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Rogan Richards Western adventure with Mousey & see Rogan LIVE in NYC & CT!!!

January 31, 2013 Posted by suefairview

So here is the saga of Rogan‘s trip West with Mousey Lo Ham. First of all, Mousey was looking a bit shabby and so had some “work” done. Here he is before his “procedure”, which you can see more photos of here.

528805_381157381980410_2097955801_nAnd here he is good as new:

BBr7sdzCQAAxfFK.jpg largeSo good in fact, that Rogan sings and dances for him:

But, what’s this? Trouble in paradise? Is Rogan falling for C3po?

269379_322622767857024_1676057860_n BBxF4mkCQAAQN0f.jpg largeNope, that would never happen!

tumblr_mh6bzm1W0l1rqp5duo1_1280Oh no! Mousey is in some serious trouble!!!32155_384675141628634_754223255_n 539915_384675151628633_1414513326_nOfficer Godfre has put him under arrest for possession!

74681_384675114961970_413119120_nHow will Mousey get out of this one?

226058_384675101628638_118927522_nThat’ll work!

But don’t look now, Rogan’s in deep trouble!

tumblr_mhgd3swhzR1rqp5duo1_1280But this kind of trouble is the kind I like! Slurp!

19215_323203014465666_1422094363_nGratuitous showering… and then onto the East Cost!!!

Rogan Richards‘ NYC Appearances:




BBz8PXwCUAAtP1p.jpg large

WOW! Rogan is coming to my home state of Connecticut! You can see him LIVE at Club Chez in Hartford on Friday, February 8!

tumblr_mgqzkb2pSk1rqp5duo1_1280Then on Sunday, February 9, Rogan will be appearing at Tommy’s Restaurant in Middletown at Exit 11. So close, I could probably ride my bike there! LOL!

Stag Homme Studio’s SERRANO Reviewed

January 31, 2013 Posted by suefairview



“Serrano” is about gorgeous refined men giving into their primal desires. As the suits come off the intensity rises in this deliciously sensual fuck flick with quite the handsome pairing; Italian porn icon Francesco D’Macho and Donato Reyes, the newcomer from the Canary Islands who’s making quite the print on all-male porn. This scene is an oral-rimming-kissing-fucking masterpiece. Live it up right now in “Serrano” only at Stag Homme!!

Serrano stars Donato Reyes & Francesco D’Macho.

Directed by Damien Crosse.


There was really nothing not to love about Serrano. It begins in an attic dormer in Madrid with a naked Francesco D’Macho and suited, but barefoot, Donato Reyes is blowing Francesco.


We get the most gorgeous view of manly feet that foot fetishists will go nuts over. I was sorely tempted to screen cap it, but alas, I did not. Delightful music played sporadically throughout the piece. After a while, Francesco strips Donato and lays him out as if for display on a wooden bar, Donato is that beautiful, and then rims him. That was very hot! Francesco cannot resist temptation and takes a huge bite out of Donato’s luscious ass, leaving a mark.

20130123_195858 20130123_195904

The handsome pair move throughout this lushly and eclectically decorated home blessing it with their sexual positions. Missionary in the kitchen.

20130123_195112 20130123_195126

They swap blow jobs in front of a divine fresco of a young Elizabethan Age woman.

20130123_194033 20130123_194104

They move to the library and underneath a chandelier, Donato climbs a ladder so that Francesco can blow him a final time.

20130123_194539 20130123_194601

Francesco then fucks Donato doggy style and the men generated a rhythm together. The sight of them and the noises they made were hotly mesmerizing and put me into a sexual trance.

20130123_194759 20130123_194907 20130123_19493020130123_203229

Both men are very striking in appearance as well as quite fit; so great casting! I really like Francesco’s new koi tattoo on his neck and his blue eyes really stand out. I appreciate how the traditional sexual pattern of ‘suck, rim, fuck” was totally shattered in this film. You just never knew what to expect next. The location and set was again quite terrific and this is not unexpected from a Stag Homme flick. Great going on all of these production details!

The camera work on Serrano was artistic and fabulous. I loved the way the shots sometimes included the chandelier and/or the men plus the way the shot zoomed from a closeup of the figurines to the model action. That was very considered and artful. But as I have pointed out previously, this is the trademark at Stag Homme Studios. I now have come to expect a high degree of artistry in their films. This one did not disappoint.

In all, Serrano is a sizzling hot quality production to be very proud of. Great going Stag Homme!

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

LOGANMCCREE.TV: Alan & Logan Reviewed

January 31, 2013 Posted by suefairview



It´s always nice if the guys help each other. Alan gives Logan a nice massage from outside and Logan does the same … from inside. A passionate scene, with two sexy guys, filmed in a warehouse in Germany. Another exclusive, private scene from Logan McCree.


Logan tells us about how he has just come from his military service requirement and has had a few drinks with the boys the night before, which he is not accustomed to. Also, he has been working on building his house in Scotland from sun up to sun down and so his body aches a bit. He indicates that he could use a good massage and that fortunately, Alan has experience in this.

Well, it wasn’t much of a massage. Alan must have been overcome by passion, because after a few long body strokes, he was rubbing his crotch on Logan’s ass and nibbling Logan’s ear. But, the top in Logan was awoken, as he got up and began to finger Alan’s asshole. Logan sported a tremendous erection that began precumming and in no time, he donned a condom and was fucking Alan in the missionary position. Things didn’t start to really get interesting until they switched to doggy style however, when Alan gave his “o” face and then smiled from ear-too-ear. Logan did the reach-around to jerk off Alan. Before we know it, Logan came all over Alan’s ass. Alan pulled him down into a hug and kiss as Alan said a final “Wow!”

A very intense scene between these two men that really needs to be seen. I am so glad that Logan has shared it with us.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Alan_and_Logan_Promo_01 Alan_and_Logan_Promo_09 Alan_and_Logan_Promo_08 Alan_and_Logan_Promo_07 Alan_and_Logan_Promo_06 Alan_and_Logan_Promo_05 Alan_and_Logan_Promo_04 Alan_and_Logan_Promo_03 Alan_and_Logan_Promo_02

I took Colby Keller’s advice today and went for a bike ride!

January 30, 2013 Posted by suefairview

So here is what it looked like off of my porch this afternoon:


It was warm [temperature was about 55º Fahrenheit or 12.8º Centigrade] and misty; a weather inversion was taking place. Smells and sounds were trapped by the cloud cover and there was a pervasive wet mist all around. A perfect day for a bike ride! As was also suggested by Colby Keller.

I rode my usual warm-up ride of about 10 miles [16.1 Km]. My tires were wet the entire way, which meant that my brakes were dicey [they weren’t working]! I had to be very careful about traffic. But I had a terrific ride and it felt great to be out on the road again. I cannot wait until spring, or until another warm day!

IMG_0445 IMG_0446My bike is gray, so it is hard to see just how dirty it really is. But it got really dirty because of all the grit and sand on the road used to melt the snow we had just gotten. I was covered with it and have to wash my cycling togs. Even my eyeglasses were dirty!

But what fun I had!!!

Dear people 18-30… START USING A CONDOM…

January 30, 2013 Posted by suefairview

An important message from Dave Mason:

This is a shocking fact. EVERY SINGLE “YOUNG” PERSON IVE HOOKED UP WITH IN THE PAST YEAR WANTS IT BAREBACK. They want my dick in their CUNNY..RAW… That is FUCKED UP. I mean I get the desire and the fantasy BUT Im writing about this because its gone too far in my world so I feel if I don’t say something I”m slightly responsible. Im gonna keep it short cause nobody wants to hear it BUT all these kids are becoming HIV positive because they never saw AIDS HAPPEN. I DID! I was SO LUCKY I am in this WEIRD BUBBLE where I was too young to be having sex when it was DEVOURING the gay world and now Im too old to NOT KNOW BETTER, so the people above me and below me are all getting or have it. Yesterday I mentioned SEROCONVERTING to my friend who is 32 and he said “WHATS THAT?” WHATS THAT?!?!? It amazes me that someone not much younger has NO IDEA what that is. He doesn’t even know what someone looks like who has advanced aids, never saw the “buffalo hump”, and doesn’t know a person who has ever died of it. That in a way is GREAT, BUT young people USE A FUCKING CONDOM. BELIEVE ME you do NOT want HIV and its NOT CASUAL. Young people are all the ones getting it now because they don’t know thats its any different from Herpes. I saw an HIV awareness commercial with Harvey Whats his face I can’t think of right now, and he mentioned how HIV was DISFIGURING… the entire ad I don’t remember but the DISFIGURING part stuck because nobody says that and thats the part that scares me the most about it. So if I need to say that for it to stick I will. ITS DISFIGURING! Seriously every single younger person Ive had sex with wants it RAW, claims to be neg, and BELIEVES ME when I say Im NEGATIVE. I AM negative BUT THEY SHOULD NOT BELIEVE ME?! Every single one of them I have to be like “DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE?!” I had to go on the PEP treatment once because once I hooked up with a guy and TWICE he took off the condom while we were fucking and DIDNT TELL ME. Im SURE he was trying to give it to me. Its awful to think that but you do NOT take off a rubber and not tell someone TWICE after I specifically say DO NOT PUT IT IN WITHOUT A CONDOM. SO long story short use a condom and don’t be shady AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANT don’t trust anyone. There, Im done yelling at you now.