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Colby Keller’s advice on a BJ!

September 30, 2012 Posted by suefairview


Check him out at Big Shoe Diaries

Raging Stallion Studio’s IN YER FACE Reviewed

September 28, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Here’s a scorcher that puts the creamy white stuff right where you want it In Yer Face! This supercharged, shooter of a DVD delivers big dicked fuckers in butt bruising action that ends with overwhelming jizz blasts you know where. Raging Stallion Exclusive Tom Wolfe throws it into fat cocked newcomer Ayden Marx. Derek Parker gets double duty in an opener with hunky Fabio Stallone, and an encore with Charlie Harding. It’s their first scene together, and they toss it up ferociously. Topping it all off like a blast of whipped topping to your mug, stud-top Trenton Ducati tangles with stud-bottom Chris Tyler. Director Steve Cruz assures the nasty cum play is non-stop, and he sure doesn’t forget the title’s promise. His camera gets in close–those mammoth cocks slamming into cavernous holes that are right in yer face. Creamy facials are even closer up, and in the best reward a fuck-buddy can get, a couple of lip smacking cum shots get mainlined right between wide open lips. Oh, yeah–the all-man heat in this show is definitely In Yer Face!


I usually fast-forward through the title and credits in movies, but I didn’t with IN YER FACE because Steve has cut in fun parts from the promotional video that was done for this movie, that set a fun tone. I enjoyed seeing the opening. Also, there were little clips from this video in between each scene that were funny and entertaining.

The more I see Derek Parker, the more impressed I am with him as a bottom. The last time I saw him was with Adam Champ, and there I loved him for fulfilling my fantasy of petting Adam’s fur. This time he continues in Angelo Marconi’s foot steps to bring the best out of Fabio Stallone. The turning point in this scene was when Fabio was teasing Derek with his bare cock and Derek said “Fucking stick it in me! Give me that big dick!” Fabio replied “You want that?” And Derek said “Oh yeah!” After that, Fabio began to pound the shit out of Derek in doggy style and Derek was moaning like a girl! Fabio exclaimed “It feels so good!” This performance by Fabio is so much hotter and better than in the past. Keep up the great work Fabio! Great job Derek in eliciting responses from Fabio and in general being a hot bottom!

The scene with Trenton Ducati and Chris Tyler was very hot because both men are talkers during sex [which I really favor] and both men are really fucking buff and hot! Highlights of the scene included when Trenton told Chris that he had a hot body, that his foreskin was beautiful and that he he has a nice tight hole. The many, many times that both acknowledged that the sex felt good. When Chris reached back and grabbed Trenton’s throat while he was being doggy fucked. The way that Trenton told Chris what to do to make the sex better; “Push your ass back”. The way Chris came into Trenton’s mouth at the end was just so fucking beautiful! This was a super hot pairing because the guys were really into each other and what a fucking hot scene that makes! This one is a winner!

This was Ayden Marx’s first ever RSS movie and his costar was Grabby Manly Man Tom Wolfe. Initially I could hear that Ayden was saying something, but I couldn’t make out what it was. But then Tom took over and his voice was all I heard. “I want to fuck that hole!” What a stud! Tom looked pretty happy with Ayden moving on top of him in reverse cowboy! It was no time until he came onto Ayden’s face, neck and pecs. I loved Ayden’s look: a muscular body, yet soft and somewhat feminine. It reminded me of classical paintings of men and women. For example, Ayden could easily have posed for Guido Reni’s portrait of Saint Sebastian in 1616:

Needless to say, I find Ayden to be a singular beauty. This was also a wonderful debut! Ayden’s oral skills are admirable and he had at Tom’s meat diligently. But Ayden, honey look up at Tom’s eyes now and again and it is advisable to expand your repertoire to include ball licking and the like. The way that Ayden reached back for Tom while being rimmed was terrific and I also liked the way Ayden twisted his body to expose his ass to the camera. I would advise reaching back to pull back your ass cheeks too. The other thing I liked was when Ayden placed his lower legs over Tom’s during the doggy style. It struck me as so romantic, as if he was trying to maximize contact with Tom. Final advice: speak up! Your audience wants to hear what you have to say. Tom was fabulous as always! What a great scene!

Right away I could see that there was some friendly competition about who was stronger that heightened the sexual tension between Charlie Harding and Derek Parker. Charlie, always a big talker begins with “Get me really fucking hard! You got a good mouth. Damn you got good suction in that mouth!” I sort of find Charlie’s banter patronizing. But apparently his sex feels pretty good, and it looks hot! Derek even says that the tongue fucking “feels good!” During the doggy style when Charlie is pounding Derek, Charlie says “You can take it. You like it?” Derek answers “Oh yeah!” In the missionary position, the expression of Derek’s face said it all. But Derek expressed it verbally anyhow in case you missed it “You feel good!” I found that extraordinarily hot, even with Charlie’s patronizing manner. If only I could stuff a sock in his mouth! Maybe he would like that??? What a natural pairing this was as these guys are perfectly suited for each other. Fucking hot scene!

Buy IN YER FACE because Director Steve Cruz has managed to put together 4 winning scenes that are scorchingly hot; they all got me going! This in spite of the tacky, re-used scenery from REVVED UP that he had to work with. All of the models did a fantastic job for Steve in that they had fun with the concept, worked hard, and looked great! The camera work was good; it was weak in the first scene rimming of Derek Parker by Fabio Stallone, but otherwise it was solid. Had this been done in a super location the film would have gotten a highly, highly recommendation. Steve’s efforts shine throughout the film. You can tell he worked his ass off on this one to save it from the disastrous set.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Men At Play: Robin Sanchez

September 28, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Hmm. How many times have I thought about hot men at work because I was bored out of my mind? Watch what Robin Sanchez does in this same scenario from this Men At Play clip from last week! The photos are more revealing:

That tie is going to need to be laundered!

“HARD WIRE” Scene 4 “We are listening”

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Diesel Washington’s blog.


Samuel L. Jackson Reads A Pro-Obama Bedtime Story: Wake The Fuck Up!

September 27, 2012 Posted by suefairview