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Just some guys 49…

September 24, 2014 Posted by suefairview

aaron aaron2 adamchamp alexmarte alexmarte2 bdsm bdsm2 boomer brock brunosteve bulrogludovic colby damany damien diego diesel3 diesel4 dieseljarecwentworth dieselPhouse2 dieselPhouse5 dieselPhouse6 dieselryan dirk1 dirkfolsomberlin dirktiedup dylan1 fabio fran gogo hans harry1 harry2 harry3 harry4 harryspartacus ian jesse jessieleoforte jonnyhazzard laurentteddybeard lee martinvenice pedro sagat sergei sethf stalin steve steve2 steve3 steve4 steve5 tony1 tony2 topher

Notes: Two amazing photos shot and styled by Aaron Cobbett; Adam Champ jerks off for a crowd in Monteray; Alex Marte boobies and feels like he is OLD!!!!!; two shots of BDSM from Arnaud Leather Amsterdam; Boomer Banks poses provocatively; model Brock is too hot for words; Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz in one of their first films; Model Bulrog Ludovic; Colby Keller rimmed by an aligator; damn, Damany is tops!; Damien Crosse poses in front of a cathedral; Diego Lauzen and Wagner Victoria fuck; five shots from Parliment House in Florida feature Diesel Washington, Colby Keller, Jarec Wentworth, Ryan Rose and bf; two photos of Dirk Caber at Folsom Berlin, the last one with Ben Brown; Dirk is tied up at the moment…; a hottie in Ibiza photographed by Dylan Rosser; FABIO in the shower; Francesco D’Macho with a friend; three go-go boys at Revolver; Hans Berlin; five photos of Harry Louis, the last with Spartacus; Ian; Jessie Jackson in hot pink, Jessie with Dirk and Leo Forte; Johnny Hazzard in a selfie; hot bear Laurent Teddybeard; Lee; Martin Mazza in Venice, Italy; Pedro Andreas is getting intense; an extreme close-up of François Sagat; Sergei by Michael Stokes; patriotic Seth Fornea; Pavel Petel with Stalin make-up by Sergey Ostrikov; five photos of hottie Steve Raider; Tony Orion can’t sleep and tries to look cute; Topher Dimaggio chills on the beach.

Just some guys sweet 16!

March 20, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Adam Champ beats off for an audience. Below, after a workout:

How soft do you think his fur is? I’ll tell you, very soft!

Angelo Peterson has legally changed his name to Angelos Petheryotis to honor his Greek heritage.

Dave Mason waiting on set with a friend. Of course he is wearing Slick It Up.

D.O. doing one of the things that he does best. This photo was sent to us by our D.O. stalker, Glenn!

Admitted sex pig, Jonathan Agassi bares it all! Oink!

But here he is with a like minded puppy! LOL!

Damien Crosse:

Francesco D’Macho is ready for a night out:

Nick Moretti and Tyler Saint are led around by the nose.

Jesse Santana is ready for a tattoo in this photo set up from Roids N Rants.

François Sagat shields his famous head tattoo from the blazing sun down under in Melbourne, Australia.

His cat, Nathalie, strikes a seductive pose with flashing eyes.

The camera loves Lucio Saints!

Pavel Petel with make-up by Sergei Ostrikov. I wish Sergei would come here and do my make-up including my nails!

Peter Fill at a pool party in Brazil.

Race Cooper looking ridiculously muscular in this shot. Hubba, hubba!

Three little maids: Bruno Knight, Ben Brown and Roger Tomas clown around in Budapest, where there is not much else to do at night. LOL! See more photos of the trip at his blog.

Hard Friction’s SATISFACTION Reviewed

February 27, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Hard Friction’s directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond capture the excitement of their live, erotic webcasts in Hard Friction’s 11th feature release, ‘Satisfaction’. The sex is slammin’, and the connections are real! Fans of big thick cocks, foreskin fetishists, and lovers of extra juicy cum shots will certainly get their fill! Just like the title says, scene after scene, this rager gives you the full “Satisfaction” you’ve been craving!


Jay Roberts and Angelo Marconi have nice chemistry and good eye contact during their scene which help to make it a hot one. Whereas in Jay’s previous performance in Nasty Fuckers, he was almost entirely silent, he manages to moan quite nicely, thank you, here with Angelo. I found the reverse cowboy position to be quite hot. Jay fucks a load right out of Angelo in the missionary position, then jerks one out in a fountain that lands showering his own body up to his pecs. Not so bad for a virtual newcomer! I really liked the set on this one; very subdued coloring and spartan that highlights the men.

I can’t say that I was too impressed with Dylan Hyde. He does have a cute face, but he is too skinny to be attractive to me. Regardless, he and Christian Wilde had good eye contact and went through all the motions whilst moaning and groaning and Chris even had an impressive cum shot, the first spurt of which went all the way to Dylan’s face. This pairing just didn’t work for me, but I can’t say that the guys didn’t do the job.

How come I have not noticed Steve Vex before? Cute and with a good sized endowment, he is right up my alley! What a great pairing to have him with Ben Brown! Hard Friction seems to be all about eye contact, as all of the couples are doing it. I love Steve’s dirty talk: “Fuck yeah, suck that cock dude!”. Ben Brown keeps up with the dirty talk, remarking “Your cock is so big!” while being missionary fucked. Both men move and moan together and have nice blushes going while fucking. The come shots were notable in that Ben got a facial from Steve and some landed in his mouth. Ben shot his bright, white copious load next. This was a very nice pairing and a hot scene.

But the best was saved for last here. The earth-shattering scene starring Morgan Black and Felix Barca is not to be missed! I suspect that these two have been together before. LOL! Morgan’s eye contact with Felix during the blow job is romantic, and this is mostly because of his looks and partly because of his subtle messages. Felix moves his hips demonstrating that he is a superb bottom and we shall see more proof of this in this scene. Felix is quite sensitive and reactive to everything that Morgan throws at him. During the rimming, Felix again moves his hips back onto Morgan’s tongue. That was really fucking hot to see! Morgan makes eye contact again, and that was truly wonderful! Morgan fucked Felix in the reverse cowboy position and again it was so romantic. I think that Morgan’s face looks like a male out of the 1800’s and that is why it appeals so much to the romantic in me. But, Felix lifts his feet and shakes his ass; a move I have never seen before! INCREDIBLE! I’m going to have to try that at home! LOL! Then, even more amazing, the men do a flip-flop fuck. Morgan lies there with his arms open, as if to say “I am yours my love; fuck me!” And Felix does! He fucks the cum right out of Morgan; a nice little puddle. then when it is Felix’s turn, Morgan sucks it out of him and Felix cums all over Morgan’s face and mouth. The whole scene was GANGBUSTER HOT!

Run out and buy this DVD to see the phenomenal scene between Morgan Black and Felix Barca. You won’t regret it. It is a world class effort on their parts. Other scenes that were good included Steve Vex with Ben Brown and Jay Roberts with Angelo Marconi. Christian Wilde and Dylan Hyde were fine, but I was not attracted to Dylan. You might be, so I will withhold judgement. The camera work was good for the industry standards. Once again, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond bring out the hotness and deliver the goods in the form of hot men and hot sex. Boy do they! Great job guys!

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Raging Stallion Studio’s NASTY FUCKERS Reviewed

February 19, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Nasty Fuckers
Directed by Steve Cruz

Monster cocks are busting out again in a super-sexed ruckus where Raging Stallion’s ‘Nasty Fuckers’ get down and dirty! They’re rough, they’re tough and they’ll knock your socks off, delivering their massive meat in all the right places. Scene after scene of rough and rugged play – given and received by big-cocked studs who like their sex on the raunchy side – is what you get with this cast of ‘Nasty Fuckers’.


A very fuzzy and verbal Parker Perry pretty much carries this scene with the silent Jay Roberts. Both men gag a bit during the blow jobs but are game. After a not very imaginative doggy style, I was very impressed with Jay’s efforts in reverse cowboy, where he reminded me of power top Alexsander Freitas, as he kept in constant motion, even in staccato motion at some points until Parker shot his load. Quite a strong showing there for Jay Roberts. Anyhow, Parker’s load was nice, spreading all over his abs and Jay’s load was also good and he even muttered a few expletives. I suppose he just wanted to prove he could actually speak! Jay shows promise as a power top in reverse cowboy and needs to work on being more verbal and creative during other parts of his performance. He should study other tops such as Wilfried Knight to learn tricks of the trade.

Ben Brown loses to Bruno Knight‘s straight flush in strip poker. Now, completely naked, Ben surrenders his ass to Bruno [who wouldn’t???] and this makes for the hottest scene on the DVD! Sit back and enjoy watching these two veterans of porn work their magic together! What chemistry this pair has! I could eat Bruno up! Ben removes Bruno’s shirt and reveals his furry chest. YUM! Bruno’s shorts are tented perfectly! Ben can’t wait to gobble up the red tool inside them. Bruno is wearing a metal cock and ball ring, and his balls are literally blue. Ben sucks and throats Bruno’s cock, and then they move to the chair, where Bruno continues to control the situation. Bruno’s voice is a low grumbling growl, that is very manly and sexy. Bruno throws Ben onto the card table for rimming and then fucking. I was mesmerized watching Bruno, who is in peak condition and varied both his tempo and positions in the doggy style. What a scene!

Angelo Marconi is the star maker for Raging Stallion, so I expected something special from Alexander Garrett. Hmm. Still waiting on that one. Alexander was full of intensity and bravado, slapping Angelo’s ass, holding down Angelo’s arms when he could, for example during the rimming. But there, Angelo stole the show, simply by licking his own knee. Alexander doggy fucks Angelo, again holding down one arm, then missionary fucks him. Angelo just shows how flexible he is by holding one leg straight up, or by spreading his legs out to the sides. Angelo eventually shoots his load onto his own abs. Alexander runs up and dumps his load into Angelo’s mouth. Was it hot? You’ll have to tell me; I was carried away by the contest of wills going on. Alexander seemed to be trying too hard. This was not a good pairing for Angelo, but he made the best of it.

I was excited because I knew the last scene had Bruno Knight in it again, and Bruno did not let me down! Bruno was with Jason Michaels on the mattresses kissing. Bruno was fingering Jason’s hole with his spitty fingers and then putting them into Jason’s mouth. HOT! In a struggle for domination, Jason pushes Bruno to the mattress to blow him. Bruno’s hips come up from the mattress to face fuck Jason and Bruno’s hand controls Jason’s head. Jason, not to be stymied, says “All right, your turn to eat my ass.” Then moves his butt over Bruno’s face. Bruno complies readily. But a bit later, tosses Jason off to continue rimming him. I eat up all of this rough play! So manly! What a turn on! In no time, Bruno is doggy fucking Jason. Then Bruno holds Jason down in the missionary position. OMG HOT! Next Bruno holds Jason’s feet in the air and that was simply breathtaking! Jason didn’t lose his “o” face the whole time Bruno was fucking him! It was amazing! At the end, Bruno growls “Show daddy your cum… Good boy.” I almost fainted. What a scene! Perfection!

Buy this DVD to see two outstandingly hot scenes with Bruno Knight; one featuring fellow veteran Ben Brown [who is also a good reason to buy the DVD] and the other with Jason Michaels. Bruno is quite the performer and would be tough to beat these days as he is in peak condition. Another reason to buy this DVD is to see Jay Roberts as an up and coming power top with Parker Perry. He shows quite a bit of promise with direction from Parker. If you are a fan of Angelo Marconi, he is on this DVD also, and as always impresses even though paired badly! The camera work was great for industry standards. Direction and editing seemed good to me. I am constantly amazed about the creativity a project like this takes and my hat is off to Steve Cruz for putting out quality material like this. Great job Steve!

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

SEKTOR 9, Part 2 starring Spencer Reed & Ben Brown

January 30, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Spencer Reed and Ben Brown were amazingly hot in this Free XXX preview, so I had to take some screen captures. Hope you like them!