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Adrian Toledo at UKNAKED MEN

January 18, 2014 Posted by suefairview

I remember the young man I first laid eyes on in 2008, when Francesco D’Macho cast him in an early video, I think it was on MachoTube, before Stag Homme even existed. I met him in person in Madrid and his dark eyes spoke to me. Look at the fine and beautiful man that he has grown into now!

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Just some guys 40…

September 12, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Adam Champ in a harness; a blue-point Siamese on Adam Killian’s lap; Benji! with his bunny; black sand on an adorable butt; Aussielicious blogger Brenton swims nude; Carlos Gustavo for the WE Banana Party; Colby Keller drinks orange soda; Damien Crosse in front of an exquisite door in Madrid; Dave Mason being fabulous in Greece; David Dieza dick; Diesel Washington booty; Tony Buff with Puppy Draven Torres; Stag Homme Execs Damien & Francesco; Jesse Jackmen works the weight room; Hans Berlin werk; Jimmy Durano recently showed his ass on twitter; Landon Conrad as a cowboy; Leo Forte made up and photographed by Mr. Pam as an alien; Leo in Naked Sword Originals STALKER; Liam Magnusson; Lucio Saints get kissed by Adrian Toledo; Marc Dylan is awake; Marc’s erection; Marcus Ruhl looks hot; Marcus has classical features; as well as a hot body; Ollie looking perky; Ollie shopping at Lowes; Paddy O’Brian; Pavel Petel as Donatella, styled by Sergey Ostrikov; Pedro Andreas in a cowboy hat; Pedro making a silly face; Pedro looking gigantic at the gym; Jessy Ares new album cover PORNPOP; Ray Han displays his wares; Ray is all nice and comfy in his bed; Ray cooking his favorite meal bare-assed; 2 shots of Ray getting his leather on; a client took this shot of Rogan Richards taking a piss; Rogan showing his wares; François Sagat as mime; Samuel Colt with Bacon; Samuel shows his wares; Samuel with Sister Roma at Southern Decadence; Damien and Dato Foland in Catolonia; Seth Fornea; DJ Spencer Reed; Chris Porter with Eegs; fledgling synchronized porn swim team huddles for warmth including Leo, Mr. Pam and Angel Rock; Logan McCree initiates a young man into the wonders of BDSM; Tate Ryder’s cock; Tate’s butt; Tate using a dildo in the shower; Tate is highly flexible; Topher Dimaggio is also a model; Trenton Ducati and Angel Rock in a scene for Dominic Ford; Trenton Trophy Boy; Trenton shows his wares; Trenton’s erection; Ryan Rose’s junk; the smoldering Ty Roderick; Ty’s cock.

Raging Stallion Studios SEXO EN BARCELONA Part 2 Reviewed

September 5, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Directed by Tony Dimarco

Sexo en Barcelona, Part 2 shows all the sexual possibilities that the hottest city in Spain has to offer. Part 2 of this two-part scorcher will spice up your lust life with tons of uncut Latin cock and loads of dark skinned studs. Barcelona in summer is hot ’round the clock. Sunset brings relief from the day’s heat, but the fire in men’s loins remains. Director Tony Dimarco spins the hands of the clock to chronicle a day in pursuit of sex, from morning to midnight. Seven studs from two continents submit to the urge to merge, adding more heat to the equation. Heat that is quenched by the release of scalding cum that sets their libidos at rest…for now. The day begins for Aybars and Donato Reyes with sex on the balcony. Both beauty, both beast, their passion ends with sprays that rival the crashing waves of the Mediterranean pounding below. Marc Dylan is the midday snack for Damien Crosse , whose unwavering gaze turns Marc’s cock to stone. Night conceals many things, but not the need that drives men out to the sex club in search of other men. Axel Brooks cloaks himself in darkness to await the unsuspecting Adrian Toledo, pouncing like a predator to satisfy his hunger for sex. Even later, when the club is nearly closed, Marc Dylan, who got turned on watching Axel and Adrian, finds Goran.  They continue the night’s debauchery with an intense exchange that steams and sizzles. Every hour of the day is filled with rugged lust and aggressive Latin passion in Sexo en Barcelona, Part 2.



I got very excited when I saw that the first scene was going to take place on a balcony with a gorgeous view of the beautiful Barcelona beaches! It is very Spanish to have sex so publically. However, the blow jobs and rimming between Aybars and Donato Reyes were perfunctory in nature and this made them quite dull and took all of the excitement out of the location. I don’t know if the brievity was because of the fear of discovery or some other reason, such as lack of chemistry. I don’t really understand if it is the latter, because both men looked very hot to me, yet halfhearted sex is what I observed. It was a bit better on Donato’s part, since he gave such strong eye contact and offered more of a repetoire than did Aybars.

The pair moved inside and the rimming continued. I kept thinking that Aybars could have slapped Donato’s ass or bit it or anything like that, but he didn’t. Donato showed off his bottoming skills by moving in the doggy style and moving well in the cowboy position. Other than that, the sex was purely mechanical. I think at this time in his career, Donato deserved a better pairing than this. Also, the sexual choreography was unimaginative, even though the public location was thrown in as a distraction or catalyst. What a shameful waste of talent and a brilliant location; the absolute best location on this DVD.

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What a difference in the scene with Damien Crosse and Marc Dylan! There is passion and urgency here! What I liked best about this scene was the amazing soixant-neuf position in which Damien both tongue fucked Marc’s asshole and cock-fucked Marc’s mouth simultaneously; now that is coordination! Of course the two men swapped expert blow jobs as they both have the best skills in the industry, and that was also something to see. As a bonus, this scene was also a flip fuck! Now I ask you, what more could anyone ask for? Great job gentlemen!

RSS111_SA_085 RSS111_SA_099 RSS111_SA_225 RSS111_SA_238

Even though the scene with Adrian Toledo and Axel Brooks had absolutely predictable sexual choreography, it was somewhat redeemed by a few positive points. First of all, I have not seen Adrian in anything in quite some time, and I forgot how absolutely stunning this young man is. His facial features are pretty much perfect, his skin is flawless, and every square inch of his body, including his hands and feet, are gorgeous. He is a pleasure to look at. The lighting was bluish-green, reminiscent of past features that Adrian has been in, such as Stag Homme‘s Senses and While the City Sleeps and only serve to flatter and accentuate Adrian’s looks. The other factor that I liked was how predatory Axel was. He grabbed Adrian from behind out of the fellows passing by, as if selecting him out of herd of prey. Axel then proceded to advance his sexual case from behind as well, aggressively biting Adrian’s neck, grabbing his package, etc.. This predatory factor added excitement to the scene and was maintained throughout it. Also adding to the scene was Marc Dylan watching which lent an aspect of voyeurism. Though in this busy sex club, that was always a possibility, Marc’s presence made it a reality. Another game changer here was Adrian’s cell phone used as a POV camera during his master blow job of Axel. Though I would consider a blow job from Adrian hot enough to watch all on its own, having the POV camera makes it so much hotter because the incredible eye contact from Adrian’s large and expressive eyes is magnified and given so much more punch. This part of the scene was just incredible to watch and highly enjoyable. Axel continued his predatory style during the rim job, when he bit Adrian’s ass and also demonstrated his prowess as a top, by varying his hip movement and being able to fuck Adrian very rapidly. Watching Adrian’s face during all of this was a delight. His expressions are so hot and sweetly delectable. But the finale was well worth the wait. Adrian’s cum shot was just incredible as it was 3 or 4 enormously fat spurts! Great job guys!

RSS111_SD_364 RSS111_SD_441 RSS111_SD_478 RSS111_SD_488

In the final scene, Marc Dylan finally scores with Goran in the sex club. Again, we have predictable sexual choreography, but when the performers are the caliber of Marc and Goran, I’ll take it. Goran brought the heat on early with his ravishment of Marc, which was something to see. There was a quick exchange of blow jobs, which I wished was longer, since both were expertly done and a pleasure to watch. Goran then rimmed Marc and Marc, who held his own cheeks back. Again, this could have been longer. During the doggy style fucking, Marc exclaimed “Yeah, come on fuck me!” and we got to see some of Goran’s snake-like fucking motion as well as amped-up instensity. We got to see why Goran is a star in the missionary position, as he jerked off Marc, tweaked Marc’s nipples and handclasped with him, rather than just standing there with his hands at his sides as so many adult entertainers do. Goran came in the missionary position, dropping a huge fat load on Marc’s pubes. Really, this ordinary choreography was not worth these stars’ time and was insulting to them. But they did the most with it and the resulting scene was a great as it could be. I thought that the chemistry was hot at the beginning between the pair and cooled as the scene went on. Marc seemed to try to bring it back by talking to Goran. Perhaps a bit more imagination would have helped this scene be far better than it was.

RSS111_SF_348 RSS111_SF_421 RSS111_SF_435 RSS111_SF_456

Buy SEXO EN BARCELONA Part 2 because the sex in it is very hot, even if mostly predictable, and the DVD features many hot stars from Spain in addition to Marc Dylan. The best scene features Damien Crosse and Marc Dylan in a flip-fuck and also has a 69 that is really incredible to see. Other highlights include a scene featuring Goran and Marc Dylan where both show their excellent blow job techniques, you get to see Goran writhe like a snake and cum like a dumptruck; Axel Brooks captures the exquisite Adrian Toledo and devours him lustily while action is recorded on a cell phone for the POV audience; Aybars and Donato Reyes go at it on a balcony with a gorgeous view of Barcelona’s beaches. The locations were amazing, as all were in Barcelona. Direction was good. Camera work was also good by industry standards.

Highly recommended.

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Raging Stallion Studio’s SEXO EN BARCELONA Part 1 Reviewed

August 10, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Directed by Tony Dimarco

Sexo en Barcelona shows all the sexual possibilities that the hottest city in Spain has to offer. Part 1 of this two part scorcher will spice up your lust life with tons of uncut Latin cock and loads of dark skinned studs. Heralded director Tony Dimarco shows the exploration through ten sexy, muy caliente hombres, who let their huge cocks and hungry holes hang out all over this Mediterranean metropolis. Scorching threesomes bookend the sucking and fucking. Hard and horny Lucio Saints strokes a hardon while he and his guapo boyfriend Donato Reyes wait for their hook up, Adrian Toledo, to arrive. Adrian is onto Lucio’s fat pole the moment he’s in the door. Antonio Aguilera is a statue come alive. When Damien Crosse spots him by a public fountain, he resolves to have him. Nobody sucks cock like Damien; the hardest face-fucking won’t trigger a gag reflex, but Antonio has to stop before he cums, so he can fuck Damien’s hungry hole. Local Martin Mazza knows where to pick up fresh hot studs, at the nearest tourist attraction. Hot Turkish stud Aybars takes in the sights but soon has more than architecture on his mind. They offer a furry contrast to Antonio, but no less muscle. Aybars’ cock hits the sweet spot when he fills Martin’s ass balls-deep with hard meat. A chance meeting becomes another tasty threesome when colorfully inked Francesco D’Macho and bodybuilder Marc Dylan run into old pal Frederic Duris. This scene sets the bar for three-way heat when Francesco alternately plunges his tongue into Marc’s hole and Frederic’s mouth and that’s just the beginning. The men and the action are intense when you’re having Sexo en Barcelona.


Have I ever mentioned that I love threesomes? This scene, featuring Lucio Saints, Adrian Toledo and Donato Reyes gives plenty of proof why. Here we have three god-like men, all drop-dead gorgeous, engaging in sex acts that happen most frequently only in our dreams. Donato and Adrian tag-team Lucio’s cock and balls in between kissing him and then both Lucio and Adrian suck and rim Donato, respectively. In a dream-like sequence, Lucio stacks his men, Adrian on top of Donato, so that he has two holes to fuck [unfortunately there is no photo of this]! In the climax, while Lucio is fucking Adrian in the missionary position, Donato unloads on Adrian’s chest, Adrian shoots on his own chest and abs, and Lucio pumps out a huge load onto Adrian’s torso. Can I just say right now, that I love Barcelona?

RSS111_SE_091 RSS111_SE_134 RSS111_SE_170 RSS111_SE_201 RSS111_SE_233

Damien Crosse picks up hot guy Antonio Aguilera from a public fountain on a dare from Marc Dylan. This scene was hot because Antonio pried Damien’s mouth open with his thumbs and face fucked him with his enormous meat up against a counter top and Damien took it as if it was an everyday occurence. La di da. We expect no less from the best cock sucker in the world! Horny Damien puts his leg up on the edge of the counter to feel Antonio’s cock deep within and enjoys a pile driver on the counter top. It made me feel like I was gonna swoon! Here are the photos:

RSS111_SB_348 RSS111_SB_385 RSS111_SB_397 RSS111_SB_433

Aybars and Martin Mazza meet up at Antoni Guadi’s La Sagrada Familia and next we see them kissing in the shower. Highlights for me included: a wonderful sequence of Martin being face fucked by Aybers against the shower wall, while his expressive eyes constantly looking up into Aybars’ face, those eyes looking like those of a martyred saint; Aybars expert rimming both in and out of the shower; the way that Martin managed to move in the missionary position; Aybars forces Martin to collapse into the pillow with his forceful slam fucking. Experience wins every time.

RSS111_SH_210 RSS111_SH_245 RSS111_SH_314 RSS111_SH_340

The best was certainly saved for last! There were two incredible positions in the final scene that featured Francesco D’Macho, Marc Dylan and Frederic Duris. One had Marc on the bottom of a 69 position with Fredric on the top and Francesco at the ass end of Marc. It seemed like all possibilities of sexual combinations from this position were explored and how sweet that was to watch! The next had Frederic fucking Marc missionary with Francesco fucking Frederic doggy on top. Unfortunately, there is no photo of this in the gallery. There was incredible chemistry in this scene and I feel that this is how pornography should be done. Everyone in the threesome was completely and intently involved at all times; no one was standing around with nothing to do. Terrific creative sexual choreography was evident; the mold was shattered with this one! Über hot! Spectacular! Best threesome I have ever seen!

RSS111_SC_776 RSS111_SC_801 RSS111_SC_845 RSS111_SC_877

SEXO EN BARCELONA PART 1 is a must see! Picture yourself as Marc Dylan, exploring the flavors of Spain, Barcelona in particular, and all the hot men there and you have Sexo en Barcelona. This film is a travelogue of sex! You will not be disappointed. Direction by Tony Dimarco was outstanding and locations and sets were fabulous. I cannot wait to see Part 2!

Highly, highly recommended.

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July 19, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Starring Adrian Toledo and introducing Adam Wirthmore

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