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The extended Stag Homme Family

June 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Sigh. I collect photos and sometimes they get out of control. For this I apologize. By now I have so many photos of Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse that just slipping them into some “Just some guys…” posts isn’t really dealing with them adequately. So, here is the data dump, if you will, of my cache of the broader “Stag Homme Family” of photos:

One person you might not recognize who hangs out with Damien and Goran, is David Baramiya. Of course the cute little dog is Benji!

Just some guys 31…

January 29, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Rogan Richards for Australia Day; Pedro Andreas wants YOU to have a good day! Jesse Santana has some fun. François Sagat prepares the stage for his concert at Centre Pompidou with Jean Luc la Verna. Adam Champ posting suggestively to attract custom to his online shows. Dave Mason; Damien Crosse can be seen LIVE in Columbia; Adam Killian tops Vito Gallo; Adam, Vito and Rafael Carreras get soaked for Lucas Ent. in Costa Rica; Adam in Thailand; Spencer Reed with a disco ball; Colton Ford with Angelos Petheryotis; Vito naked; D.O. grease monkey; Samuel Colt & Lucio Saints bts; Jake Genesis; Lucio rims Adrian Toledo; Francesco D’Macho & Damien will be LIVE in Columbia [btw – it is Francesco’s Birthday today!!!]; Angelo making us all sigh; Bryce Star at Gigolo Hollywood; Diesel Washington & Sean Duran; Trenton Ducati’s ass; Jessy Ares with his plane ticket to Costa Rica; Bubble butt contest between Kyle King and Tate Ryder; Paddy O’Brian nude; Paddy hushing up Donato Reyes; Isaac Jones posing; Adam Killian gesturing; Tomas Brand & Dean Monroe in British Pounds; Channing Tatum shows his best side, photo by Joe Oppedisano; Colby Keller rimming someone; Adam in Costa Rica; Dean Monroe on all fours; Cal Skye; Gio & Diesel; Leo Forte clowning around with Diesel; John kissing bf Liam Magnusson; Junior Stellano digs his truck out of the snow after a snow plow had buried it; Junior practicing being a bottom; Liam’s back; Liam nude; Colt men, Luke, Gage and Adam; Marcus Ruhl; Matthew Mason’s butt; Paddy; Rob Evans; Jesse’s cock with PA; Tomas Brand; Pavel Petel; Large Tony; Two shots of Vito’s ass [because one is never enough!]; Samuel Colt & Alexsander Freitas plus pals; A younger Nick Moretti; Johnny Castle enjoys a ride with Zeb Atlas.

Adoring Lucio Saints

January 18, 2013 Posted by suefairview

1_BackDoorIntruder-(4) 1_BackDoorIntruder-(5) 558763_412057182196098_1366103286_n A8N4533CYAINcSo.jpg large A-USAnxCIAAEWDr.jpg large BA1z4pgCMAAVbHw.jpg large BA10iziCUAI8uY3.jpg large BA12-frCUAAe8BB.jpg large BA12ro7CMAAqmNq.jpg large big8 IMG_2883 IMG_2942 IMG_3122 IMG_5572 luciosansebastian3Photos of Lucio Saints with Harley Everett, Adrian Toledo, for UKNakedMen, as a Bunny for Gigolo, again for UKNakedMen, catch me in the bath by Joan Crisol, with Damien Crosse, and as Saint Sebastian by Daniel Viso. An extraordinarily beautiful man. Visit his blog.

Stag Homme Studios SEXUAL DISTURBANCE Pic Spam!

January 9, 2013 Posted by suefairview

See SEXUAL DISTURBANCE, starring Adrian Toledo and Maikel Cash, or THE FREE XXX preview here and my review here.

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Stag Homme Studio’s SEXUAL DISTURBANCE Reviewed

January 2, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Sexual Disturbance

Sexual disturbance stars Adrian Toledo and Maikel Cash.


“Oh no! Golly Mr. Officer Sir! How could they possibly see me? What can I do for you to make it alright?” That is the scenario we have here girls and boys! LOL! But done ever so expertly by Stag Homme as well as the eminently watchable Adrian Toledo and well hung Maikel Cash. What I liked most about it was the beautiful Madrid garden terrace complete with chirping birds, the interior with antique furniture as well as Christmas tree, the official looking Policia uniform that included insignia, cap, boots and the very useful nightstick. Anyone with a uniform fetish will love this one!

sexual2The sex was varied, hot and well done. The great sex was a pure demonstration of the actors’ experience as well as perhaps direction. Camera work was great with staggering close-ups and is still ahead of industry standards by use of a split screen at the end.

sexual3 sexual4The cum shots were terrific; Maikel delivered a facial/oral cum shot to Adrian way up on the rooftops and Adrian shot a copious load onto Maikel’s abs.

Congratulations to Stag Homme Studios who have another hit on their hands. Sexual Disturbance will definitely cause a disturbance in your trousers!

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.