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Just some guys 49…

September 24, 2014 Posted by suefairview

aaron aaron2 adamchamp alexmarte alexmarte2 bdsm bdsm2 boomer brock brunosteve bulrogludovic colby damany damien diego diesel3 diesel4 dieseljarecwentworth dieselPhouse2 dieselPhouse5 dieselPhouse6 dieselryan dirk1 dirkfolsomberlin dirktiedup dylan1 fabio fran gogo hans harry1 harry2 harry3 harry4 harryspartacus ian jesse jessieleoforte jonnyhazzard laurentteddybeard lee martinvenice pedro sagat sergei sethf stalin steve steve2 steve3 steve4 steve5 tony1 tony2 topher

Notes: Two amazing photos shot and styled by Aaron Cobbett; Adam Champ jerks off for a crowd in Monteray; Alex Marte boobies and feels like he is OLD!!!!!; two shots of BDSM from Arnaud Leather Amsterdam; Boomer Banks poses provocatively; model Brock is too hot for words; Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz in one of their first films; Model Bulrog Ludovic; Colby Keller rimmed by an aligator; damn, Damany is tops!; Damien Crosse poses in front of a cathedral; Diego Lauzen and Wagner Victoria fuck; five shots from Parliment House in Florida feature Diesel Washington, Colby Keller, Jarec Wentworth, Ryan Rose and bf; two photos of Dirk Caber at Folsom Berlin, the last one with Ben Brown; Dirk is tied up at the moment…; a hottie in Ibiza photographed by Dylan Rosser; FABIO in the shower; Francesco D’Macho with a friend; three go-go boys at Revolver; Hans Berlin; five photos of Harry Louis, the last with Spartacus; Ian; Jessie Jackson in hot pink, Jessie with Dirk and Leo Forte; Johnny Hazzard in a selfie; hot bear Laurent Teddybeard; Lee; Martin Mazza in Venice, Italy; Pedro Andreas is getting intense; an extreme close-up of François Sagat; Sergei by Michael Stokes; patriotic Seth Fornea; Pavel Petel with Stalin make-up by Sergey Ostrikov; five photos of hottie Steve Raider; Tony Orion can’t sleep and tries to look cute; Topher Dimaggio chills on the beach.

All new White and Silver Stroke and Change Sequin Gym Cut Shorts at SIU!!!

September 24, 2014 Posted by suefairview



All new White and Silver Stroke and Change Sequin Gym Cut Shorts available now at Photos by Marco Ovando.


Rogan Richards: the Flex travels the globe!

September 22, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Rogan has been to Mykonos, Greece; Rome and Milan, Italy; Ireland, United Kingdom; and Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. He was in Mykonos with DJFlamefly and in Ireland with Diesel O’Green.

11275_610469779072320_7417975995250392795_n 13949_624622570990374_4947494880306984889_n 542905_287967737989194_2079954160_n 1604846_622568107862487_2641802159822265534_n 10169175_617340791718552_2796723373636285747_n 10288740_617340761718555_1111959157109972491_n 10304704_681929361903209_287383002823386871_n 10360210_10152635194335586_3308352065432566963_n 10393798_10152639250330586_9084639146164795311_n 10408535_627986073987357_3575037249117269843_n 10413322_614549248664373_4015536399645529679_n 10440720_614548535331111_3731168047298290792_n 10527833_626281407491157_4620032989297144364_n 10557335_617034428415855_2674854786874511604_n 10565065_609437435842221_4406223183348901597_n 10570286_613332165452748_2414562100673722131_n 10583869_607994889319809_2744016278409322728_n 10603498_10152635194515586_3651982369430440824_n 10609441_614549245331040_7630378140473203218_n 10620021_626802120772419_7462422104132338677_o 10622777_623646814421283_8526823300772148389_n 10625122_10152619182955586_9108471942520735387_n 10626786_610470189072279_4877366831560724358_n 10635858_622241527895145_6059415381028068192_n 10640991_614548261997805_1382424918470161968_n 10645237_614465695339395_3664945061554827528_n 10653507_617341048385193_5527007546715040740_n 10665988_626281130824518_6558276859165356934_n 10671417_681929365236542_1717565923589521790_n 10671449_614548231997808_1314224273284398249_n 10676137_618619808257317_3318301595013995753_n 10676295_627988957320402_6022914987692364589_n 10686937_623451607774137_4474986165387854627_n 10710642_681880571908088_956751079040253912_n BxbFsmSIMAAECSs BxclFoNIAAAPMxw Bxep7DxCUAAI7LC

Here is a clip of Rogan when he was in his twenties:

Read about how Rogan was nearly arrested in Rome!


Stag Homme Studio’s FLEX & GORAN Reviewed

September 21, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Stag Homme, the company who put in vogue fucking on Spanish roof tops, returns to its roots in this fiery scene between Bulgarian bodybuilder Goran and newcomer and Argentinian bodybuilder Flex. Lose yourself in the sweat, cum and passion as these boys give you their all in plain view of the entire city. This is what wet summer dreams are made of.

Starring Flex & Goran.

Directed by Francesco D’Macho.

Photography by Damien Crosse & Francesco D’Macho.

FLEX & GORAN are Stag Homme and Goran at their best. The addition of muscle bottom Flex sparks a fire in Goran, who takes full advantage as he pillages Flex’s ass.
Highpoints included deep throating by both models, the foreskin link, playing with the water hose, Goran fingering Flex’s hole while Flex moved to fuck himself on it, and Goran spitting on Flex’s chest and jerking him in the missionary position. Camera work was terrific with many angles as well as close-ups. If I ever find myself on a rooftop in Spain, I will wonder where the gay sex is. Thank you Stag Homme for that expectation! Location was wonderful as usual and direction was sublime.
Highly, highly recommended.
See the free XXX preview here.
DSC_0005 DSC_0007 DSC_0009 DSC_0031 DSC_0048 DSC_0053 DSC_0064 DSC_0074 DSC_0098 DSC_0116 DSC_0130 DSC_0133 DSC_0134 DSC_0140 DSC_0164 DSC_0181 DSC_0203


September 21, 2014 Posted by suefairview

481005_10152308622931976_2180779219305359005_n 1888593_10152311913391976_8052901853987563943_n

This is a really hot harness combo – buy both and save! It is so hot, that Ryan Rose wore it in a show with Jessie Colter.

jessiecolterryan ryanrose

10253772_10152305293941976_8045244807084276114_n 10410656_10152286682706976_7373839017804892102_n 10433821_10152284962036976_7258434771183518612_n 10435978_10152310448606976_3411903426322367396_n 10553511_717348691634645_6360624268364361301_n 10600492_10152290336561976_358121380689376591_n 10615539_10152275703696976_916332511209655258_n 10616443_10152300347576976_8328107268734568179_n 10649624_10152707704369349_441602456734141636_n 10659437_716558161713698_1566347121941962527_n 10660334_10152291370411976_5129721936107924311_n 10712901_10152305719741976_349127498904857299_n barecouture bradford danny eathanamazing glowbear ruben sean vinnyvega wriley

Models include: Dave Mason, Jay Roberts, Bradford, Danny, EthanAmazing, Glow Bear & JP Richards, Ruben, Sean, Vinny Vega, and Wriley.

Photographers include: Exterface and Marco Ovando

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