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Falcon Studio’s SUMMER LUST Reviewed

August 28, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Summer Lust
Directed by Tony Dimarco

The famed Falcon style scores a peak in the blazing ‘Summer Lust.’ Languid summer days flare up when the star-studded cast transfer their lusty desires and hard bodies from the pool to the bedroom. Four sun-drenched scenes, directed by Tony Dimarco, are all sex, all sweaty, all steamy and filled with the fiery passion that long-hot days with sexy housemates stirs in each of their groins. ‘Summer Lust’ features Falcon Exclusives Landon Conrad, D.O., catapulting-to-stardom Jimmy Fanz, and the red-hot Paddy O’Brian, who scorches not one but two sensational scenes with manly looks, devastating cock, and heaving fuck-action. He’s certainly found the right home in his first release from Falcon. Smoldering with these horned up exclusives are superstars Dean Monroe, Bryce Star and Marc Dylan. These guys are heavy hung, happy, and ready for that famous Falcon man-action. So jump on in–the pool’s about to boil over with their Summer Lust.


I couldn’t wait to see this highly anticipated film, so as soon as I got home with it, I began watching it! SUMMER LUST was so good, that I watched it straight through in one sitting! That’s what happens when a studio puts their top models in a production and as far as I could see, they all performed their little hearts out. Eep!

Okay, the first scene was with D.O. and Dean Monroe. D.O., as you all know is just perfection both physically and mentally, [trust me on the mentally], he strips off and dives into a small pool, does a lap and then gets out. He gazes into a room of the house and sees the lovely Dean Monroe’s ass. Dean has his hair short and the goatee beard that looks so romantic on him! D.O. heads in there to eat that ass! Here I must note that the sheets on the bed are crisp and white as if they were ironed. No one eats an ass like D.O.! He has to be one of the best in the industry at rimming. He opens Dean’s ass wide and fingers it. Plus, D.O. and Dean talk to each other the whole time. God, I just love that! Dean expertly blows D.O., making eye contact, after which they do a sixty-nine position where D.O. rims Dean and Dean blows D.O.. The next part was very hot for me. D.O. doggy fucks Dean and penetration was shown. Dean’s face was very expressive and he said “Oh yeah, fuck me! Oh my god!” He then said “You like my asshole?” And D.O. answered “So hot!” Later Dean said “Fuck my ass!” D.O. said “What?” Dean answered “FUCK MY ASS! FUCK ME!” D.O. said “Look at your hole bitch!” Holy shit! What a hot interchange that was! Then they switched to missionary, a bit of rimming, then some pile driver; I just love how D.O. breaks it up with rimming in his scenes! I also really like Dean’s British accent. D.O. had a super cum shot that went all the up to Dean’s mouth, after which he said “There you go!” LOL! What a remarkable pairing this was; the men’s bodies looked super together and this was a tremendously hot scene. It made me wonder what the following scenes would offer that could be hotter.

The next scene was Paddy O’Brian’s big debut for Falcon. Marc Dylan is swimming nude when Paddy comes out to the patio in a white wife beater and white shorts saying that he just finished his workout and would like to hangout in the sun. Marc indicates he will join Paddy, just give him a hand out of the pool. Of course, Marc pulls Paddy into the pool. LOL! Paddy lifts Marc’s naked body clear out of the water onto his shoulders and they make for the side. Marc blows Paddy and rims him very quickly before they head back into the house, where Marc blows Paddy properly. Paddy moves his hips. Marc says “Oh fuck! You like it?” Paddy answers “Yeah!” and later says “I wanna fuck that tight ass!” Which he does in doggy style saying “There you go.” And later “You are tight!” Marc answers with “Feels so fucking good!” Paddy says “You like that big cock up your ass?” Which he then slaps. They switch to cowboy with Marc moving up and down and back and forth. Next, Paddy moves. They then switch to missionary on the arm of the couch. Paddy has a nice blush going on his chest and he had a nice load that shot up to Marc’s nipples. I love watching Marc bottom; he is terrific. Paddy is an Irish stud. What more can I say. But I really need to see SO MUCH MORE of him to be sure. If you take my meaning. LOL!

Isn’t the wallpaper ugly?

The extremely handsome Landon Conrad shares mango with scene partner Bryce Star during a kiss to open the next scene. Bryce blows Landon keeping eye contact [If you saw his face, you would know what his eye contact is like and why it is so hot.], glucking™ him, just about throating him and sucking his balls. He has Landon up on tip-toe to get the full effect. Landon returns the favor while Bryce is up on the counter top, keeping eye-contact.  Landon says “I want that hole!” and tips Bryce up to rim him and suck on his cock some more. Bryce says “Just like that!” I really liked the arrangement of fresh fruit on the counter next to Bryce’s cute little butt. All those edibles! So pretty; so sweet! They then fucked in two positions, doggy and cowboy with both Landon and Bryce moaning with each stroke, Bryce more loudly than Landon. Bryce showed some expert movement in the cowboy position swirling this hips. Both men had nice cum shots. Hey, these guys can come and fuck in my kitchen any time they want. I’ll even buy them some mango. I’m big that way, you know. What a scene – so fucking hot. Just two guys fucking around. They just happen to be Landon Conrad and Bryce Star, and that makes all the difference in the world. What a pairing! What a fucking hot scene!

Look at that face! Irresistible.

Jimmy Fanz WANTS Paddy O’Brian BAD! You can see it in his eyes when Paddy enters the room. So Jimmy goes out to the pool, strips and dives in. Fortunately, Paddy follows him and joins him. Jimmy swims up to Paddy underwater to blow him. Unfortunately there was no underwater camera to see it; come on now Falcon! Titan is doing underwater filming! Why not you??? LOL! But I guess Paddy knows that Falcon does not have this capability as of yet, because he leads Jimmy to the stairs to blow him. I think that Paddy had a better pairing with Jimmy than with Marc and the way Jimmy was crying out in passion, the whole house had know about it! What a super pairing this was! [What will Marc think!] There was eye contact a-plenty, the guys were in constant conversation about the sex and what they wanted and how it felt, and it all looked really hot to me. Condom donning and penetration where shown and Jimmy’s reactions were priceless. Jimmy demonstrated why he is an exclusive as a bottom with his expert movements and Paddy did some power-fucking that was also quite impressive. Both men had very nice cum shots. I absolutely loved this scene. Paddy sweated like a motherfucker and needed a shower very badly afterwards. I just wanted to lick him! Slurp! What a man!

SUMMER LUST is a wonderfully hot romp that got my juices going in all four scenes! Paddy O’Brian makes his debut; what a man! Plus see Falcon favorites D.O., Dean Monroe, Landon Conrad, Marc Dylan, Bryce Star and Jimmy Fanz. Great location and fabulous direction by Tony DiMarco were evident in this film. Camera work was good for industry standards.

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.


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Source: ARGENTINE MEN and our DO stalker, Glenn!

Rogan Richards Advertisements are HOT

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[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]


Imagine; It’s London and you walk into the apartment to meet the FLEX! for a session. He has forgotten about the meet so when you arrive there is no one to meet you but the sound of someone fucking upstairs. You follow the sound to the loft where Rogan and Tommy are staying.

Its like you’ve walked into the room, unnoticed, while they are in the middle of one of their hot fuck sessions. They’re going at it so hard they don’t even notice as you circle them and watch. ROGAN’S muscle arse and legs flex as he pounds deep into TOMMY’S white bubble butt and just as Tommy is about to cum…

This teaser is the first official duo fuck scene at Stay tuned for more…

Men At Play’s GAME ON with David Dirdam & Marco Sessions

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See the free XXX preview here.