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Just some guys 20: Pride Edition!

June 24, 2012 Posted by suefairview

How about some Sagat Champagne to celebrate Pride this year? Any speculations on the taste? LOL!

Alexsander Freitas at the Celebration of Daddy Day for Tom of Finland with Xander Woods.

Junior Stellano showing off his perfect body in a hoodie.

Dave Mason dresses sexy in a velvet collar with rhinestones for a Summer weekend upstate with pals.

D.O. plays on the fire escape.

Adam Champ takes Champito to the aquarium! Champito is dressed for Pride! Too cute!

Adam in the bath house, but we sweat! LOL!

Chase on a roof top posing for a photographer. Don’t fall Chase!!!

Pedro Andreas with attitude.

Nick Moretti tying up a costar. Nick is having his right shoulder evaluated for surgery. He has already had surgery on this left shoulder. Yikes! At least he has a good gig as Director now!

Steve and Bruno driving someplace! I’m glad that Bruno is driving!

Dean Monroe is quite happy with his body the way it is at 40, thank you. Uh huh!

Francesco and Damien pose together.

Vito Gallo shows off a new tattoo.

I am in love with this photo of Lucio Saints in an elevator.

Angelo Petheryotis and Colton Ford celebrate Gay Pride in Denver.

Paul Wagner with wombats at the Taronga Zoo in Australia.

I’d say that bird is eating right out of Paul’s hand! Which of course I would do too! LOL!

Très photogenic Harry Louis in Paris.

Would you give this guy a ride?

A fabulous photo of my favorite ginger, Kennedy Carter.

Pavel Petel models for Timoteo.

Alex Marte wearing SIU lederhosen.

A close up of the the chest of Slick It Up facebook fan Ian Jopson. All I can say is “YUM!”

Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder at Seattle Pride.

Friday Fantasy – Amazon Discovery, The Young Explorer Part 1

February 23, 2007 Posted by fairviewsue

The young explorer was deep in the Amazon jungle looking for a rare variant of the blue morpho butterfly. He held his net aloft. He thought he had seen one flitting up ahead and then he lost it in the dense foliage. He treaded carefully in that general direction.


He had separated from his research group on purpose, because he felt they scared his precious Lepidoptera away with all of their camp noise. Now he was all alone and could finally hear himself think. He remembered the last explorer in the area who was researching orchids, Sue Fairview, who ran into the Tender One, who got a bit “friendly” with her. No chance of that happening to him though. Like he would ever be so lucky. He chuckled to himself. Then he caught sight of his prey again and was off running through the jungle.


Suddenly he tripped over a log he had not seen and fell head long into a stream. He got up, soaking wet to the skin and there he was. The Tender One, standing there completely naked. He was enormous. The young explorer had not believed Sue’s description of his size. It was hard to tell from the photo she took. This man was huge, everywhere. And uncut! Well naturally he would be. The explorer stood stock still so as not to frighten the man and softly said his own name. The Tender One came forward slowly to touch the explorer’s face and gaze into his eyes, the same as he had done with Sue. Then the wild man laughed noiselessly when he noticed the explorer’s wet clothes. The explorer laughed with him and said out loud that he ought to take them off to dry. He took his clothes off and laid them on a rock to dry.


Then he turned and saw the Tender One was watching him undress the whole time. What a specimen of a man he was. Perfect in every way. His skin was beautiful and evenly toned; this musculature was balanced and large, blackish-brown eyes and hair complemented everything. The explorer found himself breathing deeply and then realized that he was getting an erection. He turned his back quickly to hide it from the Tender One. But it was too late; the Tender One had noticed it and his curiosity was aroused.


He walked to where the explorer was and placed his hand on the explorer’s shoulder to turn him back to face him. The Tender One looked down at the explorer’s erection and put his hand on it very gently, as if to cradle it. Then he moved in to kiss the explorer. They kissed deeply and the explorer wondered if he had died and gone to heaven to have this dreamy man kissing him and holding his genitals. The explorer’s hands moved to the Tender One’s ample chest and back and held on for balance as he moaned into the kiss. When he opened his eyes, the explorer could see that the Tender One’s eyes were closed and he was echoing the explorer’s erection with an even larger one.


The explorer couldn’t wait to touch that raging boner, and so he did. He grabbed the Tender One’s penis and began to masturbate it using the foreskin while gauging the man’s reaction to that. The Tender One’s head rolled back in ecstasy in response and the explorer was relieved. Slowly, the Tender One went to his knees, and then sat down. The explorer moved with him, keeping up the motion. Then the explorer really decided to give the native a treat, and put his mouth on the man’s hard on and sucked it in gently, guarding it with his lips and tongue. The explorer had to open really wide to take all of the native’s member into his mouth, so large it was. A loud deep groan filled the jungle, as if an animal like a lion was being satisfied, when the explorer did that. At this point the wild man lay prone, helpless, lost deep in pleasure the likes of which he had never experienced before. The explorer took care to do all of the fellatio tricks he knew as it seemed that it was the first time for this poor man. It didn’t take long at all for the Tender One’s breathing to begin to quicken and his hips to involuntarily rise to meet the explorer’s mouth’s descent as if he was getting close to cumming. The explorer thought, that’s okay, let him cum like this, after all, it is his first ever blow job. And cum he did. Oh boy! How long had it been wondered the explorer? Jets of thick white cum spurted into the explorer’s mouth and he swallowed as much as he could, but there was too much. It went into the explorer’s hair and onto his face. The peaceful look on the Tender One’s face as he lay there after was priceless. But the explorer had not yet cum, but he was close too as he was so excited by the Tender One. He put his own hand lubed with spit and cum on his own cock and began to masturbate while the native watched. The wild man propped his head up with one arm and used his right hand to help the explorer. He wrapped his massive hand over the explorer’s smaller one and moved both hands up and down rhythmically while gazing directly into the explorer’s eyes. It didn’t take too long for the explorer to cum this way.


After a brief rest, the explorer rose and rinsed his face in the stream, and went to get his clothes and leave. While passing the Tender One, a strong arm shot out and grabbed his ankle and pulled him down to the ground. The native man was very strong. The explorer’s mind raced. He had just given this wild man who cannot speak an amazing orgasmic blow job and now he expected the wild man to just let him walk away? What had he done? Would the wild man ever let him leave? He glanced back at the wild man trying to see what was in his eyes. He saw lust. Raw lust.


Go to Fair View Fantasy to see what happens next!

Friday Fantasy – Amazon Discovery

February 9, 2007 Posted by fairviewsue

On my last trip to the darkest reaches of the Amazon I was searching for rare wild epiphytic orchids. Suddenly, I came across the most astounding thing, a male bipedal mammal hiding in the pristine mud of the undergrowth. It was a human, and a gorgeous specimen at that. His skin was a lovely shade of light cocoa brown and his hair was black. He was perfectly muscled.

Shy at first, he stood up and proceeded to act as if he had never seen a Caucasian woman. Perhaps he hadn’t living here in the remote Amazon. He touched my hair, my face, peered into my green eyes. He never spoke, though I told him my name was Sue in English, Spanish and Portuguese all to no avail. So I named him Tender One since he touched me so tenderly. He was completely naked as you can see in the photo I took.

He began to tug at my clothing and I wondered exactly what he was trying to do. Then I understood he wanted to see the rest of my body, since he had never seen a white woman. He did not know how to remove clothing with modern fasteners like zippers and buttons since he had never been exposed to them either. Okay, I thought. This was for science. So I helped his unsure fingers undo the buttons on my shirt, then the zipper on my shorts. In no time I was as naked as he. He stared for quite sometime and then the touching began. His fingers gently stroked my body, testing it like fruits of the jungle to see if it was ripe.

But his body but was ripening too. My breathing quickened seeing his body respond to mine. Plus his innocent touch had turned me on too. Quickly he just lunged and grabbed me. I gasped. He forced his tongue into my mouth roughly and I struggled to breathe. He was so big and strong and there was nothing I could do. He took me with one strong arm over to a moss covered place in the forest, put me on my back spread my legs and pushed himself into me. Oh god, it felt so good. I moaned with pleasure and he became an animal in his lust grunting and groaning while wildly thrusting in and out of me while holding my ass in the air with his hands. I lost track of how many times I came with him. They all kind of blended together; each one occurring on the cusp of the other. He came in one final explosive thrust and then the beast in him was sated and became tender once again. He gave me gentle kisses and then a last longing look and took off through the thick rain forest for parts unknown, never to be seen again.

I discovered no rare orchids on my trip, but do have some interesting memories, don’t you think?