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Vote in the 4th Annual TLA Gay Awards!

March 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Among the serious categories are:

tla1 tla2 tla3 tla4Notice how Trenton Ducati was chosen for both FAVORITE NEWCOMER and PERFORMER OF THE YEAR. Interesting!

I have to admit that I voted for Incubus for MUST-OWN MOVIE, because it is simply ground breaking; there has never been an adult entertainment film like it.


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Just some guys 32…

February 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Brenton has his first lesson on the German Wheel; Dean Monroe at Room Service; You have the window seat and your seat mate is hot as fuck and still from Russia; Nick Moretti snuggles with his stinky pup, Cynder; Rogan Richards works out, among other things, to stay warm in Winter [See him in CT: details here]; Adam Champ in the nude; Pedro Andreas winks at you; Room Service opens in NYC next Wednesday; The ever amazing and wonderful, Trenton Ducati; Spencer Reed and his BF are to be wed in Germany on April 5th. Congratulations!; Francesco D’Macho and Lucio Saints; Adam Killian with Landon Conrad‘s bf; Bryce Star is sleepy; Alexsander Freitas models one of his new BlingBling hats™. Doesn’t he look like a king in it?; Donato Reyes, Paddy O’Brian and Martin Mazza celebrate finishing a shoot with the Alter Sin folks in Madrid;Tate Ryder nude; Angelo Petheryotis and bf Colton Ford, heat up Miami; Landon enjoyed watching his bf’s pain when bf got a new tatt; François recently made a new friend; Cal Skye is so cute in this photo; Damien Crosse at a party. He recently quit smoking – way to go Damien!!!; Samuel Colt poses nude to keep up with the twitter crowd; Isaac Jones at Room Service; Brent Everett‘s cock; Damien poses in the nude to celebrate his new twitter account; Saturday, Zeb Atlas will be LIVE at the Adonis Lounge in NYC; Leo Forte snags a ride on Jed Athens; Jake Genesis grabs some John Tegan ass in Costa Rica; Liam Magnuson poses in American football gear; Marc Dylan flexes for the camera; THE END! LOL! No, really it is Tate Ryder’s end. His rear end to be correct. He and Trenton are moving to San Diego from Seattle.

Just some guys 28…

December 16, 2012 Posted by suefairview

60974_389269094492665_752500252_nAdam Champ


106000_LeoForte_4832Leo Forte

542465_3541171680295_1637545506_n“Brothers” Francesco D’Macho and Alex Marte

A92GQfXCcAAeW48.jpg largeOH NO!

A-CpVC7CEAArZwB.jpg largeMuch better! Adam Killian and his dog!

A8gZdlyCAAAjq2K.jpg largeAdam plays with friends, one of whom is Jesse Santana.

A93grtICIAAhP3y.jpg largeBryce Star after a morning work out.

brentevertnudeBrent Everett

jakegenesisJake Genesis

splitLucio Saints

A8O6ebOCIAAQsgl.jpg large A8s32y5CMAAw3Le.jpg largePaddy O’Brian

tumblr_mefqm5aqJb1r13tm3o1_r1_1280Pavel Petel

petekusakPete Kusak

jessyairesJessy Ares

A926lUkCQAAr72k.jpg largeA8l6JKhCIAEdkIa.jpg largeTommy Defendi

12-12-4Large Tony (Photo source: Metro Dystopia)

A9z9se6CAAEXS-S.jpg largeVito Gallo has green eyes.

rr29110_01 rr29110_07Wilfried Knight and Dolan Wolf in COLT`s ARMOUR, a Kristofer Weston feature. Photo source is Roids ‘N Rants. The photo is too beautiful not to publish!