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Lucas Entertainment’s MEN IN LOVE Scene 2

December 30, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Masculine beauties Damien Crosse and Will Helm make love against the shores of Ibiza — as the raging waters crash on the jagged rocks below, Damien and Will press and mash their bodies into one another. They kiss deep and wet; their lips smack and their eyes are closed as they loose themselves in one another. The boys have excited hands matching their passion for one another, and they are frisky touching and exploring every inch of their muscles. Damien moves down Will, kissing his abs and licking his chest before pulling back his underwear and sliding Will into his mouth, playing with his foreskin and worshipping the shaft of his cock. Will then samples Damien’s dick, sucking on it to bring his partner romantic pleasure. But Will takes power in the relationship and prepares Damien to service him by offering his ass to him. Will penetrates Damien, sliding his dick deep inside the bottom, in and out slowly while running his hands along Damien’s tense and excited body. Damien props himself on his knees and cranes back, kissing Will as he fucks him slowly and with care. Damien flips onto his back and wraps himself in Will’s arms as he takes care of his bottom man, showing him both love and pleasure until they reach their hot reward.

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Boca a Boca [Mouth to Mouth] Reviewed

December 29, 2011 Posted by suefairview

From Netflix:

In this outlandish Spanish comedy, Javier Bardem stars as an aspiring thespian who hones his technique over the fiber-optic cable as a phone-sex operator, thrilling the men and women of Madrid alike with his repertoire of exciting aliases. But just as his big break seems a foregone conclusion, a sexy caller embroils him in her plot to entrap her roving husband. And this time, his gift of gab may not be enough to save his bacon.


This was a typical European, over the top situation comedy/farce laced with sexuality. These can be a bit much, but I really rented it just to watch Javier perform under the hetero- and homo- sexual circumstances and see how he did. He is such a fine actor, that he amazed me! He has such ability, surely he was the star of this film. No question about it.

He was at once cuddly and cute, the next moment slow and seductive to a man over the phone, and the next passionate, devouring and manly to a woman at the table. In a scene close to the end of the movie is has taken umbrage at the director’s choice of Coca Cola as a beverage with a meal instead of wine and throws a fit, one that everyone agrees is a fine bit of acting. Javier is like Sean Bean, I would watch him shovel dog shit.

I have seen Javier Bardem in Biutiful, Eat Pray Love, Vicky Christina Barcelona, and No Country for Old Men. I would have loved Eat Pray Love, but I hate Julia Roberts, so that ruined it for me [3 stars]. I did adore Vicky Christina Barcelona [5 stars]. Who didn’t? Biutiful was too sad, but he was great in it [3 stars]. No Country for Old Men was very powerful, but again, very sad [4 stars]. The theme here is that Javier is a wonderful actor! I recommend Boca a Boca if you would like to see his range and have a laugh all at the same time.

I give it

**** stars

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Raging Stallion Studios ALONE ON THE RANGE: Reviewed

December 29, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Alone on the Range
Directed by Bruno Bond

The lives of Cowboys can be lonely, but these sharp shooters find ways to pass the time and pleasure themselves in some of the best solo action ever filmed. Complete with boots, cowboy hats and blue jeans in the hottest cowboy settings, these buckaroos jerk, jack, finger themselves until they shoot huge loads for you to enjoy.


Woof! What a stud Paul Wagner is with his arms for miles as he jerks off up against a fence post! In a cut-away shot, brilliant videographer Bruno Bond includes a fluttering red-wing black bird, which paired with wide shots, throughout the movie are his impressive trademarks of superior camera work. Paul was sensual while stroking his meat and I was mesmerized all the way until he shot his load like a fountain with 3 to 4 very nice sprays. This was an extremely hot scene. I am beginning to think that I could watch Paul doing a mundane task, such as taking out cat sand and it would be fabulously hot!

Lawson Kane goes off to a local fishin’ hole with his rod [LOL!] to rip one off! But then he is like a machine, emotionless and robotic. But he has a nice cum shot that coats his abs and even splatters onto the camera lens. NICE!

Parker London, wearing a field coat, hauls a bale of feed into the barn and then takes a seat. He gets naked and I’m sorry, but he is just way too groomed [shaved] for this scene. He has no bush to speak of! Aside from that he is hot. He shoots 2 spurts of cum and walks off. Meh.

Colby Keller has a stiffie out by the swimmin’ hole. It can be seen clearly in his jeans. HOT! He frees this monster and spits right onto it. He slaps his hand with his dick and cums in 8 huge spurts and a dribble, which earns him the nickname “Copious Colby”.  LOL! I can’t help but thinking what a facial that would make for somebody who appreciates such things…

Adam Champ [Man of the Year 2011] put on quite a show for us with his performance, let me tell you! He knows what we want to see, and boy, does he ever show us! What a tease! First he flexes his bicep. [Oooooo!] Then he strokes his own muscles in his chest, down to his abs, and then back up to his arms. [Me, me, me!] Then he slides his hands into his pockets! [Stop!] He opens his belt, turns and exposes his furry butt, and we know he is performing a strip tease! [Swooning now!] He runs his hand down one butt cheek, then his fist pushes down his crack ever so slowly. [I could faint!] Next, he spreads his cheeks so that we can see his furry hole, then bends over gracefully, leaning on the post, as if he wants to be fucked. [OH!] He turns to face us and his cock is rock hard. He jerks off and in no time he cums with terrific facial expressions plus sounds, “Oh, ah, ah, ah…”. Four good sized spurts are emitted. WOW! This scene is the hottest on the DVD.

Chris Porter was standing in the shade of a big ol’ oak tree with Spanish moss on it. At first he just reaches into this shirt and pants, but eventually he strips off the shirt and lowers his jeans. He jerks himself and and does turn to see a herd of horses, do we do get to see his backside. His cum shot was filmed from below and that was very nice. Also, there was a wide shot of some fluffy white dandelion seed pods flying by in the wind that was really cool and demonstrated more fine camera work. I would not have wanted to be in the scene following Adam Champ.

Tommy Defendi is out all by his lonesome at the swimmin’ hole and he lights up!


He takes only a couple of puffs and then tosses the still lit cigarette away into the grass!!!! Is he looking to start a fire??? Hey Tommy, I’ve got somebody I’d like for you to meet, and he’s a bear. Smokey the Bear! He says “Only you can prevent forest fires.” Ever heard that before? Couldn’t you stomp that sucker out before you chuck it? I mean even if it was safe for some reason when you did it, think of the viewers, who are going to go out into nature and copy what you do!!! How many brush, grass and forest fires will you be responsible for this year? FIRES KILL NOT ONLY ANIMALS, BUT FIREFIGHTERS TOO. They also cause property damage… Shit. I have to give up on this. I’m getting into a really down mood.

So, Tommy releases his beast and jerks off two handed. He slaps his hand with his dick and then cums in 7 spurts straight up in the air while saying “Oh, oh, oh yeah!”. Then he skedaddles so as not to be blamed for the ensuing inferno.

Leo Forte gets comfy on a horse blanket by a creek and plays with his ass and cock while wearing only cowboy boots with spurs and his hat. Next he was on his knees, biting on his horse whip while shoving fingers up his ass and jerking off. He finished on his back and ate his cum. Very creative and if you like Leo, this scene is for you.

Wilfried Knight stood by an oak tree with a view and jerked off, as if he was trying to pull the top of his cock off. I must say, that I really expected more of an effort from Wilfried.

Parker Perry got comfy on a tree stump and even he was able to jerk off two handed! I love this little furry guy!

Tom Wolfe rides up on a horse. He waters it in a horse trough, that is really an old bath tub, and then ties it to a nearby shrub. He goes back to the tub and wets his face with the algae covered water. He sits on the corner of the tub and removes his boots and socks. He opens his pants, and he is hard as a rock. Yum! He turns briefly and we see his butt. He doffs his pants, then sniffs and licks his pits saying “Ah, fuck yeah!” He steps into the funky water, jerking off. He then hangs over the water by his knees and shoulders, still jerking off. He says “Oh yeah!” Next, perched on the long rim of the tub, with one leg in [bent at the knee] and one leg out of the water, he trembles as he cums and the cum sticks to the edge of the tub. At the end, he rides off into the sunset. This was a highly creative scene, and the camera work was flawless. Great job!


Buy ALONE ON THE RANGE to see wonderful and creative performances by Adam Champ, Tom Wolfe and Leo Forte. They all exemplify how a solo should be done. At the same time they are extremely hot. Also buy it to see Paul Wagner, who is hotter than ever, even when he is just jerking off. It is also worth seeing Colby’s copious cum shot! I feel that Bruno Bond has really come into his own in directing and videographing this DVD. He owns it, and that comes across in the performances and the camera work, which was impressive. All of the cum shots were captured, and in the best way possible. The facial expressions were all captured and I never felt that I was missing anything. Not only that, but the DVD was beautiful to watch. The scenery, the cutaways and wide shots of nature and farm areas were all so bucolic and peaceful; this really added to the film. And it was all done by one guy with natural lighting. Great job Bruno!

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Stag Homme’s CASTING GORKA: Reviewed

December 28, 2011 Posted by suefairview

All screen captures courtesy of Attempted Entertainment, where there are many more fine photos by Toni to see!

“Francesco D’Macho gives Gorka Herrera quite the casting in this versatile suck and fuck flick featuring two facials and a third cumload straight in the throat!!”


Indeed! Sometimes I don’t realize how much I miss seeing Francesco perform, until I see him in a video like this one! Then it all comes back to me. His big blue eyes, how handsome he is, how lean and mean he looks; he was in tip top shape here! His new haircut makes his eyes look huge! And his classic Roman features stand out proud and prominently. He is a god. A sex god! I felt faint at times during this one! Seeing him top Gorka was almost too much for me.

Let me just say that I loved the starkness of the white background and the black bed. It was simply brilliant to let the men be the focus and have no distracting colors in this vignette. There was no music, of course, just the sounds the men make. And what sounds; the sharp intake of air that Gorka makes as he was penetrated by Francesco was staggering. More Stag Homme realness. Just love it!

Then, Gorka! Where does Stag Homme find these gorgeous men??? Oh, I know! Spain! Where a huge percentage of men could just walk off the streets and be porn stars! No, really it is just the talent of Damien and Francesco in finding them. Gorka has the look and the skill, as he proves in this video. If it were up to me, I would have him visit the gym, but I prefer a bit of meat on my guys.

Specifically, what I found so hot in this video was this move:

Because in my secret fantasies, Francesco, who doesn’t know me [of course] takes me in this way, while he is “forcing” me to have sex with him. Those of you who indulge in fantasies of this type will understand perfectly the types of scenario[s] to which I refer where forced sex is required. Right???? Are you guys with me on this? It was even better when Francesco slapped Gorka’s ass. I felt like I was going to swoon. Too hot! Okay, enough about me.

Then there was the versatility part and the 3, where Francesco rode Gorka cowboy plus got a bit of doggy, and then the 3, count them 3!!! cum shots! Francesco sure does love his facials. [There are screen captures of all of this action over at Attempted Entertainment.] WOW! Only at Stag Homme!

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Lucas Entertainment’s MEN IN LOVE Scene 1

December 27, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones Make Passionate Love”

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