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The other side of François Sagat continued…

November 30, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Part 1 here.

François Sagat has chosen to give us some insight into how he has accomplished one of his previous master works. Here is a composite of his “adaptation process” for the work that imitates the original painting by John William Waterhouse , “Cleopatra”.

Of course using a photograph to capture the facial expression is only logical, thus, I can’t believe I never thought of it! Silly me! I guess we can all understand Sagat’s giving into temptation to include more of his perfect body in the drawing than there is in the original, I mean who could resist??? Plus he gussied up the duds a bit. He was in fashion, after all. But to my way of thinking he captures the look of disdain so successfully that the work succeeds on all levels and is a masterpiece of drawing. Another amazing self portrait is based on a work of Waterhouse’s and can be seen here, with my review.

He has also published some other works, some for the first time and some not.

More drawings can be seen on his website. I recently saw a drawing of his of hairless cats with tattoos on their heads just like his! They were adorable! I sure hope he publishes them soon!

Daisy Dudes!! New super shorts at Slick It Up

November 30, 2011 Posted by suefairview

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November 30, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Hunky Alexsander Freitas has relocated to Vegas! Check out his website where while I was away, he posted all kinds of super fun stuff, like a Sold Out Clothing spread and a tour of his new crib! In addition there is this hot, new Phoenixxx clip called SPIT ROASTING THE STRIPPER. Here is the description:

Married men Alexsander Freitas and Danny Brooks are surprised when Wade Westin turns up to replace the stripper girl who never showed, but they decide to make the most of it! Wade services both their cocks, including a bit of a face fuck from Alexsander. He’s then spit roasted on the bed with Danny and Alexsander taking turns fucking. Once all the men have cum, Wade is soaked in jizz.

Many more photos are available on Alex’s site. Here is the free XXX preview:

See the full feature here.

Angelface by Benoît Prévot

November 29, 2011 Posted by suefairview

In the US, two of three Angelface installments are available and let me tell you, they are a super cheap way to own the wonderful art of Benoȋt Prévot! At only about 4 bucks apiece it is a super deal! If more are ordered, the concluding third installment may yet be published here in the US; it is already available in France.

Find out more here:

And buy the comics here:


Nick Moretti & Derek Diamond in LATE FOR DINNER

November 29, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Oh yeah! I’d be late too if Nick would treat me like that! LOL! See why at the free XXX preview!