment.

Of course his big fat dick doesn’t hurt. Or his cute little butt. Yum.

Alex Freitas & Angelo Marconi at Brutal Release Party

February 27, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Click the image to see more photos of Alexsander Freitas and Angelo Marconi and read about the Brutal release party at Micky B’s.

Also, don’t forget about the live chat on March 4th, which is Friday. It will be at 7 PM on the East Coast. Go to Alex’s blog for more info. IT IS FREE!!! And so few things are in life these days.