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Stars of HustlaBall 2012 – Adam Killian

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Andreas Friends

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Review of StagHomme’s Cachondo

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From StagHomme:

“Cachondo” is a flick about a horny exhibitionist (Francesco D’Macho) who loves to call in deliveries and answer the door with raging hard-ons while using straight porn as a means to seduce delivery men. This time he answers the door in a towel to a straight pizza delivery guy (Aitor Crash). Francesco excuses himself for his indecent state.. He was just watching a good porn movie with a really hot blonde girl. Aitor sympathizes with him as he takes a look at the flick. You got the guts to make a move on a straight guy? What’s the worse that can happen?

Another top notch film from StagHomme Studios. Damien and Francesco are proving themselves to be a force in the industry, turning out one winner after another in rapid succession no less. This one was so hot, I was mesmerized to the point where I could not keep my hands off of myself. At this point, they have a library of intensly hot films in stock so that viewers have multiple choices when they want to watch porn. And further, it is not an easy decision!

It really takes one who is personally turned on by Francesco D’Macho to know how to film him to perfection. I can tell that Damien Crosse is that person, as the camera panned lovingly over the colorful dragon tattoo on Francesco’s shoulder. What a unique view of this well known star. The rest of the filming was perfect as we have come to expect from StagHomme.

Aitor Crash brings a certain machismo to his role that makes him larger than life and very much a turn on. I could have watched him slap around and fuck Francesco all day. I loved it when he put Francesco up on the table for better access. Also, I loved Damien’s shot of Aitor’s furry chest; so perfect and gorgeous! It would be great to see Francesco with Ricky Sinz, who also has this same sort of machismo.

Francesco was divine in this film. I would rather see him fucking than being fucked, but he is living his own fantasy here of seducing a straight boy and doing a great job of it. He looks up at Aitor with those big blue innocent “who me?” eyes and I am lost. I don’t know about Aitor. I could tell by his prodigious cumshot that he had a great time!

Finally, Spain is the new locale for porn. I am really enjoying the new infusion of Spanish culture and language into StagHomme’s porn. But, I really wish I had studied it in school. I love the views of Madrid and enough cannot be said of the Spanish men featured in the videos, although I know that Staghomme has tried to hire from other locales. Men of Latin descent are just the most sexy. Say what you want, but I stand by my statement.

Review of Stag Homme’s Callejeros

November 21, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Stag Homme’s Callejeros starring Damien Crosse and Aitor Crash and directed by Francesco D’Macho was shot in open public spaces in Madrid, Spain. Part 1 begins on the street where Aitor is taking a piss in an alley and Damien joins him by also taking a piss. The filthy alley is littered with paper, garbage and marked with graffiti, some of it of fish heads resembling penises, as well as torn off old posters. This makes for a very gritty setting. They quickly kiss and Aitor takes Damien’s still urine dripping, partially erect cock into his mouth. At first the camera is very close up, but then it pulls away and looks down the street, left, then right and the street noise is very loud. You realize just how exposed the couple really is. They are out in public. Anybody could walk by at any time (and from what I understand they did!) and see them. Aitor whips out his cock, which is now erect and Damien hungrily goes to work on it while Aitor sexily sneers with pleasure. Then they both stand and kiss again. Aitor opens his jacket so that Damien can feel his manly furred chest while they both jack their cocks. Damien jerks his head as if to say “Let’s get out of here,” and they pull up their pants and leave the alley together. Passion overcomes them a couple more times on their way down the street and it seems they can’t keep their mouths off each other.

Photo Source: Queer Me Now

Part 2 was just really hot. First, in the very early morning they climb up from a terrace to the flat roof that overlooks Madrid. The camera makes it very clear that they are quite visible from any other building. Once there, they blow each other again and we can hear the traffic noise clearly in the background. Aitor stands up and they kiss. That was where I became engrossed in the film. Damien bends Aitor over a chimney, rubbers up and proceeds to fuck the shit out of him. I could watch Damien top all day; he is so intense. When that isn’t good enough, he puts Aitor on all fours and goes at him again. [He reminds me of the energizer bunny in this position. LOL!] We can hear Damien’s breathing and groaning that is so sexy. I loved the end of the film with both of the cum shots; very hot.

What can I say? These are two really hot short films that were masterfully produced and shot. Both had hot, gritty public sex that made one feel exposed and at risk of discovery all at once. The casting and costuming was perfect as were the setting choices. The camera work was terrific. Kudos to Stag Homme! I cannot wait to see what they come up with next! Has Launched

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From Damien Crosse’s blog:

It is October 8th and as planned is up an running. Stop by the website and check out everything that Stag Homme Studios has to offer you. Today is the premiere of “While the City Watches” as well as it’s prelude “Senses”, starring Damien Crosse and Adriano Toledo.


Do you feel your porn lacks emotion? Kissing-aficionados and romantics will be spell-bound by “Senses”. In this prelude to “While the City Watches”, blindfolded Damien Crosse and Adriano Toledo stand naked on a stage to the city’s denizens while bathed in blue light. Void of sight, these two men are nonetheless enraptured by each other’s body and mouth through touch, taste, sound and scent. At last, the visual restraints are dropped and their passion grows even further as a new sense is introduced. “Senses” is about beautiful sensuality. It is sex without the penetration. For the hardcore stuff, check out “While the City Watches”, which is full of voracious sucking and fucking.


Watch our first official XXX-Feature, “While the City Watches”. The feature is incredibly hot, and unlike it’s prelude, “Senses”, which contains a beautiful soundtrack,”While the City Watches” is completely natural in sound. The only audio is that of the city and sex. You wont be disappointed in Franceso D’Macho’s directorial debut. Viewers will definitely be mesmerized by Damien and Adriano and white loads on blue flesh, while the city quietly spies.


Today is also the premiere of Stag TV. In this pilot episode Damien and Francesco take you on their first of many trouble-magnetic adventures across the globe. Witness their 24-hour stay in the decadent little town of Torremolinos, Spain together with Aitor Crash and Orlando Toro. Francesco and Damien´s mission: Give a nasty little show at the legendary Passion Nightclub. See how well or not so well the show goes. This episode contains high doses of dick strutting, harassment of straight dudes, and other decadent acts that might be of an offensive nature. Reality at it’s best. Stag TV shows you the dirt behind the porn stardom.


Yet another premiere today with the debut of Coffee With The Stars, where porn fans can sit with their favorite stars over a cup of coffee and get to know their crushes a little better. This month captivate yourself in Orlando Toro, the dark Andalusian hottie you’ve seen in Raging Stallion’s 2007 multi-award winning blockbuster “Grunts”, Colt’s “Bodyguards”, Black Scorpion’s “Sex Hiker” and Men At Play’s “Unmasked”, “Captured” and “Breakdown”. Find out what his family thinks about his porn career, who he would like to be stranded with on a deserted island, what his least favorite part of his body is, and much more. You’ll definitely enjoy your java with this incredibly adorable fucker!

Stag Homme Studios also provides its members two other Stag Homme XXX-Features which already premiered in the late; “High Tops” and “Haute Cuisine: An Unscripted Quickie“.


Porn-virgin Federico, clad in white basketball shorts and a devilish mask, stomps on Francesco´s chest with the filth and street-crud soles of his beat-up high tops. Uncut Argentine cock slides up and down teasing hairy cheeks, until the blue-balled fucker no longer can take it, and mercilessly claims his piece of Italian ass. Real hot bedroom sex doesn’t require much editing. High Tops is exactly that. The feature and preview is now available at Stag Homme Studios.


After a hard sweaty workout, fast-absorbing protein is a must. Watch Francesco take “Mystery Man´s” thick meat out of his gym shorts leg and rabidly feast on that cock… “I´m cumming! I´m cumming!” the headless fucker warns. But Francesco has only one desire, and this gym rat is starving. The feature and preview is now available at

In addition to this material, will provide it’s members with 27 videos of FDM Content. With the launch of, is no more, and all of it’s content is now available for viewing exclusively at Members of have no need to fret though, since they have automatically been made members of is user-friendly, interactive and clean in design while still dirty in content. Non-members will receive a very clear view of what they will be signing up for. Although non-members will not have access to actual content, they will be able to see the structure of the website, members ratings and comments, trailers and and when future content will be released.

Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho welcome you to Stag Homme Studios.