Diesel Washington’s new site: DawgPoundUSA

May 22, 2012 Posted by suefairview

From Diesel’s blog:

Pleased to announce…….. I have been shooting content for www.Dawgpoundusa.com I’m getting so tired about the problem I see in porn nowadays.. ESP for Men for Men of color Instead of the crazy rants and crying foul..I will let my footage speak for itself. So the cat is out of the bag now… Finally consumers will see Men of color filmed Raging Stallion like but with a cast of Men of color. , Its 2012, I’m very proud to add my experience and knowledge of the industry to help create a project that was long over due..Its going to be good!! The door is open to all Men of color….All YES EVEN WHITE BOYS If anybody is interested in becoming a model fill out application

I visited and it was a thrill! I loved the music in the background and the models are hot! Talk about size queens, you guys won’t be disappointed here! Some of these dudes are HUNG! Here are some thumbnails available to non-members:

So give DawgPoundUSA a visit, you won’t be sorry you did!

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