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June 29, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Stag Homme Studio’s STRAIGHT MAN FUCKS ME Episode 7 Reviewed

June 28, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Stag Homme returns with another amazing episode of Straight Man Fucks Me this time with a 24 years old thug that cums 3 times!! Once inside Francesco’s mouth, then inside his ass resulting in a lot of the condom full of cum sucking, and lastly after teasing Francesco’s hole with his humongous cock the stud fucks him in 2 positions then pulls out and cums all over his mouth and face in an explosive cumshot that will make you bust a nut in matter of seconds. One of the best episodes from this series. Enjoy it until the last drop.

Directed by Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho.


Holy cow! It must be great to be young and able to cum 3 times!!!!! Francesco makes the most of this straight man’s virility and enormous cock by pulling all of the tricks out of his plethora of porn prowess! [How is that for an alliteration?] Francesco administers a fabulous blow job with plenty of eye contact; he cannot quite throat the entire length of that gigantic cock though. The straight man, who I’ve nicknamed “Scar” [because he has a scar from an abdominal stab wound] seems to lose control quickly and cums in the back of Francesco’s throat while face-fucking him. Yikes! The hotness of that was astounding!

Untitledstr8tmanfmcockLook at the size of that thing!


Scar and Francesco get on the bed and Scar teases Francesco’s furry hole with this giant bare dick, prior to pumping Francesco missionary style with a condom on. At the height of Scar’s thrusts, you just know he is reaching territory that rarely is touched just by listening to the sounds Francesco makes. They switch to doggy style and Scar again cannot control himself and cums in Francesco’s ass. Francesco then plays with the end of the cum filled condom.

str8tmanfmcumScar jerks off onto Francesco’s face and body and Francesco jerks off onto Scar’s huge endowment [how can he miss?]. Francesco then eats his own cum off of Scar’s dick, making of mess on his mouth. Slurp!

This is the best Straight Man Fucks Me (SMFM) episode yet! I sure enjoyed it “to the last drop”. But then again, I could watch Francesco fuck all day – he is a delight to see in action because of his physical perfection and mastery of sexual performance. I was sorry to see that Francesco was wearing socks, since he has beautiful feet. But this is really a terrific SMFM episode and I just know that you will love it! This is what Stag Homme does best!

Highly, highly recommended.

See the entire feature here.

Stag Homme Studio’s THE FAVOR Reviewed

June 27, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Gabriel Vanderloo asks his friend Goran to do him a favor: trim the hairs on his ass. Goran is shocked at his request but Vanderloo convinced him to help him out…after all they’re just guys. But when Goran feasts his eyes on Gabriel’s growing boner he figures out that Gabriel has something more in mind…and Goran has no qualms on helping a friend out. Get ready for some ridiculously intense sucking, rimming and fucking that will make you explode like never before.

Starring Goran and Gabriel Vanderloo.

Directed by Damien Crosse.


I must agree that Stag Homme’s THE FAVOR certainly has some intense bathroom sucking, rimming and fucking by Goran and Gabriel Vanderloo! These guys are so talented and work so hard, one could watch them for hours. Goran is a feast for the eyes; every square inch of him is perfect and sexy. However, the bathroom thing is rather cliché and I know that Damien can do much better than this. This is where Stag Homme hurts itself by spoiling me! I expect excellence every time out. The camera work was very fine; I loved the guys watching themselves in the mirror.

Highly recommended.

See the free preview here.’s GAY OF THRONES Episode 1 Preview

June 27, 2014 Posted by suefairview

All images and videos are from the Sword.‘s GAY OF THRONES is a 4 part series and episode 1 had just been released. Episode 1 stars Abraham Al Malek as Khal Drogo and Toby Dutch.


Episode 2 features Dato Foland as Renly Bratheon and Paul Walker as his lover Loras Tyrell in a flip fuck. That preview will be released on July 11.


Episode 3 will star Damien Crosse as Oberyn Martell and Christopher Daniels as Olyver and that preview will be released on July 18.


Here is the preview for Episode 1:


See HBO’s GAME OF THRONES to follow who the cast is playing.


New Snake Pattern Gym Cut Swim Shorts

June 26, 2014 Posted by suefairview




Dave says:

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