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Leather Market, Friday May 25th: part 2

May 31, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Again, I would like to thank International Mr. Leather for granting me a press pass that allowed me to enter the 2012 Leather Market and contest for FREE! Congratulations to Mr. Woody Woodruff, the new International Mr. Leather for 2012!

This is the final set of 17 photos for the Friday Leather Market. But don’t worry, I went back on Saturday and Sunday. I was hooked on all of the beef and leather! LOL! Who wouldn’t be??? Here are the remaining 17 photos and narratives:

1) Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t just walk by a cute puppy without saying hello. And this little guy was shaking like a leaf; must have been his first IMRL!

2) But the little devil dog wasn’t that slow on the uptake, he slipped me tongue when I went to kiss him! What a bad boy! I guess for a canine it is allowed. LOL! How cute!

3) Michael Brandon and bf Mohammad.

4) Get a load of those leather pants! How about the gorgeous insets! This was a guy working at Rough Trade. I asked him to give me his best “rough” trade look and this was the best he could do! LOL! Even though he has the perfect face for it! Guess he’s just a sweetheart!

5) Hawaiian born Topher DiMaggio. What a cute kid! The camera loves him! His pelvic tattoo says “Live for today”.

6) So I happen on the Fort Troff both and there is Leo Forte untying Kieron, a very lucky FabScout boy. It seemed I was always missing Leo’s shows! But I’ve come to respect his work as I have seen more of it. When I got to speak with him, I told him I was a big fan of his scene with Jesse Santana in Fetish Force’s BACK ALLEY, where he had Jesse tied to a St. Andrew’s cross and broke him down. [My review here.] I asked him if it was up for a nomination at the Grabbys, but he told me that it was too hard core for that. What a shame that is!

7) Another photo of the amazing Leo at work.

8) “Not your boy next door”, Draven Torres! What a hottie! I am glad to see that he is learning shibari! Got to keep opening those new doors!

9) Draven still working a knot.

10) I know this photo is blurry, but I just love it! Draven, Kieron the four-eyed FabScout boi and Leo goofing around.

11) Draven and Drake Jaden posing for the camera. Aren’t they the cutest!!!

12) Anybody want a gas mask?

13) This hottie is Scott Bolton from GuySpy. See why I loved the Leather Market??? We’ll catch up with him later…

14) For these two shots, I just took the crowd, so that you could get an idea of what they looked like.

15) More crowd guys!

16) KILTS!!! These gentlemen are Troy and Monaz. Mmmmmmmm. 😉

17) The inimitable Alexsander Freitas in the hotel lobby. Check out Alex’s blog, as he is posting photos and videos from the Grabbys! He took lots of shots and video, so be patient, he is in the same situation as I am, lots of work to do to get it up on the blog.

Next, the Lucky Horseshoe party, where there was a live sex show!!!

Part 3

Introducing Adam the Champ!

May 31, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Adam Champ has created a mega site where you can see an overview of all of his work and more, such as his bio, gallery, movies, hook up with him on Twitter or Facebook, videos on demand, etc. All of his wonderful classic photos from prior movies are there, along with brand new photos featuring him in all his muscle god-furry hotness! YUM!

This little clip is just heart-stopping!

Hat tip: Attempted Entertainment

Leather Market, Friday May 25th: part 1

May 31, 2012 Posted by suefairview

First, I would like to thank International Mr. Leather for granting me a press pass that allowed me to enter the 2012 Leather Market and contest for FREE! Congratulations to Mr. Woody Woodruff, the new International Mr. Leather for 2012!

I plan to post 20 photos at a go so that you can follow along with my narratives. Here we go:

1) It was a short walk from the Hard Rock Hotel to the Hyatt Regency Chicago where the Leather Market was being held. Just up Michigan Avenue and right on Wacker. Here on the corner of Wacker and Michigan, you can see across the Chicago River the historic Wrigley Building (L) and the Chicago Tribune (R). We had gorgeous weather the whole time I was there. The cement carved pieces are the corners of the bridge and you can even see the trolley buses.

2) On entering the lobby, I came upon Kyle King and Jesse Santana, apparently a new item. I really felt like a stalker, but hey, I kind of was! After a while, they got into it and posed for me. I think I am the only photographer to catch Jesse with a full head of hair! They were on their way to work out.

3) They are too cute!

4) Same couple, smooching!

5) Have a great work out guys and thanks!

6) Chris Porter and Samuel Colt on their way to work – again in the lobby of the Hyatt.

7) Returning to the Hard Rock, the view is from the Wacker direction.

8) The Hard Rock Hotel is in the art deco Carbide and Carbon Building, which was built in 1929.

9) Back at the Leather Market, I see a Slick It Up big head shirt and the wearer is Todd from Palm Springs, Florida. He tells me that his bf is in the IMRL contest and is #22, Todd Peter, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2012 [He placed in the top 20, so nice going!]. *Swoon*

10) A zentai suit!!!

11) Chris Porter working at the Nasty Pig booth. I bought the tank he is wearing! He is quite the little salesperson! Woof!

12) The view was very nice in the Nasty Pig booth. Suddenly a wave of beef caught my eye and I could not stop my camera shutter from clicking. It was Trenton Ducati. Double Swoon! I feel faint!

13) Trying to breathe!

14) Gulp!

15) Oh look, it is Samuel Colt! I can see his blue eyes from here…

16) Trenton is soooo close to me…. I could reach out and touch him [BUT I’M MARRIED!!!].

17) Finally he ends my fantasy by sticking his tongue out at me. Boo!

18) So I go to the register to pay for my new tank, and who is this cutie manning it??? Rowan Pierce, that’s who! Yummy!

19) Looks who is in the sling, ready for action! It is Jesse Jackman! Make sure to check out his blog since he has photos of all of his hijinx at the Leather Market. He was a bad boy, and paid for it!

20) Another angle on Jesse.

21) Jesse showing off his strength! WOOF!


Part 2

Stag Homme Studio’s NAKED SPACE Reviewed

May 31, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Stag Homme takes you for quite the hot ride on a spaceship with two crazy hot fuckers. Drop-dead gorgeous and exotic Maikel Cash knows exactly how to remedy his loneliness out in space. Enter Abel Pozsar, the hunky muscle boy with a scrumptious bubble butt, and boy is he eager to serve it to Cash. ¨Naked Space¨ brings you beautiful sucking, rimming and fucking along with a good white thick splooge all over Abel´s face. Get on the spaceship now!! And know how good it is to ride Maikel´s big fat cock!

Directed by Francesco D’Macho


Plenty of creativity went into the making of this clip and it is evident from the opening when we see the Stag Homme marquee spinning in a mini-tornado as it lands in a spot-light before us. The inventiveness continues with eerie green lighting and the futuristic white molded set, as we finally see the über beautiful boys; one with a fabulous phoenix tattoo [Abel Poszar] and the other who is a sleeker version of D.O. [Maikel Cash] but with his own gorgeous qualities. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of them! the “space” theme is nailed down when we see that we are leaving Earths’ orbit and hurtling off into space, even beyond the Sun. Very nicely done!

I really have to spend more time admiring Maikel though since I was just stunned by him. First, he has the most attractive cock I have seen in a long time. Even flaccid it was a thing to be seen, and I have seen quite a few cocks in my day! Maikel is tall, but lithe and well muscled, so even while I prefer muscle tops, this young man would be fine with me. He is so guapo; let me tell you! I even like his haircut; long and black on top, with extremely short sides that are highlighted with silver. I was very taken with Maikel.

The sex was top quality as one expects from Stag Homme. Plus it was inter-cut by the green lighting and cut-a-ways to shots of outer space that were just brilliant. Both men were moaning and saying “Si!” as they enjoyed themselves. [Did you know that Spanish is spoken in space??? LOL!] There was a wonderful facial cum shot at the end.

Superb direction by Francesco D’Macho was evident as well as production quality, such as sets, casting, theme creation, music, title production and art direction. So much goes into these little clips and much of this effort can be easily overlooked. What a great job Francesco has done with attention to all of the little details! Kudos!

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX preview only at Stag Homme Studios.

HYDRATE PARTY Thursday, May 24th: part 4

May 30, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Here we go with part quatre. Are you guys ready??? As you may recall, I was given incredible access by GRABBYS host Mark Nagel [THANKS Mark!!!!] AND by FABSCOUT Howard, who invited me into “bowels” of the backstage area. But before we get to that, you can find a list of all of the 2012 GRABBY WINNERS HERE.

So, here are today’s final 20 photo narratives of the Hydrate party, and then the photos:

1) Diesel Washington is in the house!

2) A nice smile from FabScout Howard.

3) Bryce beams at the camera; Parker, Brian and Steven in the limelight.

4) Tom Wolfe with bf Cal Sky on his lap. Woof!

5) Diesel with an evil grin as he holds bf Donnie on his lap.

6) Diesel lets his tender side show.

7) Austin compares notes with Riley Price in the keyhole.

8) Tyler Sweet moons me as Diego grins. It was shortly after this photo that I was told that the “boys needed breathing room” and asked politely to leave the rabbit warren. But I was more than happy to comply, having gotten a ton of photos already. LOL!

9) Daniel (R), who is not in porn, but still really hot, with someone (L) whose name I really should have gotten to know! Arghh!

10) Mr. Pam poses with Tony Buff!

11) Mark Nagel receives a kiss from Riley.

12) Both Mark and Riley smile for the camera.

13) Landon Conrad smooching his bf??? Whoever he is, he is a hottie!

14) A blurry photo of Spencer Reed. Sorry about that, but it was the only one I took. Spencer won a Grabby for Performer of the Year!!! Congratulations Spencer!

15) This is what I got when I asked Diesel to smile. Kind of forced, no?

16) Jake Steel and Drake Jaden snogging.

17) Drake Jaden and Brandon Lewis posing.

18) Sister Roma poses with a handsome man whose name I certainly wish I knew.

19) Sister Roma poses with Markie.

20) Sister Roma.

21) The party was over for me, until Adam Killian walked in. He is wearing a big head tank from Slick It Up. Adam was awarded a Grabby for Best Duo performance with Tony Buff in The Other Side of Aspen from Falcon Studios.