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Raging Stallion Studio’s THE WOODS Part 1 Reviewed

November 27, 2012 Posted by suefairview

In the primal redwood forests of California, the unspoiled serenity is threatened. In The Woods, something is going hump in the night. People are reporting odd noises and flashes of blinding light. Men who have never looked at other men find themselves overcome with raging hard ons and an irresistible need to suck, fuck or get fucked. And, people are disappearing! Some speculate that there are aliens in The Woods, abducting people. Could it be? And, could this be somehow related to the powerful, rough, gay erotic urges that are coursing through these sexy studs’ veins?

Award-winning director Tony Dimarco has crafted a tale of sexual mystery where the victims are possessed by some unexplained force moving them to commit out-of-this-world acts of intense, hardcore, energized fucking, whenever and wherever opportunity presents itself.


Let me start off by saying that I absolutely loved the premise of this film. How mysterious is it that men are some how being effected and turned into crazed horny beasts? That’s a big win right there!

However, the first pairing with Parker Wright and Dale Cooper could have been much better. When Dale blew Parker, there was little or no eye contact and his repertoire needs work. They do get points for the flip flop fuck though. Parker needs to be in better shape than he is by doing some crunches, but he appears to have better on camera skills than Dale. He lends a hand during the fuck, spreads his own ass cheeks and verbalizes saying “That feels so good!” Maybe that is why Parker is abducted by the bright white light and Dale is left standing naked and alone.

Things improve with Chris Tyler and Alex Graham. What I liked best about this pairing was the physical similarity of the men, which made them seem like mirror twins. They were appealing during moves like frottage, where both assholes were seen together, one on top of the other. This was a flip flop fuck. Chris shows off his experience here by verbalizing, lending a hand during sex, moving back onto Alex while bottoming, spreading his own ass cheeks, and turning to increase eye contact during reverse cowboy. On the other hand, Alex could use a bit of improvement as follows: add eye contact to the blow job and don’t wait until the end to say something. Great job moving those hips during the blow job, Alex. This was a nice lusty pairing!

Every time I see Zeb Atlas shaved I sigh at the missed opportunity to see him furry! Hide this man’s razors! It is a crime against nature to let him shave his body!

Jimmy Fanz is in the outdoor shower fantasizing about Zeb, when the man himself walks into the shower!!! A dream come true! Zeb is massive next to the slight Fanz. After a very competent blow job from Jimmy, Zeb picks him up, manhandles his ass and fingers his hole. Zeb doggy fucks Fanz wet under the shower. That was pretty hot, actually. Next, both men exit the shower and Fanz sits cowboy on Zeb, and I couldn’t tell if Zeb was lifting Fanz for not, but Zeb slapped Fanz’ ass. Then there was some missionary. Zeb was grunting throughout. Jimmy just had sort of a rapturous, blissful look on his face. But after finishing his shower, Jimmy enters Zeb’s tent to cuddle up to the large naked man; Zeb awakens and says “WTF!” Fanz takes off. Even though I really like both of these men, I was a bit disappointed in this scene. It lacked passion, not so much on Jimmy’s part, but on Zeb’s. Zeb is a big strong man and needs to go with that. I much preferred his scene with Micah Brandt in BUILT TOUGH [my review here]. I feel he could have brought some of that passion to this scene, yet still in keeping with the general plot lines. Yet, so far this is the best scene in this movie.

“Ranger” Tom Wolfe knows how to wear his fur and I love it! What a fucking stud Tom is! He is paired with gorgeous partner “Ranger” Cal Skye and this is the first scene I have seen them in together. As far as I could see, this pair did everything right, but most notably I liked the gaping asshole shot during the rimming and when Cal moved back onto Tom during the doggy style and Tom stood as stiff as a rock face. Fucking hot! Then Tom pounded Cal! Cal was very responsive while being fucked missionary on the tailgate of the truck. Unfortunately, the camera missed Cal’s cum shot, which covered Cal’s abs. Tom’s cum shot spurted over Cal’s head! The bright white light grabbed both of them. Oh yes, and the views of the Redwood forest were spectacular in the background. I could have done with more talking, but this was wonderful, passionate sex and both men were gorgeous.

By the way, while Cal and Tom were fooling around, they were seen by “Ranger” Charlie Harding, who went off without saying anything. He showed up at Trenton Ducati’s office and “Ranger” Ducati sends him back out to find them telling him “They better not be fucking around!” Charlie returns to their truck to find it empty and their uniforms on the ground.

And then the big finish; Trenton Ducati and Tomas Brand! Ducati has had a long and difficult day and he sleeps soundly on his bunk. A naked Brand comes in and levitates him. Everyone should study this scene, because Trenton shows how porn is supposed to be done. As Brand blows Trenton, Trenton writhes on the bed as if he is a cat in heat. I have never seen anyone do anything like it before. Everyone in porn should have this move to pull out when needed! Trenton’s expressive face comes into play also. The word genius comes to mind. And why not, Brand is doing a bang-up blow job! Trenton easily puts his knees behind his arms to present his ass for rimming. Both men take turns putting fingers in Trenton’s asshole. Tomas does a combination thumb fucking and dick sucking move that looked quite enjoyable. Trenton blows Tomas expertly, as Tomas continues to finger Trenton’s ass, then there was more rimming, with fingering and jerking and Trenton moving. The fucking was masterful and mesmerizing with plenty of eye contact and both men moving all the time. Trenton said “Fuck me! Fu, fu, fu, fuck me! Oh yeah! Fuck right there!” Trenton came on his own abs, and Tomas’ load sprayed everywhere. What a superb pairing of these two studs. I enjoyed the creativity in the rim job and the build up to the fucking and I cannot say that I have seen anything from Mr. Ducati that I do not like yet. Keep up the good work, Sir.

THE WOODS had quite a bit of potential, as I loved the premise. It got off to a slow start with the first pairing, but then warmed up as each pair was presented. Don’t miss Trenton Ducati and Tomas Brand; this was a singularly creative and likeable performance. Other pairings worth seeing are: Tom Wolfe and Cal Skye, Zeb Atlas and Jimmy Fanz, and Chris Tyler and Alex Graham. Typically I prefer more talking throughout the sex than there was in this film, but maybe there is less because the men are supposed to be in a trance-like state. But then why do they talk later on in the scenes? Maybe it is because of this director. Unfortunately Cal Skye’s cum shot was missed by the camera. The location was terrific; who can beat the Redwood National Forest! Still this is definitely a film worth buying. I cannot wait to watch Part 2 and that is a tribute to the premise.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Raging Stallion Studio’s IN YER FACE Reviewed

September 28, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Here’s a scorcher that puts the creamy white stuff right where you want it In Yer Face! This supercharged, shooter of a DVD delivers big dicked fuckers in butt bruising action that ends with overwhelming jizz blasts you know where. Raging Stallion Exclusive Tom Wolfe throws it into fat cocked newcomer Ayden Marx. Derek Parker gets double duty in an opener with hunky Fabio Stallone, and an encore with Charlie Harding. It’s their first scene together, and they toss it up ferociously. Topping it all off like a blast of whipped topping to your mug, stud-top Trenton Ducati tangles with stud-bottom Chris Tyler. Director Steve Cruz assures the nasty cum play is non-stop, and he sure doesn’t forget the title’s promise. His camera gets in close–those mammoth cocks slamming into cavernous holes that are right in yer face. Creamy facials are even closer up, and in the best reward a fuck-buddy can get, a couple of lip smacking cum shots get mainlined right between wide open lips. Oh, yeah–the all-man heat in this show is definitely In Yer Face!


I usually fast-forward through the title and credits in movies, but I didn’t with IN YER FACE because Steve has cut in fun parts from the promotional video that was done for this movie, that set a fun tone. I enjoyed seeing the opening. Also, there were little clips from this video in between each scene that were funny and entertaining.

The more I see Derek Parker, the more impressed I am with him as a bottom. The last time I saw him was with Adam Champ, and there I loved him for fulfilling my fantasy of petting Adam’s fur. This time he continues in Angelo Marconi’s foot steps to bring the best out of Fabio Stallone. The turning point in this scene was when Fabio was teasing Derek with his bare cock and Derek said “Fucking stick it in me! Give me that big dick!” Fabio replied “You want that?” And Derek said “Oh yeah!” After that, Fabio began to pound the shit out of Derek in doggy style and Derek was moaning like a girl! Fabio exclaimed “It feels so good!” This performance by Fabio is so much hotter and better than in the past. Keep up the great work Fabio! Great job Derek in eliciting responses from Fabio and in general being a hot bottom!

The scene with Trenton Ducati and Chris Tyler was very hot because both men are talkers during sex [which I really favor] and both men are really fucking buff and hot! Highlights of the scene included when Trenton told Chris that he had a hot body, that his foreskin was beautiful and that he he has a nice tight hole. The many, many times that both acknowledged that the sex felt good. When Chris reached back and grabbed Trenton’s throat while he was being doggy fucked. The way that Trenton told Chris what to do to make the sex better; “Push your ass back”. The way Chris came into Trenton’s mouth at the end was just so fucking beautiful! This was a super hot pairing because the guys were really into each other and what a fucking hot scene that makes! This one is a winner!

This was Ayden Marx’s first ever RSS movie and his costar was Grabby Manly Man Tom Wolfe. Initially I could hear that Ayden was saying something, but I couldn’t make out what it was. But then Tom took over and his voice was all I heard. “I want to fuck that hole!” What a stud! Tom looked pretty happy with Ayden moving on top of him in reverse cowboy! It was no time until he came onto Ayden’s face, neck and pecs. I loved Ayden’s look: a muscular body, yet soft and somewhat feminine. It reminded me of classical paintings of men and women. For example, Ayden could easily have posed for Guido Reni’s portrait of Saint Sebastian in 1616:

Needless to say, I find Ayden to be a singular beauty. This was also a wonderful debut! Ayden’s oral skills are admirable and he had at Tom’s meat diligently. But Ayden, honey look up at Tom’s eyes now and again and it is advisable to expand your repertoire to include ball licking and the like. The way that Ayden reached back for Tom while being rimmed was terrific and I also liked the way Ayden twisted his body to expose his ass to the camera. I would advise reaching back to pull back your ass cheeks too. The other thing I liked was when Ayden placed his lower legs over Tom’s during the doggy style. It struck me as so romantic, as if he was trying to maximize contact with Tom. Final advice: speak up! Your audience wants to hear what you have to say. Tom was fabulous as always! What a great scene!

Right away I could see that there was some friendly competition about who was stronger that heightened the sexual tension between Charlie Harding and Derek Parker. Charlie, always a big talker begins with “Get me really fucking hard! You got a good mouth. Damn you got good suction in that mouth!” I sort of find Charlie’s banter patronizing. But apparently his sex feels pretty good, and it looks hot! Derek even says that the tongue fucking “feels good!” During the doggy style when Charlie is pounding Derek, Charlie says “You can take it. You like it?” Derek answers “Oh yeah!” In the missionary position, the expression of Derek’s face said it all. But Derek expressed it verbally anyhow in case you missed it “You feel good!” I found that extraordinarily hot, even with Charlie’s patronizing manner. If only I could stuff a sock in his mouth! Maybe he would like that??? What a natural pairing this was as these guys are perfectly suited for each other. Fucking hot scene!

Buy IN YER FACE because Director Steve Cruz has managed to put together 4 winning scenes that are scorchingly hot; they all got me going! This in spite of the tacky, re-used scenery from REVVED UP that he had to work with. All of the models did a fantastic job for Steve in that they had fun with the concept, worked hard, and looked great! The camera work was good; it was weak in the first scene rimming of Derek Parker by Fabio Stallone, but otherwise it was solid. Had this been done in a super location the film would have gotten a highly, highly recommendation. Steve’s efforts shine throughout the film. You can tell he worked his ass off on this one to save it from the disastrous set.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Raging Stallion Studio’s CABIN FEVER, Part 1 Reviewed

July 21, 2012 Posted by suefairview

What to do when you’re stuck inside with nothing else to do – shoot some pool or play dominoes or cards? That’s not enough to keep these sexy All-American JOCKS occupied. They’re horned up and burning up with Cabin Fever. The sexual tension and excitement they’re feeling cannot be contained, and they’re thinking about much naughtier games to play with their hot friends. Eventually, their Cabin Fever pushes them over the edge into heated exchanges that end in explosive action that will have you jerking right along with them.


Scene 1 was very likeable with an intense pairing of Andrew Jakk and Dylan Roberts. The two were playing dominoes when Andrew accused Dylan of cheating. When Dylan protested that he was not and besides, he was only trying to win, so “suck my dick!” Andrew goes for that offer and what a show we get! “All the way down with those pretty eyes,” says Dylan, cleverly expressing our thoughts as Andrew gives him an expert blow job. Dylan leans over with licked fingers to play with Andrew’s ass before rimming and jerking him off a bit. Dylan continued to jerk Andrew while fucking him in the reverse cowboy position. Dylan asked Andrew if he liked his cock deep inside him while he was really giving Andrew a pounding. That was hot and intense! Andrew constantly was crying out “Ah, ah, ah, ah…” He only said “Fuck yeah” about 20 times, which is a vast improvement over when he used to just mutter it repeatedly. But in view of his recent win at the 2012 Grabbys for Best Newcomer, that must not bother other people as much as it bothers me. In any event this was a terrific pairing and I am really liking the muscled and talented Dylan Roberts and the very pretty and skilled Andrew Jakk; what a great scene!

Steve Cruz shows his voyeurism in scene 2, when he has Dylan Roberts and Spencer Fox happen by outside the cabin to spy on Donny Wright and Micah Brandt during this scene. I really enjoyed their commentary. This scene was kind of a one man show by Micah. He demonstrated his advanced oral sex skills, including the gluck™ technique. There was a tremendous camera close-up of Micah’s asshole. Micah also had a running unanswered commentary as Donny stood mutely during the entire scene. The scene could have been tremendous if Donny had verbalized anything at all. Or, if Donny had slapped Micah’s ass and said “shut the fuck up!” But as it was, it was uncomfortable to watch, because it looked like Micah was over-reacting, since he was the only one making noise. But I can relate, because I like to let loose when I am being fucked too, and go crazy wild, making all kinds of strange noises. I would hate to have anybody judge my noises. So, I am on the fence about this one.

I really liked the climate setting for this scene, maybe because I have played so much pool in college! Chris Tyler gets naked to distract his opponent Boston Miles, who asks “Do you really want to play pool?” Turns out the answer is “No!” I thought that when Boston was rimming Chris it was very inventive and clever that Chris fed Boston his cock and skull fucked him in that position. Also, when Boston sucked on Chris he jerked him a bit. I have never seen that before. Both men need to remember that they are on camera and enunciate at all times; they are not in a private setting and sharing pillow talk. This was especially true for Boston. Chris needs to work on his oral sex skills. During the doggy fucking over the pool table, I felt that both men had very natural responses, terrific verbalization and great eye contact. In reverse cowboy, there was the correct level of noise and intensity. Chris says “Fuck me harder!” and I always love to hear a bottom say that! During the cum shots, Chris remarks on Boston’s load, saying “That’s beautiful!” How nice for him to say that! Afterwards, Chris says “Great job, that felt so good!” I agree!

The final scene featured a winning pairing of Spencer Fox and Micah Brandt. Micah showcases his superior oral skills as winnings for Spencer’s Uno game. Spencer turns around for some rimming and then turns back for more oral. Micah asks “You like that?” A breathless Spencer answers “Ohh yeah!” Then Spencer gets up on the arms of two heavy leather chairs and feeds Micah his cock. That was hot! Spencer puts Micah up against the fireplace and throats him, and flips him around to rim him. Micah moves his ass around à la Adam Killian. Spencer stays with that, showing aplomb and that he is not easily thrown off, the he jerks Micah and slaps his ass. Micah pleads “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” Spencer says “I’m gonna fuck that ass! Gimme that ass!” Micah answers “It’s all yours!” There was a bit more sucking followed by rimming. Spencer fingers Micah’s ass and then has Micah lick his fingers. What a hot sequence that was! Whew! Micah is up against the solid wood dinner table and Spencer penetrates him doggy style, slapping his ass; they make eye contact. “God you are so fucking fat and so deep!” Now here, I was a bit confused, because it looked to me like Micah came three times; twice in reverse cowboy and once in missionary. I mean, its all good, but WOW! Spencer said “It feels so beautiful in your ass!” At the end of the scene Spencer stands and has a very nice facial/oral cum shot. OMG! Both of these guys are ready for the big time. I know that both of them have already been used for major productions, and that should continue. They are both so talented and seem to improve with every performance. I can’t wait to see what they do next! Critical decisions will include pairings for them that will help develop their skills and careers.

Buy CABIN FEVER, Part 1, because there are three absolute winner scenes with rising stars [such as Spencer Fox, Micah Brandt, Dylan Roberts, Chris Tyler, Boston Miles and Andrew Jakk] on it that will have you jerking your cock right off! The remaining scene was okay, but Donnie Wright was too silent for my taste. If that doesn’t bother you, then run out and buy this DVD because you will love the whole thing! The camera work was excellent by industry standards, plus there was a tremendous close-up of Micah’s ass. Steve Cruz’ trademark voyeurism comes to fore in the guise of a pair of boy-spies at the window of the cabin that was just adorable to see. Terrific direction was evident in the cleverness of the climate settings and the inventive choreography of the sex.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.