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Raging Stallion Studio’s CABIN FEVER, Part 1 Reviewed

July 21, 2012 Posted by suefairview

What to do when you’re stuck inside with nothing else to do – shoot some pool or play dominoes or cards? That’s not enough to keep these sexy All-American JOCKS occupied. They’re horned up and burning up with Cabin Fever. The sexual tension and excitement they’re feeling cannot be contained, and they’re thinking about much naughtier games to play with their hot friends. Eventually, their Cabin Fever pushes them over the edge into heated exchanges that end in explosive action that will have you jerking right along with them.


Scene 1 was very likeable with an intense pairing of Andrew Jakk and Dylan Roberts. The two were playing dominoes when Andrew accused Dylan of cheating. When Dylan protested that he was not and besides, he was only trying to win, so “suck my dick!” Andrew goes for that offer and what a show we get! “All the way down with those pretty eyes,” says Dylan, cleverly expressing our thoughts as Andrew gives him an expert blow job. Dylan leans over with licked fingers to play with Andrew’s ass before rimming and jerking him off a bit. Dylan continued to jerk Andrew while fucking him in the reverse cowboy position. Dylan asked Andrew if he liked his cock deep inside him while he was really giving Andrew a pounding. That was hot and intense! Andrew constantly was crying out “Ah, ah, ah, ah…” He only said “Fuck yeah” about 20 times, which is a vast improvement over when he used to just mutter it repeatedly. But in view of his recent win at the 2012 Grabbys for Best Newcomer, that must not bother other people as much as it bothers me. In any event this was a terrific pairing and I am really liking the muscled and talented Dylan Roberts and the very pretty and skilled Andrew Jakk; what a great scene!

Steve Cruz shows his voyeurism in scene 2, when he has Dylan Roberts and Spencer Fox happen by outside the cabin to spy on Donny Wright and Micah Brandt during this scene. I really enjoyed their commentary. This scene was kind of a one man show by Micah. He demonstrated his advanced oral sex skills, including the gluck™ technique. There was a tremendous camera close-up of Micah’s asshole. Micah also had a running unanswered commentary as Donny stood mutely during the entire scene. The scene could have been tremendous if Donny had verbalized anything at all. Or, if Donny had slapped Micah’s ass and said “shut the fuck up!” But as it was, it was uncomfortable to watch, because it looked like Micah was over-reacting, since he was the only one making noise. But I can relate, because I like to let loose when I am being fucked too, and go crazy wild, making all kinds of strange noises. I would hate to have anybody judge my noises. So, I am on the fence about this one.

I really liked the climate setting for this scene, maybe because I have played so much pool in college! Chris Tyler gets naked to distract his opponent Boston Miles, who asks “Do you really want to play pool?” Turns out the answer is “No!” I thought that when Boston was rimming Chris it was very inventive and clever that Chris fed Boston his cock and skull fucked him in that position. Also, when Boston sucked on Chris he jerked him a bit. I have never seen that before. Both men need to remember that they are on camera and enunciate at all times; they are not in a private setting and sharing pillow talk. This was especially true for Boston. Chris needs to work on his oral sex skills. During the doggy fucking over the pool table, I felt that both men had very natural responses, terrific verbalization and great eye contact. In reverse cowboy, there was the correct level of noise and intensity. Chris says “Fuck me harder!” and I always love to hear a bottom say that! During the cum shots, Chris remarks on Boston’s load, saying “That’s beautiful!” How nice for him to say that! Afterwards, Chris says “Great job, that felt so good!” I agree!

The final scene featured a winning pairing of Spencer Fox and Micah Brandt. Micah showcases his superior oral skills as winnings for Spencer’s Uno game. Spencer turns around for some rimming and then turns back for more oral. Micah asks “You like that?” A breathless Spencer answers “Ohh yeah!” Then Spencer gets up on the arms of two heavy leather chairs and feeds Micah his cock. That was hot! Spencer puts Micah up against the fireplace and throats him, and flips him around to rim him. Micah moves his ass around à la Adam Killian. Spencer stays with that, showing aplomb and that he is not easily thrown off, the he jerks Micah and slaps his ass. Micah pleads “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” Spencer says “I’m gonna fuck that ass! Gimme that ass!” Micah answers “It’s all yours!” There was a bit more sucking followed by rimming. Spencer fingers Micah’s ass and then has Micah lick his fingers. What a hot sequence that was! Whew! Micah is up against the solid wood dinner table and Spencer penetrates him doggy style, slapping his ass; they make eye contact. “God you are so fucking fat and so deep!” Now here, I was a bit confused, because it looked to me like Micah came three times; twice in reverse cowboy and once in missionary. I mean, its all good, but WOW! Spencer said “It feels so beautiful in your ass!” At the end of the scene Spencer stands and has a very nice facial/oral cum shot. OMG! Both of these guys are ready for the big time. I know that both of them have already been used for major productions, and that should continue. They are both so talented and seem to improve with every performance. I can’t wait to see what they do next! Critical decisions will include pairings for them that will help develop their skills and careers.

Buy CABIN FEVER, Part 1, because there are three absolute winner scenes with rising stars [such as Spencer Fox, Micah Brandt, Dylan Roberts, Chris Tyler, Boston Miles and Andrew Jakk] on it that will have you jerking your cock right off! The remaining scene was okay, but Donnie Wright was too silent for my taste. If that doesn’t bother you, then run out and buy this DVD because you will love the whole thing! The camera work was excellent by industry standards, plus there was a tremendous close-up of Micah’s ass. Steve Cruz’ trademark voyeurism comes to fore in the guise of a pair of boy-spies at the window of the cabin that was just adorable to see. Terrific direction was evident in the cleverness of the climate settings and the inventive choreography of the sex.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.


Post Grabby Party – Spin: part 1

June 7, 2012 Posted by suefairview

So the Grabby Awards were over and everyone stood up to leave and head out for the post award parties as if the theater were on fire! I turned to Arturo and bid him a sincere and hasty farewell. It was surely kismet to be sitting right next to him during the show!!!

I sped away to find my group, which was led by Ashely Camerazzi. They were pretty easy to find. Ashely was busy trying to round up the banners hanging on either side of the theater and I helped her to do that. She had to lean very far out over the balcony to grab them, and I was worried that she would do a header! But she didn’t! We rejoined our group out in front of the theater, which was now all but deserted. Alexsander Freitas really wanted to go back to the hotel and change his pants, since he had a gaping hole in them by now, I mean, half his ass was hanging out! I certainly could understand his point, and I wanted to go back to the hotel also, because I was cold, so I told him I would go back with him. See, the hotel was WAY out of the way, the club where the after party was being held was only a few blocks from where we were, but the hotel was a five mile drive back into Chicago. At the last moment, the Sold Out Clothing guys came with us in the minivan cab.

Alex and I sat in the back, and the guys sat in the middle bench. Alex told me about his vision for the Alexsander Freitas brand, in which he has tremendous pride. He intends to strengthen current collaborations and form new ones to build on the future. He also intends to open new ventures for the brand and learn new skill sets for himself, in order to open himself up to new markets and so that the brand is remembered when people work with him. I was really happy to hear Alex say these things and that he is thinking with a sound business mind about his career and future. He has such promise as a man; it is wonderful to just sit back and watch him develop.

When we arrived at the hotel, the Sold Out Clothing guys paid for the cab. That was extremely nice of them. I dashed to my room and got changed into something warmer but still sexy. Then I headed back out to the elevator and who was in there, but Bruno Bond, Landon Conrad and Landon’s BF! I gave Bruno a huge hug, since I hadn’t seen him yet on this trip and said “Hey!” to Landon. Bruno said “I think there’s something sexy under that thing!” I was wearing a zippered black mesh shirt with green and blue embroidered dots by Casual Studio with a black cotton camisole underneath with skin tight Fabrizio Gianni  stretch jeans [all bought on incredible markdown sales, mind you]. I tried my best to look coy. “Well its cute anyhow,” Bruno retorted. I replied “I own lots of cute things.”

“So do I,” piped up Landon, looking quite coy himself. We all chuckled at that! I just bet he does! I would love to see him in those things! LOL!

1)I was down in the black marble lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel only moments went Alex returned looking extremely spiffy in his Sold Out Clothing Tom of Finland shirt sans jacket. It really was the first time I had seen it without a jacket covering it. I was literally struck by how sheer it was; I could see all of Alex’s beautiful tattoos right through the material! Right away I knew I had to capture this on film and besides, Alex was looking so confident and sexy. He posed up against a wall; look how stunning he is!

2) In an homage to Joe Oppedisano, I got onto the floor and took this angle shot. It sucks, I know, but it was fun!

3) In this close up, you can see what I was talking about a bit better. On Alex’s shoulders, the tattoos are seen clearly through the shirt. On the parts of the shirt where the metallic foil is less for example, on the rays from the face, the shirt is very sheer. The effect is rather like an acid cut velvet or lacy women’s lingerie. It is almost completely see-through, yet very masculine. I also like the v-neck and tight sleeves. The shirt is quite flattering on Alex – I would say that he is drop dead sexy in it. The fabric is also very soft and pliable and has a nice hand; almost like silk.

4) We wait to see who we are going to the Spin Party with and it turns out that we all piled into another minivan cab! Daniel said “Fit 8 people into a cab! I’m Mexican! We can figure that out no problem!” LOL! So it was one of the Sold Out guys in the front [David], Tom Wolfe and the other Sold Out guy [Keith] and Alex in the middle bench, Daniel, myself, Matthew, and the bf in the back. My thigh was pressed against Matthew’s meaty one. ULP! I already have my camera out and begin to take photos in the cab. Here is one of Matthew and his BF. Aren’t they sweet?

5) In this shot you can clearly see Alex’s tattoos right through the Sold Out Clothing shirt! He is gorgeous from any angle. That is Keith to his right. Tom is to his left, not in the photo.

So we get to the party, Tom Wolfe goes to the door and there is a problem and they won’t let us in. FUCK! Tom is outraged! He just won a Grabby for Most Manly Man and they won’t let him and his party in to the official after party! WTF! He insists that we are all allowed in or he will not enter! What gallantry! He certainly was raised right! And in no time at all the snafu is cleared up and we are all provided with VIP wristlets and ushered through the door. 🙂

6) Ty Tucker plants himself in front of my camera.

7) The beautiful non-porn actor, Daniel. He was almost on my lap on the way to the after party.

8) Andrew Jakk seems to be thinking “So I won a Grabby. But still nobody notices me. I’m all alone in the world. What do I have to do to get some respect?”

9) But then Spencer Reed comes up and shows Andrew some love and brightens Andrew’s day. Isn’t that wonderful?

10) Spencer talks with Landon Conrad and Landon’s BF.

11) It sounds serious.

12) Mr. Pam gets down. LOL!

13) The ever lovable Steve Cruz with and unknown. Dean Monroe is in the background.

14) Steve, JP Richards, Dean, Bryce Star, Lawson Kane, Bruno Bond and Christopher Daniels at the party.

15) Same people, Steve laughing.

16) Must be something Bryce said!

17) Bruno poses with Christopher Daniels.

18) Topher DiMaggio is flirty, while Rex Roddick looks on with Landon and BF.

19) Everyone is laughing!

20) Landon is tweeting while his hot bf manages to look dorky. Not easy when one is that hot.

 Part 2


June 6, 2012 Posted by suefairview

So, here is the fifth and final installment of 2012 GRABBY AWARDS photos. There are 20 in this set:

1) FabScout boys Logan Vaughn, Tyler Sweet, Bryce Star, Rex Roddick not from FabScout, Connor Patricks, and I forget his name!!!! Sheesh! Too many names!

2) Bryce waxes eloquent about something with Rex.

3) Bryce being naturally cute and hot.

4) Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce… Did he say something????

5) Hey look! It is the BEST DUO: Adam Killian & Tony Buff for The Other Side Of Aspen 6, FALCON Studios! That was a terrifically hot snowmobile scene! Tony came twice in that!

6) There is Honey West in a a glam gown with Adam!

7) Hot and sweet Jesse Santana is with newly minted Grabby winner Andrew Jakk with Austin Andrews prepares to present the Grabby for Most Manly Man.

8) And the Grabby goes to Tom Wolfe! Yay!

9) What is so funny about this is that all during the Grabby Awards show, Arturo had been saying to me “How do you take this award home to your mother? Do you say, ‘Hey mom! Look! I just won the award for best uncut cock!’? Or do you say ‘Hey mom, I just won the award for best rimming!’?” So we both just burst out laughing when Tom pulled out his cellphone to dial up his mom and tell her that he just was awarded the Grabby for Most Manly Man! Too funny!

10) So there is Tom saying “Mom, I just won a Grabby for Most Manly Man! So I don’t want to hear about it anymore!” LOL! Priceless! The crowd went wild!

11) Tom listening for the response. LOL! Mom’s probably passed by now!

12) Here are Christian Owen and Sister Roma.

13) And someone that looks like Kyle King joins them.

14) Austin Andrews as Superman and Chi Chi.

15) The awarding of the STEAMWORKS FAN FAVORITE to The Other Side of Aspen 6 from Falcon. Spencer Reed speaks for Shane Frost, Preston Steel, Landon Conrad and Brandon Lewis.

16) Same group, Landon speaking.

17) The Grabby for BEST MOVIE – is awarded to Assassin from Lucas Entertainment and pandemonium ensues! I can pick out from this photo L to R: Adam Killian and Mr. Pam.

18) Same group, but we can also see Rafael Alencar.

19) Same group. Assassin has swept the Grabby Awards, taking a total of 3: Best Videographer, Best Director and Best Movie.

20) Grabby co-hosts bid the audience farewell: L to R: Austin, Tom, Honey, Chi Chi and Adam. What a great job they all did!

Now it is time to partay!


June 6, 2012 Posted by suefairview

So, here is the third installment of 2012 GRABBY AWARDS photos. There are 20 in this set:

1) Tommy Defendi is on stage but none of us can figure out why. Eh, he’s hot, let him stay up there!

2) The riotously funny Bruce Vilanch does a bit with the FabScout Trophy Boys Logan Vaughn, Diego Vena, Tyler Sweet and I’m sorry but I don’t know the name of the last young man.

3) Bruce decides to set them on “massage”.

4) Bruce gets into it.

5) Everyone laughs.

6) Bruce awards the Grabby for Best Uncut Cock to Rafael Alencar. Brady Jensen won for Best Cut Cock, but was not there to receive his award.

7) Rafael accepting his Grabby.

8) Austin Andrews and Chi Chi ready to present another Grabby that Tyler holds.

9) Matthew Rush and Andrew Jakk ready to present the Grabby that Logan holds.

10) Matthew is very excited as he reads that the Grabby for best Cum Scene goes to Cameron Marshall, Dominic Pacifico and Jimmy Durano in Cock Tales-Raising The Bar, C1R

11) Unknown guy in blue shirt jumps up onto Matthew’s hips he is so happy!

12) Matthew holding guy in blue shirt.

13) Jimmy Durano accepts his Grabby for the team.

14) Mr. Pam makes up onto the stage to receive her Grabby for BEST VIDEOGRAPHY goes to Mr.Pam for Assassin from Lucas Entertainment!

15) Look at how thrilled she is!!!

16) She is savoring the moment!

17) Yay me! This must be a very important step in Mr. Pam’s career! Congratulations, well deserved! She worked so hard!

18) I don’t know who this pair of men are. Does anybody know?

19) Steve Cruz presents the Grabby for PERFORMER OF THE YEAR to Landon Conrad & Spencer Reed. Landon is right behind him!

20) Landon accepts his Grabby. He is SO handsome! LOL!



June 5, 2012 Posted by suefairview

I was thrilled to be attending the 2012 GRABBY AWARDS for FREE and this was thanks to my press pass! Thanks to Mark Nagel, I had a terrific seat, #18 in the silver section, right in the middle of the house! Upon arriving at my seat, the constellations must have been in perfect alignment, because seated right next to me was Fair View fan, Arturo! Arturo had driven in from Detroit, where his interior design company is located to see the Grabbys and meet me! How cool is that? Way cool! Right away Arturo noticed that there was a very tall dude sitting right in front of me and we switched seats, so that I was in #17. LOL!

The show began with very little delay while Arturo and I were still getting acquainted and finding out that we had SO much in common that it wasn’t funny! I even forgot to take photographs! Oh no! So, please be patient with these Grabby posts, because I really don’t know many of the people from the studios who picked up the awards [so if you guys do please help me out and I really appreciate it] but I will post the photos anyhow.  Arturo and I were having such a good time enjoying ourselves, that I kept asking his pal, what award was just presented. Oh well… Here we go with the first installment of 22 photos:

1) I look up and Diesel Washington, Conner McGuire and Ty Tucker have already presented the Grabby for Best Newcomer to Andrew Jakk. Marc Dylan was not there to pick up his award.

2) Andrew accepting his award. I was quite surprised, but Andrew has worked very hard! I enjoyed his scene with Tommy Defendi in Jocks Escape.

3) was awarded the Grabby for Best Original Content Web.

4) Austin Andrews speaks for the group.

5) Co-hosts Adam Killian and Chi Chi LaRue handle the stage like pros and have a natural repartee.

6) Everyone loved Adam’s white disco suit and the pair kept the audience in stitches.

7) More Adam and Chi Chi.

8) I don’t know who any of these three people are, but they were associated with the award for Best Three-Way, in which the winners were Hunter Marx, Jayden Grey, and Jessie Colter in Speechless from Titan Men.

9) While awards were being distributed, FabScout Trophy Boys were doing “naughty” things off to the stage lefts and/or rights. Here we see Tyler Sweet and Logan Vaughn in one of those scenarios.

10) Another shot of Tyler and Logan.

11) I don’t know who this is, but he accepted the award for Best Supporting Actor for Connor Habib in Dad Goes to College from Dragon Media.

12) Tyler Sweet, Honey West and Austin Andrews.

13) Honey has designs on Tyler! Oh no!

14) And back to business…

15) This is a screen writer from Lucas Entertainment accepting the Grabby Award for Best Screen Play for Assassin. We can also see in this photo Scott Spears and Markie.

16) Scott Spears and Markie announcing the Grabby Award for Best Live Cam? I was there and I am not sure… [Too busy having a good time.]

17) Mark Nagel and Stacy Brides from Grab Magazine announce the Wall of Fame winners for 2012. Spencer Reed crosses in foreground.

18) More comments from Stacy and Mark.

19) One of the Wall of Fame winners is Steve Cruz, and he comes up with a quip that was something like how this doesn’t signal the end of his career. LOL!

20) Steve regards his award with obvious sentimentality.

21) And begins to reflect on its meaning to him.

22) Steve gets dramatic, but who can blame him? This is really a pinnacle in his career.