Rogan Richards returns to NYC!!!

November 26, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Once was not enough! The man returns for another dose of the city that never sleeps! And we say “WELCOME BACK ROGAN RICHARDS!

Here are some new photos of Rogan’s travels since he left:

Rogan on the plane to Miami.

Rogan and Tommy hits the streets of Miami.

Rogan measures up to porn legend, Matthew Rush.

Backstage at the White Party.

Checking out the stage at the white party.

White Party costume!

With Tommy in Miami!

Posing for a photographer after the White Party.

See Rogan LIVE here:

ADONIS LOUNGE appearance 28th
stay tuned for more dates added or any changes made… XXX RRimage:

4 Responses to Rogan Richards returns to NYC!!!

  1. Tony says:

    Be careful! You might get addicted to Rogan over there in NYC;)

  2. Stan says:

    Why can’t I ever get a seat next to someone like Rogan when I fly?

    • suefairview says:

      Too funny Stan! I always think about that when I watch people board the plane! Which one I would love to have sit next to me. Once I had the one I wanted. He turned out to have a dream job as a herpetologist, and he traveled the world collecting snakes. He was young and handsome too. I gave a nod to him in my Fair View fantasies, as you might recall.