LOGANMCCREE.TV: Joe Gunn & Logan Reviewed

November 16, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Joe Gunn and Logan

Sex is fun and porn is ..?

This is a special movie with Joe Gunn and Logan.
For sure it is a porn movie with fucking, rimming, fingering and two animal-like cumshots.
But it is fun and a bit comedy, too.
From the first second the guys fell into a laughing, clownish mode.
First I was wondering and then I saw that it´s their way of having sex.
We shot outdoor on the roof of a skyscraper and the sun was happy to see us.


I was seduced by Joe Gunn and Logan McCree in this one. Joe is handsome, tall and lean, with wonderful light body hair, and a great thick chevron mustache. Like Logan he has a very ripe sense of humor and the two clicked right away and couldn’t help but trade jokes as if they are a comedy act instead of porn actors. So while Joe was blowing Logan,

Logan says “You are much better than the sheep in Scotland!” Don’t you just love seeing that thick mustache on Logan’s cock? I do! Thanks to Bolko for getting a great shot of Joe’s ass! YUM!

And while Logan was feeding his dick to Joe in the lawn chair, Joe said “Pretty.” [I agree!] To which Logan said “Now I can’t have sex with you because you are not cool.”

Besides being entertaining like that, the sex was first rate! For example, While being fucked in reverse cowboy, Logan leaned forward and fingered Joe’s asshole. I don’t recall ever seeing that done before, but it seems so logical and straight-forward. Joe loved it! And it made events more serious right away! Joe focused his attention on fucking Logan more than he had previously and we could see his passion and lust come out for real. During the jerk-off at the end, the men sat facing each other and fingered each others’ holes until both shot huge loads. I don’t know why we don’t see more of this kind of thing in porn!

Highly, highly recommended! See the free XXX preview here.

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