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LOGANMCCREE.TV: Daniel & Logan Reviewed

March 31, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Location: Alex Hotel Berlin, Single Room
Time: Late Afternoon.
Daniel: Bodybuilder, Sexy, Hot Ass, Bottom
Logan: Top
A hot quickie.
Enjoy it.


Daniel is way hotter than he looks in these photos in this brief private video. You don’t see his light blue eyes, hear his deep voice, his ample tits bulging, or see his juicy cock growing right before your eyes. He is a pleasant eyeful, that is for sure! This was a very enjoyable video to watch! They begin with kissing and move to frottage. There is mutual cock sucking in a 69 position and no one gags, as both of these guys are pros! What a joy to watch that was! Quickly, Logan moves to rim Daniel, and Bolko is right there with the camera, not missing a thing. As if there is a bomb in the room, Logan moves to the missionary position and shoves both of his middle fingers up Daniel’s ass. Daniel moans and thrusts his hips up in response to this. Logan rubbers up and fucks Daniel for what seems like a few moments before Daniel shoots his load. The fucking was intense and hot, but I don’t know why. [Yes I do, but it is too personal to say.] It just was! Logan jerked off with Daniel kissing his nipple and humping his leg while gazing with his light blue eyes into Logan’s. Wow, I would have cum too! What an intense video!

Highly recommended! See the free XXX preview here.

Men At Play’s THE SHAFT ROOM with Harry Louis

March 30, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Get your long overdue dose of Harry Louis here!

Stag Homme Studio’s LATIN SKIN Reviewed

March 30, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Stag Homme introduces Carlos Gustavo in his porn debut with David Dirdam in a very hot leather fuck flick full of voracious, fucking ravenous sucking and rim jobs, as well as beer, wax and water sports. “Latin Skin” is bound to be one fucking hot seller!!


These two very manly, tattooed men are perfect for each other; they are so well matched and paired here! There is the illusion that they just met up in a club in the first sequence in the black tiled toilet room, where they swap spit filled blow jobs, though. They are rough with each other, demanding what they want. There is some no hands skull fucking that is quite hot and somewhat rare. Carlos Gustavo is the more verbal of the two and David Dirdam just moans with pleasure. Both wear black leather harnesses, jocks and boots. David wears leather chaps, and Carlos wears Slick It Up leather look pants with a yellow seam stripe.

The camera work was brilliant and the angled shots reminded me of some Joe Oppedisano photo shoots.  I tried to capture this feeling with my screen shots.


In the next sequence, David is wearing the SIU pants in the shower stall with his erect dick sticking out of the front and Carlos pours beer over him. The beer fizzes as it touches naked skin. How wonderful that is!

Carlos opens the convenient back zipper on the SIU pants, pours more beer down David’s back and proceeds to rim David.

He then strips off the pants and doggy fucks David. After a bit of that, they move to the shower floor for some reverse cowboy. I found the entire shower stall part to be very hot!

In a very nice pattern break, Carlos rims and then doggy fucks David in the bedroom. The camera gave ample close-ups of the rimming and fucking as one would wish.

For the finale, both men are back in the shower, where David pours melting candle wax on Carlos as Carlos jerks off.

LATIN SKIN had an exceedingly nice pairing with very good chemistry. Both men were sex pigs! Both men have gorgeous tattoos! I love the leather and the SIU fetish gear! I’m into it; I wanna see more! And you will too! The camera work was imaginative and high quality as is usual for Stag Homme. This film was well directed; the costumes were well thought out as was the location. Great work on this one guys!

Highly recommended! See the free XXX preview here.

All new story by Cicero illustrated by Herodotus coming next week!

March 30, 2012 Posted by suefairview

On April 7, 2012, an all new story written by Cicero and illustrated by Herodotus will be available on Telemachus. I can’t wait!

Raging Stallion Studio’s IT GETS BIGGER Reviewed

March 29, 2012 Posted by suefairview

The hotter the action, the bigger the cocks get. And, in It Gets Bigger, they get huge! When you start off with a group of eight hung studs, you’re bound to see major growth when these horny guys get busy. Appreciate these fine pieces of man meat, as they get the attention they deserve in steamy glory hole action, a magnificent three-way and off-the-dial sucking and fucking. As you watch these tools at work, you’ll notice It Gets Bigger.


Erik Rhodes is a god as usual, you know, all tan and muscled. It is as always amazing to see him; he is so physically impressive. His scene partner, Spencer Fox is hung huge and very cute, he reminds me of Zach Gilford from Friday Night Lights, who plays Matt Saracen. Spencer is a shameless and cheeky flirt and just loves cock sucking. He puts Erik’s cock in his cheek and then slaps it, gags on it and loves it! While Erik is shoving his thumb in Spencer’s ass, Spencer says “Finger fuck that ass!” while the camera shows us a terrific view of Erik’s ass. What a super pairing this is! The men are communicating and I just eat that up! It makes for the hottest sex! What followed is the hottest ever moment for me, when Erik picked up Spencer bodily and fucked him monkey style! That show of manly strength just makes me feel swoonish; it is that hot! Seeing the massive Erik Rhodes do it has to be the hottest thing ever! [You know it is because I am thinking about how much easier this move would be if I were in the position of the bottom! LOL! Erik could probably one hand it!] That had to be the “climax” *cough* of the scene for me. But no! Spencer says “Fuck it harder! I’m a whore!” Spencer’s ass I wide open at this point! Erik cums on Spencer’s ass and licks it off, and Spencer cums on Erik’s face. What a hot opening scene!

I’m not sure I get the whole glory hole thing. I do get it if it is in a t room and it is an anonymous way to meet men. Sure. Then I get it. But in the porn studio, when it is just a chest high barrier, I just don’t get it. But, in this scene we have just that. Behind the holes, we have Alexander Garrett and Spencer Reed and servicing them we have a very busy Jason Michaels. He runs back and forth, sucking on their cocks, trying to please both of them. Yawn. Eventually, they come out from behind the makeshift holes and the fun begins. Jason tries to take both cocks in his mouth at once, which is always impressive. Then a three-way ensues where Alex doggy fucks Jason while Jason sucks on Spencer. The scene is really helped by Spencer’s commentary and presence. Spencer says things like “Fuck him harder! Fuck that hole! Pound that hole!” to keep up the intensity and the heat. Plus he looks amazing since he is so much more muscled than the other two men. [Is it just me that feels this way about how men look? You guys can tell me.] Next, Spencer takes his turn at Jason’s ass, then they move to the padded table where they take turns at Jason in the missionary position and feed him their cocks. Alex and Spencer both cum onto Jason’s face and Jason cums onto his own pubes. Spencer punches Jason in the pec and the scene is over. This too was a hot scene, though not as mega hot as the first scene.

The next pairing was Shay Michaels with Lawson Kane. I have a difficult time watching Shay suck cock because he has a vigorous gag response. Once that was over though he was spectacular in the reverse cowboy position riding Lawson’s fuck stick. He turned bright pink, was all sweaty and muscley and very hot to watch! I wanted to lick him all over! In the missionary position, his junk was all pink and erect and pretty, while Lawson was doing all the work. Shay said “Go deep!” and that sent shivers up my spine. Those were the highlights of that scene for me.

I am very impressed with Bryce Star. He has very pretty eyes, with long lashes and dark eyebrows, bright white teeth, and a classically handsome, but boyish face. In addition he has certain skills that are handy to have as an adult model. Bryce is paired with Spencer Reed in the final scene. Bryce blows Spencer and demonstrates his ability to throat Spencer’s dick as well as do the “gluck” thing™. Very impressive! Spencer enjoys it too, saying “Yeah! That feels really good! Swallow that boy!” Some of this was shot using the  glory hole as an aperture so that the action was in the background. This is typical Steve Cruz voyeurism at its best! After Spencer blows Bryce, he rims him through the glory hole. [Why?] But then he finger fucks Bryce and Bryce finger fucks himself and then Spencer licks Bryce’s fingers. That was really hot! Bryces’ hole is pink and small and very pretty! Spencer says “Are you ready for me to put my dick in your hole?” Spencer’s whole narration of the scene is wonderful and hot! The doggy fucking happens through the glory hole. Bryce leans back, glances and grins at Spencer in the most flirty way – it was just incredible! What a great look; it was so hot! Spencer grabs Bryce out from behind the glory hole, lifts him up bodily and fucks him from behind, in kind of a reverse monkey hold, if you will. That was just hot as fuck! Another show of strength that just turns my little head! Oh my! Spencer, who knew you were this strong??? Next, Bryce is flipped onto the padded table and manhandled into position for some missionary fucking. The cum is fucked right out of him and onto his pecs. Spencer cums onto Bryce’s face and licks it off. They kiss. Phew! What a hot scene; what a great pairing! What a super finale! Bryce could only improve his performance by being more verbal.

Bryce looks tons more handsome when he smiles showing his teeth.

IT GETS BIGGER is one extremely hot DVD. Performances by Erik Rhodes and Spencer Reed with Spencer Fox and Bryce Star, respectively, are true standouts and reasons to run out and buy this DVD. If you are a fan of either of these two stars, this DVD is a must! Plus, you get to see Spencer in a 3-way with Alexander Garrett and Jason Michaels and Shay Michaels and Lawson Kane do a very nice scene together. All in all, this is a great package to own.

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.