OMG! SIU’s TRITON Shorts will blow your mind!

August 4, 2016 Posted by suefairview

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David has said that we have never seen anything like the Triton shorts! He is so right!!! They are made from irridescent sequins sewn onto a black lace fabric; to my eye they look divine! I want a dress made out of this material! It is stunning an gorgeous!

New Triton Shorts available now, only at Photos, and many in this spread, by Marco A Ovando

And now, for animal prints:

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Leopard is a neutral, only at

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Cow Print Swimsuit available now, only at Photo by Marco Ovando (OFFICIAL)

Friends and fans of Slick It Up, Rick and Griff wearing the Cow and Leopard suits:



New Pineapple shorts!


New Ice Cream Swim Suit!


New Donut Swim Suit!

Get all these Summer looks and more at !!!

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