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Spice gets high

December 31, 2011 Posted by suefairview

With the New Year coming and all, I thought that Spice should celebrate her survival. So I went downtown and bought her a catnip mouse. Here are some shots of her with her first catnip mouse! BTW – she is eating well and we will have her weight checked on Monday.

Hmm. Something here smells interesting…

Aha! A mouse! Pounce on it!

Eat it! Kill it! Bite it! Chew it! Destroy it! Hey wait, I feel so weird and funny…

I think I’ll just roll on this mouse for a while. Mmmmmm. Ahhhhhhh. Oooooo. Is that the edge of the table, how did it get right there??? Oops! I almost fell off!

There is definitely something strange going on with that mouse! But I just can’t stay away from it…


December 31, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Okay, now this just makes me angry. MAP has just got to show more than a pretty face in the photos and previews if they expect me to post this crap for free! I wouldn’t do this, but the Sean is so damn handsome, how could I not???

See the G rated preview here. That’s right, you could watch it with the whole family!

I sure hope the full feature is rated more than PG!

François Sagat “The year in photos” & BTS from INCUBUS

December 31, 2011 Posted by suefairview


INCUBUS is now available at Titan Men.

See many, many more photos at Sagat’s blog.

Happy 2012!

December 30, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Benoît Prévot

Adam Champ screen captures from ALONE ON THE RANGE

December 30, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Okay, I only took these for Toni. I hope you like them. LOL!

You really have to see Adam‘s whole show to get the experience. Of course Bruno did a super job filming it.

Read my full review here.