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Rogan Richards Flexing

December 31, 2012 Posted by suefairview



LOGANMCCREE.TV’s Logan Lycra Solo Reviewed

December 31, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Logan Lycra promo002OMG! The Logan Lycra Solo was very hot! I really dig Logan’s new Butch haircut with longer beard; it is a great look for him. His tattoos really show, but he looks great with any hairstyle! The special thing about this solo is the sheer Lycra undies that Logan uses to taunt us with as he jerks off. He gives us a tantalizing rear view where we can see his asshole, balls and erection through the material that is good enough to eat! Later, he jerks-off so fast, that his hand is a blur. All I could think about is how fast he would be fucking me if that is what he were doing. Sigh!

Logan Lycra promo001 Logan Lycra promo003 Logan Lycra promo004 Logan Lycra promo005Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here. A RING ON MY FINGER with Trenton Ducati & Adam Killian

December 30, 2012 Posted by suefairview

This MEN.COM preview went straight to me! No pun intended, but I would have put as many fingers as Trenton would have liked up his ass [were I his gf]! LOL! He wouldn’t need to cheat on me with Adam Killian, that is unless he wanted to bring him home… Slurp!

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Raging Stallion Studio’s STRIPPED 1: Make it Rain Reviewed

December 30, 2012 Posted by suefairview



Directed by Steve Cruz

These strippers do more than strip to make the money rain down. Director Steve Cruz captures the willing holes that star in the secluded cubicles of an all-male strip club in Stripped 1: Make It Rain. Every exceptional ass and quivering hole is revealed for the huge cocked customers who frequent the back rooms of this exclusive club, where you can see sexy swaying silhouettes on the walls that offer you clues to what’s going on next door. These private dancers redefine lap dances and slide down some of the biggest poles around. The clubs best and “biggest” customer, Max Marshall, always brings a fat wad of bills to the club and an enormous, thick dick to match. He gives both Trenton Ducati and Derek Parker breathtaking poundings in separate scenes. They both handle his whopper with the skill of a pro. Andrew Justice is another frequenter of the club and he gets super passionate with Latin dancer Marcus Ruhl before he invites him to take it to a deep, penetrating level in private. In the finale, Race Cooper charms Josh West with his sexy moves and spectacular black ass, and he gets a handsome, thick reward in the back. In Stripped 1: Make It Rain the sweat, saliva, cum and bills rain down over the strippers. This is a club that will keep you cumming back for more, and you’ll want to visit again and again.


The first scene was my favorite on this disc because it had Trenton Ducati, whom I am a big fan of, in it and his costar was Max Marshall who was a good pairing with him. Highlights included the wonderful lap-dance that Trenton performed for Army man Max, when Trenton shoved 3 fingers into his own hole, Race Cooper seen in silhouette dancing, when Trenton glucked Max’s huge cock, and all of the hot verbal dirty-talking during the equally hot sex. For example, when Trenton said “Come on baby, make it rain!” and then Max showered him with money. At one point Max said “You’re gonna take all of this huge dick!” Max has tons of potential, as he has a generous endowment with a handsome face and pretty green eyes. Plus, he is not afraid to speak up during sex. He is naturally thin and has great abs and intercostals. My advice would be to get to a gym and work on the other muscles. I would also love to see how he would look without the goatee as he has a very long face and I don’t think the beard helps. This was a very hot scene and terrific paring. Kudos guys!

MBV032_SD_121 MBV032_SD_150 MBV032_SD_181

The next scene featured Andrew Justice and Marcus Ruhl and was altogether too quiet for my liking. Also, Mr. Justice could stand a trip to the gym, no offense meant. Likewise, Mr. Ruhl could stand adding some definition to those muscles. I believe I saw some belly fat on him when he was in the cowboy position. Other than that, the most interesting thing about this scene was the effect of the camera work in capturing someone giving Max Marshall a blow job in silhouette through the fiberglass, at the same time that Andrew was getting one from Marcus, sort of like a mirror image. What was so interesting was that this added a voyeuristic aspect to the scene; a trademark of Steve Cruz.


Marcus was gorgeous, as usual and the sex was adequately performed. If you are a Marcus fan you will love this scene.

MBV032_SA_278 MBV032_SA_317 MBV032_SA_394This next scene features Derek Parker, someone whom I have overlooked in the past. Here he is on the stripper pole and it is as if I have seen him for the first time. He is in his glory as he writhes up and down the pole! Max Marshall walks in and can’t take his eyes off of Derek either. But here the star is really Max’s big cock. Derek blows it expertly and then actively fucks it in three positions while saying things like “Fuck me with that big dick!” while Max answers with “Take it all!”. Max cums in 4 huge spurts. Any scene with Derek in it is a sure thing. [How thick and luxurious is Derek’s beard?] This was a super pairing and a very hot scene.

MBV032_SB_116 MBV032_SB_169 MBV032_SB_195 MBV032_SB_262

Now this is what I like to see! An older man like Josh West who is in prime condition. That is the only way he could match his scene partner, Race Cooper’s hard-as-a-rock condition! The opening of this scene was entertaining as when Race finally got Josh’s attention by wiggling his moneymaker, Josh says “I’ve got something for you tonight, but you’ve got to find it!” This made the scene playful and fun. Josh was extremely responsive during Race’s expert blow job, even jumping at times; he must be very sensitive. Both men looked hot in all three sexual positions because they are in shape, know what they are doing and have the verbal banter going. Great pairing; terrific scene!

MBV032_SC_561 MBV032_SC_612If you like monster cocks, STRIPPED 1: MAKE IT RAIN is for you! The concept and presentation of this taking place in a strip club is very clever. I especially like the setting of the private area backstage where the stage can be seen through the fiberglass wall. This allows for amazing camera shots as I have described in the review and voyeurism. As a matter of fact, all of the camera work was very good. The set design was creative and lent itself very well to the theme and plot of the piece. The casting and pairing was great and worked out very well for the most part. Scenes not to be missed were those that included Trenton Ducati, Derek Parker, Max Marshall, Josh West and Race Cooper. Marcus Ruhl is also on this disc. Steve Cruz did a super job with direction.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX previews here.

Tate Ryder has a new website!

December 29, 2012 Posted by suefairview

The-Dom-FeatureIt is called TATE RYDER . COM ! While still under development, there are plenty of photos and links to Tate’s movies available there. So check it out!