Trenton Ducati & Tate Ryder in love!

November 15, 2012 Posted by suefairview

They are the current power couple of porn! The star together in movies, such as Deep Inside Part 1 for Falcon Studios and are the best scene in the movie! Let’s take a closer look at this relationship to see how it works.

Trenton is a muscle god. He formerly was involved in the rodeo circuit as a bull rider. Bull riders are considered the top talent in the rodeo since it is the toughest trick to master. How fucking hot is that?

After retiring from the rodeo, Trenton took up training others for bodybuilding and physical fitness. But that just did not offer enough excitement for him.

So, he entered porn; filing out an application and being hired right away. With a body like this, it is no wonder!

One day, a boy named Tate Ryder walked into his life. In addition to being gorgeous and having beautiful eyes, Tate was able to do amazing things like this:

It was kismet! Obviously meant to be right from the start! They gazed into each others’ eyes and the story was over, all that was left was the happy ending!

Here is bonus Trenton for all of you fans!

Which one of the above images is morning wood?

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  1. Tony says:

    What a great post dedicated to this lovely couple, Sue! And as usual informative to me! I share your love for them.