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Raging Stallion Studio’s MUSCLEBOUND Reviewed

July 31, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Directed by Steve Cruz

This gym is filled with Falcon Musclebound studs, and the hand-picked cast of eight ripped-and-stripped jocks pump iron — and each other in this beefy cum fest. So much jism flows in this gym, they need to put a “Floor May Be Wet” sign on the wall. Award-winning director Steve Cruz assembled an all-star, cast with sculpted physiques and amazing assets to work each other out. The perfection of the individual parts of these guys’ bodies adds up to a sublime “hole,” and if that hole’s not getting fucked, at least it’s getting rimmed. Hustle meets muscle when strong, handsome duo Trenton Ducati and Ryan Rose play “drain the trainer.” Angel Rock and Donnie Dean burn calories in an aerobic, thick-dicked fuck that has Donnie gasping for breath from the exercise his ass receives. Angelo’s alabaster skin is so translucent you can almost see every fiber of his musculature as he drills equally smooth JR Bronson into sexual ecstasy with his massive cock. Mike Anders’ shorts slip down and expose enough crack to grab Jimmy Durano’s attention. Jimmy’s gargantuan cock and balls engage Mike as they find new muscles to pump. Working out here takes on a different meaning as these studs take a break from bodybuilding to satisfy each other in Musclebound.


Intense! That is all I can say about the first scene with Trenton Ducati and Ryan Rose. I absolutely loved it! Wow! I loved watching every moment of these two muscle-studs getting it on, flip fucking, dirty talking and seducing each other. Nobody does it better than Trenton & Ryan, directed and videographed by Steve Cruz. Here we have the “hot” proof. Super job guys! Great little camera shot into the mirror at the end also.

FVP233_SB_068 FVP233_SB_094 FVP233_SB_186 FVP233_SB_229 FVP233_SB_262

The next scene featured Angel Rock and Donnie Dean. Angel is one hot fucker, but I have seen him perform better with other people; the one thing he did here that was great was when he was blowing Donnie, he offered him a finger to suck. Similar notes for Donnie who is a terrific active bottom; he loves to finger his own butt while he is being rimmed, but we saw none of that in this scene. there was little intensity compared to the previous scene; maybe these guys didn’t have good chemistry? At least they kept the chatter going which kept me awake during the suck and rimming sessions. Later into the doggy style, both men seemed to remember that they were on camera and decided they ought to make a hot movie. Duh! So, the chatter got amped up to another level with comments like Donnie saying “I’m going to milk your cock!” and Angel answering “I’m going to milk your ass!” That was a hot moment. I also liked a later comment when Donnie asked Angel “How does my ass feel?” and Angel’s answer was “Delicious!” After a bit of very pretty sideways cowboy, in which we got to see Donnie show off his ability at bottoming [not only up and down, but all around too!] and Angel at power fucking, Donnie came. Angel had an oral cum shot. Again we are back to the standard sexual choreography of blow: blow: rim: sex in 2 positions: cum shots. Damn hot porn stars, but if you are one who watches tons of porn, you might be disappointed with this scene.

FVP233_SC_504 FVP233_SC_573 FVP233_SC_614 FVP233_SC_632 FVP233_SC_671

I guess I will start by telling you what I liked about the scene with JR Bronson and Angelo. Again, JR shows his potential as a submissive bottom who is game for anything and very able to compy with the top’s wishes in every way. He demonstrates this in this scene by his amazing flexibility for a bodybuilder when presenting his ass in a split for rimming on the bench, and leaving his shorts pulled down for Angelo. He speaks up very well throughout the entire scene and can move his body during any sexual act, though for some odd reason he didn’t in the doggy style, but maybe he was just savoring the pounding from the 6’4″ Angelo. Who could blame him? Angelo filled his position as a top by supplying his hard dick and doing a bang-up job of rimming and sucking JR’s bottom bits. Angelo could move his career ahead just by speaking up – a few words here and there would really help and make his performance so much hotter! I was disappointed to again see the predicatble sexual pattern of blow: blow & suck: sex in 2 positions: cum shots. Egad! When will this pattern be broken? If you watch tons of porn like I do, you may be ready to scream right about now.

FVP233_SA_667 FVP233_SA_699 FVP233_SA_747 FVP233_SA_807 FVP233_SA_864

Final scene: Set is a gym. Models are Jimmy Durano & Mike Anders. Tone is very macho. Script is “You like that?” and “Fuck yeah!” Action is blow: rim: doggy & missionary: cum shots. Notable action by Mike; he takes both of Jimmy’s balls in his mouth! I really expected much more from a big star like Jimmy than to just stand there and fuck with his arms at his sides [The last photo where Jimmy seems to be jacking off Mike is posed and did not happen in the film.]. Quite a disappointing scene for me.

FVP233_SC_071 FVP233_SC_108 FVP233_SC_149 FVP233_SC_163 FVP233_SC_210

MUSCLEBOUND went from superb to disappointing, but the entire dvd is not completely worthless. The first scene was sublime with Trenton Ducati and Ryan Rose and is a must see.  The second and third scenes, with Angel Rock & Donnie Dean and JR Bronson & Angelo were just not these models’ best efforts plus the sexual patterns were predictable. If you are not picky like I am or don’t watch tons of porn, these scenes will be just fine for you. While I was cool on the final scene, Jimmy Durano fans will love it, I am sure. Direction and camera work were good.

Highly recommended.

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Rogan Richards Redux

July 28, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Gawd I miss him! Here are the photos:

Here are some videos:


So, Rogan, when do plan to come state-side?

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Just some guys 38 [the skin edition]…

July 27, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: All links in the right column to the right; Adam Champ’s birthmark and Adam being cute; Angel Rock getting head from Tate Ryder & topping same; Benjamin Godfre; Liam Magnusson; an unknown hottie; Dato Foland naked; Dave Mason posing in one of his creations and taking part in a show that he costumed; Diesel Washingon; D.O.; Dontato Reyes; Dylan Roberts; Jesse Jackman takes a bath and tops Dirk Caber on stage; Jimmy Durano shows his assetts and looks happy pointing to the limits his career can go to; Landon Conrad tops Trey Turner; Large Tony; Leo Forte; Logan McCree; Lucio Saints front, side, and with Diesel O’Green; Marc Dylan gets a shower of cum; Jimmy blows Marc; Marcus Ruhl masters the wrestling match; Paddy O’Brian shows his now not so virgin ass and fucks a boy; Pavel Petel poses for us; Pedro Andreas poses in two arty photos; Ray Han’s booty in three photos!; Robin Sanchez with the discus; Rogan Richards eats cake in color and B&W; Ryan Rose gets throated and loves to be rimmed; François Sagat; Samuel Colt front and back; Spencer Reed fucks a boy; Topher Dimaggio and BF Anthony Romero; Topher rims and fucks Tate Ryder; Trey turner’s asshole and two photos of his cock; famous glazed donut photo of Francesco D’Macho from Verboten; Vito Gallo in Unzipped.

Stag Homme Studio’s INTO THE WOODS Reviewed

July 26, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Stag Homme takes you “Into the Woods” with Bulgarian heart-throb Goran and the delectable Basque Xavi in his bottoming debut. This outdoor masterpiece fuck-flick is all about primal masculine beauty in its zenith. These muscle-studs take turns choking on each other´s shafts in an interplay of sweat, spit and unbridled heat. Goran then devours Xavi´s virgin ass before voraciously tearing it up and then squirting a gallon of thick white cum all over his precious face. However, it´s not just Goan´s cum that Xavi´s going gaga over…he’s got quite the appetite for Goran´s piss as well.

Directed by Damien Crosse & Francesco D’Macho


I was impressed for many reasons by INTO THE WOODS. First of all, I love both of these models! I have had a crush on Xavi since he appeared on the screen in his Stag Homme debut with Damien Crosse, so long ago, but it seems like yesterday to me! Such a hot little fucker! And then Goran! Woof! What can I say? Could anyone be hotter than Goran? Not in my book! [Dato who? LOL!]

There was pretty guitar music for the lead in to this scene. I really enjoyed the blow-job swap at the beginning of the film and how it demonstrated the models’ expertise at this particular skill set. But it is not really a “swap”, since they go back and forth about a half a dozen times; it is more like watching a tennis game where the players are nude and blowing each other! LOL! It was super hot though, with all of the face fucking and hips moving and spitting and kissing… Woof! I was blown away.

There was a short rimming sequence that was predictive of things to come as Xavi moved his ass and body on Goran’s finger and tongue like and expert bottom. Once inside Xavi in the doggy position, Goran held Xavi close and really pounded him for a while. Then Goran let Xavi ride his cock while he stood rock solid as the boulders they were leaning on. That was hot. Goran’s copious cum shot coated Xavi’s entire face. Goran then peed a stream in front of a kneeling Xavi.

The combination of the woodsy setting by the stream, lovely guitar music, beautiful men, and multiple camera angles made for a highly romantic film that must be seen to be experienced. I really liked the camera angle from above that showed Goran’s tight, white butt fucking Xavi. There must have been some tight editing to meld these great camera angles into one film that turned out so great! What superb work this is by both the models and the directors, Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho. Congratulations guys; it is another hit!

Highly, highly recommended.

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Men At Play’s 5* SERVICE

July 26, 2013 Posted by suefairview

This looks really great! Starring Rob Nelson & Donato Reyes. See the free XXX preview here.