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I got your Easter Basket right here!

March 31, 2013 Posted by suefairview

New WordPress blog for A PLACE IN THE SUN

March 29, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Doug’s blog was trashed by blogger and now can be found on WordPress:


Best of luck at this new address Doug!


March 29, 2013 Posted by suefairview

afsaleThat is right! Alexsander has slashed prices on shirts and tanks in a blowout sale! All items are now $40 off!


This shirt was $95:

afzombieplatNow is only $55! These prices won’t last! So visit ALEXSANDERFREITAS.COM NOW!

The Bling Bling Cap is still full price.

BGaX2wMCQAAhEHA.jpg large

HARD WIRE BTS Video & Photos!!!

March 29, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Diesel Washington has been very busy actually being an adult model for Naked Sword’s HOOKER STORIES and various and sundry other exploits and has been distracted from the production of HARD WIRE. But before we move on to talk about HARD WIRE, let’s talk about how earth shattering his involvement in HOOKER STORIES was. I truly think it will win an award. Diesel was so badass in the second half, and yet, in the first part we got to see his human side with Leo Forte. What an acting tour de force! The Man has talent!

This talent extends to the production and directing side as well as Diesel is now proving with DawgPoundUSA and HARD WIRE. Here are some photos:

BFuEPmzCEAEEn_S.jpg large

This first photo is Diesel’s tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe. Isn’t it a beautiful photo? I have seen an exhibit of Mapplethorpe’s work and this would have fit right in!

BFwNNDdCYAAulYS.jpg large

The height difference between Diesel and costar Lawson Kane.

cristobalviceModel Cristobal poses with Vice.

proxyA hat is adjusted on Cristobal’s head.


Visit Diesel Washington’s blog.

Men At Play’s SAFE HOUSE starring Paul Wagner

March 29, 2013 Posted by suefairview

This week we finally see the return of our top rated model Paul Wagner, coupled with new addition to the Menatplay offices, Brandon Jones. And to top it all this scene was Directed by our very own Bruno Knight who we all know so well ( every inch of him) in front of the camera but now he’s turning his hand to living out his fantasies from behind the lens. In Safe House Paul Wagner, every the sexy suited guy, questions young Brandon Jones about his involvement in a local gang and offers him protection in a Safe House. But Paul’s idea of Safe may be a bit screwed! One good deed deserves another and Pauls price for letting Brandon stay protected at the safe house is that he lets Paul use him as a sex slave. Brandon sucks on Paul’s cock through his suit flies then Paul fucks Brandon till he squeals. Paul keeps his plaything quiet by removing his tie and stuffing it in Brandon’s mouth until he’s good and done with him!!

See the free XXX preview here.

Visit Paul’s new Buddy Profit’s blog, that still offers plenty of free photos & videos here.