Stag Homme Studio’s SEXUAL DISTURBANCE Reviewed

January 2, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Sexual Disturbance

Sexual disturbance stars Adrian Toledo and Maikel Cash.


“Oh no! Golly Mr. Officer Sir! How could they possibly see me? What can I do for you to make it alright?” That is the scenario we have here girls and boys! LOL! But done ever so expertly by Stag Homme as well as the eminently watchable Adrian Toledo and well hung Maikel Cash. What I liked most about it was the beautiful Madrid garden terrace complete with chirping birds, the interior with antique furniture as well as Christmas tree, the official looking Policia uniform that included insignia, cap, boots and the very useful nightstick. Anyone with a uniform fetish will love this one!

sexual2The sex was varied, hot and well done. The great sex was a pure demonstration of the actors’ experience as well as perhaps direction. Camera work was great with staggering close-ups and is still ahead of industry standards by use of a split screen at the end.

sexual3 sexual4The cum shots were terrific; Maikel delivered a facial/oral cum shot to Adrian way up on the rooftops and Adrian shot a copious load onto Maikel’s abs.

Congratulations to Stag Homme Studios who have another hit on their hands. Sexual Disturbance will definitely cause a disturbance in your trousers!

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

2 Responses to Stag Homme Studio’s SEXUAL DISTURBANCE Reviewed

  1. Tony says:

    Wonderful feature wondefully reviewed by you, Sue!
    Martin Mazza`s place (and terrace) are very beautiful! Aren`t they?