BIG BEN Reviewed

February 2, 2012 Posted by suefairview

From Amazon:

London, England. Ben Barlettano, a successful, highly-sexed yet still wet behind the ears 26-year old New York lawyer lands in the Elephant & Castle. Through a chain of unexpected experiences, Ben discovers his new life: exciting, sometimes harsh, occasionally extreme, but never dull. Ben meets a number of people, each with stories and secrets. There is the respectable senior partner who is addicted to bondage clubs; the serenely efficient office manager who cannot bring herself to tell her boyfriend she, too, used to have a penis; the statuesque gym instructor hiding his emotions under a perennial smile; and of course the woman Ben falls for, almost on day one, who seems afraid of nothing – until she gets scared.

Uncomfortable encounters in Turkish baths, moonlighting as an escort for charity, violent arguments with a neighbour and thoroughly mismanaging a ménage-à-trois are just some of the things that Ben is utterly unprepared for.

Will Ben survive what London throws at him, or will he end up scuttling back to his Italian mamma in New York?


This was a totally fun read; a British version of the beach-book, if you will. I am very glad that Erik tossed it my way. The characters are well developed and the locations are well described. You get that “I could be there” feeling while reading the book. The plot was entirely plausible and holds interest for people who are dealing with sexual identity issues as well as learning about gay lifestyles. Of course if you are already an out and proud gay or bisexual, you will probably enjoy the book too. Even if you are a open-minded heterosexual female, like me, the book will charm you!

[NB: This book was only available on Kindle when I read it. I don’t have a Kindle, but I have an iPhone. I downloaded the app for FREE! Now my iPhone is a Kindle! The paperback will be available in March.]

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  1. Erik says:

    Thanks for the review! This book is so much fun it deserves a good word of mouth (or keyboard in this case)!