Samuel Colt & Chris Porter interviews!!!

June 23, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Ah to be a porn star in love! Both Chris Porter and Samuel Colt were interviewed recently. Chris Porter was interviewed for QX Men Magazine and you can read that interview at his blog.

Here is an excerpt:

What’s your favourite position?

Face down, ass up.

Next, both of the men were interviewed as part of the Beautiful Magazine cover story: The Falcon & the Stallion. You can read that interview in its entirety and see more of Gio’s photos at Samuel’s blog.


Here is an excerpt:

What is your favorite position in sex?
Chris: I love when he pile drives me.
Samuel: Yeah, I like to fuck him.

I also liked Samuel’s answer to the big budget question when he described being a scientist and curing a disease, maybe even AIDS! Way cool! It is a terrific interview!

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  1. BeautifulMag says:

    Thanks for the mention and shout out. It us much appreciated