Rogan Richards LIVE at XL Nightclub in NYC!!!

November 18, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Ah yes, the man himself, Rogan Richards! Finally after a total cock up at the door I got to meet him!

Back-story… Security at the door of XL wanted to confiscate my camera, and I only talked them into letting me take it to coat check by promising that I would not use it in the club. He insisted that I needed the approval of daytime management to take photos in the club. Unheard of! I have never needed such approval in any club before! Chase told me later that there is one older curmudgeonly security guard that used to work for the police department that is a stickler – and indeed he was the one that gave me a hard time! So I apologize for the photo quality as all photos were taken with my iPhone!

Thankfully I got to spend some one-on-one time with Rogan as I spotted him at the bar. He really stands out since his shoulders are so wide and his muscles are so cut! Here he is with his boyfriend Tommy:

I also got to speak with Chase, who is just unbelievably cute and nice in person!

I took some video of Rogan dancing and I hope you like it!

I also took some video of Chase showing his Slick It Up moves. LOL!

Then Rogan got up where Tommy was dancing and they clowned around:

Aren’t they too much! But I had to run to catch the last train back to New Haven, so we all said good bye and I left!

I think Rogan is going to go far! He is very hot and has a unique look. It will only take time for him to get fans here in the US.

4 Responses to Rogan Richards LIVE at XL Nightclub in NYC!!!

  1. Cristiano says:

    Sue , you’re better than agent 007 : get everywhere and report back no matter what !
    I admire your passion . I like this Rogan , he seems like a nice guy and super hot..those legs..woof !

    • suefairview says:

      Thanks so much Cristiano – you will never believe, but it was almost 1 AM when he went on! LOL! But then he wanted to buy me a drink, and how could I say no? He is a real sweetheart. He is woofy-worth all over! Oh yeah, the club had the nicest bathrooms I have ever seen! So clean and the sinks were like in a soap store, where the faucets are in the middle and the water runs down a channel on the sides. Kind of like a trough. Very classy. Of course they were monitored by an attendant.

  2. Tony says:

    Hmm Sue I`m so jealous!

    And Hi to Cristiano! Long time no see!;)

    • suefairview says:

      So sorry Toni! I do realize just how lucky I am to live near a big city where the porn stars come all the time. But then to be there and not allowed to use my slr camera is such a bitch! You know it is difficult to feel that it is real when I am with models like Rogan. He is there in all his glory and I would love to just run my hands all over his body, but I have to be respectful and not do that. I know he appreciates being treated like a person and that is what I am all about. You should have seen his relief when I told him I didn’t want a photo with him, that it was all about him and Tommy. After all, these guys are people and we have to be cognizant of that. It was a high though!