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Sophomore Year – Part 5, Remains of the Semester

July 10, 2007 Posted by suefairview

I returned to Cayuga and a few days later I got a sore throat and my tonsils were swollen. I thought I’d better get them looked at, since I used to get tonsillitis often as a girl. So early the next morning, I trudged to the campus health center to see a doctor. They looked at my throat there, and my tonsils had patches of bluish stuff on them and they decided to quarantine me since I was the only one on campus with patches that color. I hadn’t even told my suitemates were I was going, and I wasn’t allowed to make phone calls. I was as good as kidnapped there. They started me on an antibiotic. Also, I needed my birth control pills or I was going to be big trouble since I had just had sex the past weekend. We had used a condom, but you never know. I begged the nurses to contact my suitemates, but they were less than friendly.

At least my bedside window had a lovely floor to ceiling view of the woods from the second floor of the modern health center and I could see the deer coming to feed at the fence. Towards evening, my suitemate Jan came with an overnight bag that had my birth control pills in it. I thanked her profusely and was so glad to see her. The nurse wouldn’t let her get too close though and she gave me a wave from the door. So there I sat for a few days. Swallowing became painful and difficult. The antibiotic didn’t seem to be working and they switched me to another one. The nurse wasn’t really bringing me my drugs on time. Okay, I know I am a stickler for things being on time, but it was getting to be about an hour late which I found hard to understand since I was right there in their fucking hospital, just a few steps away. I didn’t see what the problem was. It wasn’t like the place was full up with patients. I think there was only one other in the entire place.

One day, I got a roommate. I was so glad! Oh boy, someone to talk to. So, they moved her in and I couldn’t wait.

“Hi. I am Sue. I’ve got tonsillitis. What are you in for?”

“Look. I feel really sick and not like talking. Okay?”

Sheesh! There went that idea.

I was just so bored and I really had a craving for pizza. I was completely fed up with the nurses. So, against doctor’s orders and objections, I signed myself out. I walked back to my dorm and spoke with my suitemates. I asked them if they objected to my return with my bluish tonsils. Thank god they did not. We ordered pizza to celebrate.

I had missed about a week and a half of classes and had lots of work to make up.

In the meantime, we had morons pulling the fire alarms in our dorm in the middle of the night. No big deal you might say, but for us on the tenth floor, we had to walk the stairs all the way down, and then all the way back up. That happened three times. Twice with snow on the ground and the temps were in the teens.

Also, I experienced my first drugged beer when someone (who was it?) slipped me a mickey at a dorm party on my own floor. I heard the party and decided to go. It was just around the corner and I was welcomed in. Someone handed me a beer. I took one sip and felt woozy. I poured it out into the trash can full of ice where the keg was and headed back to my room.

I fell onto my bed and the room was spinning. I passed out about after ten horrible minutes of the spin cycle. That was from one sip. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had drunk more.

I was just hitting my academic stride again, when I got a call from my mother saying that they had found a lump on her thyroid and she was going for more tests. I freaked out. She said all of the comforting things, like that her doctor told her that if you could choose to have cancer this is the organ you would pick and that she was going to the best institution. But just the word “cancer” made me freak out. I was raised to hear it as a death sentence.

She went for tests and they found it to be a “cold” or dead nodule. They scheduled surgery and removed half of her thyroid on the same day that I had an invertebrate biology exam. I could not be there for her surgery, which my brother did go to help her with, but was so upset that I asked to miss the exam. This was allowed. I took it later in oral form, but could not concentrate and only got a C. I felt I knew the material far better than that. Too bad the test counted for so much of my grade.

My brother stayed home with her to help with her recovery. (Her health has been fine since then.)

That was all it took to throw me off my stride again academically, and I only got a B+ in organic chemistry. I never did manage to see Zach again that semester and I had given up hope that I ever would. Had he lost interest in me?

Sophomore Year – Part 4, Sex with the Bodybuilder

July 2, 2007 Posted by suefairview

So, the very next weekend, I rode Greyhound to Ithaca and got off the bus at Myron Taylor Hall. It was a short walk to the fraternity where I was going to stay with my brother Verne. It was late afternoon on an atypically warm, Indian summer Friday and I had some time to kill, so I played some pool in the lobby. Verne arrived some time later and we had dinner together in the frat’s dining hall in the basement. Dinner was always delicious at the frat. I guess they just had a great cook.

Finally it was time to dress for the Zach’s fraternity’s party. It was a bit more casual than the party last weekend, so I wore corduroys, that my new classy roomies made me buy, and a nice shirt. The frat was on the other side of campus, but I walked there briskly. The building was kind of modern and looked a bit more like a dorm than a fraternity. Zach was waiting for me and met me in the lobby.

He gave me the grand tour of the downstairs and then we went to the main room where the party was. He asked me what my drink was and I said that it was scotch, neat. Which it was.

I will digress and tell you how scotch, neat became my drink. When I was younger (13) and had braces on my teeth, they hurt quite a bit. Mom used to tell us to put some liquor on our gums to numb the pain. So we raided the liquor cabinet and the booze that worked the best was scotch. We only had the Four Roses brand (cough). Eventually, I found that drinking a shot really worked well, even better than rubbing it on your gums. I could drink a shot and not feel anything. So, when I came home from the orthodontist, I would head for the liquor cabinet and pour myself a finger or so of scotch and bottoms up; pain all gone. Well, after a while, I built up a tolerance for it and so I drank more. Let’s just say that I am very lucky not to be an alcoholic right now. Well, eventually mom found out when she had an adult male friend over who wanted a drink, but refused to drink alone. I piped up and said, “I’ll drink with you.” Everybody looked shocked, but I had a drink with him and it saved the day. That was many years ago, and we still talk about it. So as I got older, I used to show off my tolerance for scotch by downing a couple of shots. Of course that was the cheap shit that I was drinking. I had to learn to sip it when I grew up and was served the finer single malts.

Zach brought me a whole bottle of Crown Royal. He brought himself a beer. He poured me a shot and I reflexively downed it. I just wanted to sit back and look at him. He sure was a sight for sore eyes. He was so handsome; brown hair and eyes, kissable lips, lickable body. I just couldn’t wait to get him into the bedroom again. He had poured me another and without thinking I downed it. Fuck, I shouldn’t have done that I thought, but now it was too late. Now I had to be careful. I was only one hundred pounds and there is only so much that I can drink. But he right away poured me another. I just looked at it and smiled at him.

“That’s it for me doing shots for you Zach. This one I will sip, like a normal person.”

“Well, shoot, can’t blame a guy for trying.”

“I don’t think you’re going to have to try all that hard tonight.” Then I winked at him and took a sip of my scotch. We made small talk for about an hour or so while I finished my drink. But then I was really bored with the party and just wanted to go to the bedroom with him and have sex. But how do you say that and not sound like a slut?

“Gee Zach, I feel really woozy, I think I need to lie down.”

“Oh, sure. You can lie down in my room.” Then he helped me up and led me to his room. I did feel a bit woozy, but not as much as I led on. But to my surprise, when we got there, he showed me the bed, and turned on his heel and left! That plan certainly fell flat. So there I was lying down by myself staring at the upper bunk which was occupied. But who was up there?

Some moments later someone else came into the room, a male, from the voice and hopped into the upper bunk. There was much giggling and rhythmic motion going on up there, causing the whole bed to squeak. It would be speculation at best to guess what was going on. Far be it for me to stoop to that level. But when they were done, they spoke in hushed tones.

“Who is that in the lower bunk?”

“Zach’s girl. She’s passed out.”

“Do you think she’d notice if I did her?”

“Zach would find out and be pissed.”

“Fuck! You ruin everything.”

“Shhhh. Go to sleep.”

That was the last I heard from them, so I guess they fell asleep. I guess I did too. Some time later, Zach woke me up. He was already naked and kissing me. He had begun to undress me. I tried to help him but my limbs were being less than responsive and felt like lead. Maybe I had been drunker than I thought. I wanted him so badly. His body was so huge and beautiful to look at; I couldn’t believe we were going to have sex.

But, his penis was not all that big, smaller than Tom’s, so it would be okay. He put the condom on and entered me with a really strong thrust that lifted me right off the bed and banged my head on the sheet rock wall. He said he was sorry and asked if I was okay and I replied that I was. So, he grabbed my waist and lifted me back down on the bed and held my hips stationary in the air as he thrust in and out, so as not to beat me senseless against anything.

Fuck, he was so strong, the size of his cock meant nothing; it was his shear strength of his body beating against my clitoris and lifting me into the air that got me off. Plus that growling, grumbling urgent breathing he had that was such a turn on. He was a complete animal in bed. My only regret is that I was too drunk to respond the way I would have liked. I was so much more passive than I usually am. Oh well, he seemed to enjoy himself and came really quickly. We slept holding each other all night.

I awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and upon seeing Zach, I wanted to have sex again. But he was shy because his roommate was there and could wake up at any moment. It couldn’t be helped I guess. We decided to go out to the green and talk, where we could have a bit of privacy. We got dressed quietly and snuck out. We found a nice sunny spot and lay out on the warming grass. The first thing I did was lean over and kiss him. He kissed me back. He said that he really wanted to see me again and how great the sex was. I said that I loved the sex too. He added though, that he didn’t want our relationship to be exclusive because we lived too far away and wouldn’t be able to get to see each other often enough. I had to agree that this was the problem with Tom and me. I had no evidence, but thought that Tom was cheating on me. (It turned out later that he had – he had a weekday girlfriend, just like Eddie said that he would.) So that is what I told Zach and I agreed to it. I think Zach was a bit surprised and expected a big fight or melt down and that is why we moved outside. We both agreed that we could see other people and were at peace with it. We smiled at each other. I noticed a big hole in his jeans right at mid thigh. I put my fingers in and tickled his lightly hairy, but heavily muscled thigh, reaching upwards towards his groin.

“You women are never satisfied!” Then he grabbed my hands and pushed me down underneath his huge meaty body and kissed me. He wasn’t helping. We both giggled. I wanted him again more than ever. God he was so fucking hot.

Zach photo credits: Unnatural Devotions

Naked Chest photo credit: Completely Naked Images

Sophomore Year – Part 3, The Bodybuilder

June 26, 2007 Posted by suefairview

It was about mid-semester and I went up to Cornell to visit Tom again on a Friday night. I hung out at the Frat, playing pool with my brother and waiting for Tom to show up. He was uncharacteristically late. He strolled in around 10 pm and we went upstairs together. We stripped unceremoniously and he got on top of me and banged away until he was done, rolled off and went to sleep. It was completely unromantic and I felt as if we had been married for years. He sure wasn’t interested in talking about it the next day. His attitude was that I was expecting too much from him. I was pretty angry and voiced my displeasure.

That Saturday night, there was a big party at another Fraternity and I decided to go alone. I put on my best slacks and a pretty blouse, both of which I had invested in since I met my new classy roomies, and hit the party. This frat had way cooler guys than the one my brother belonged to. The frat house itself was Tudor in style. Most of the guys dressed in a preppie way and looked like they came from old money or better. I felt pretty because girls who attend Cornell are notoriously unattractive. So, I drew quite a bit of attention which was nice for a change. Cute guys were actually scoping me out!

I danced with a few guys, but this shorter body builder one really caught my eye. His name was Zach. I just wanted to touch him, his body was so entrancing. Even though he was wearing long sleeves, I could see that he was really muscular. It was obvious to me that he had done some bodybuilding. His thighs looked so thick; I just wanted to see him with his clothes off. I had never dated a bodybuilder before and was really curious. He was into me too and it didn’t take long for us to leave the party together and head to a dorm room that he had set aside in case he met someone that night.

As soon as we got into the room we began kissing furiously. He was like an animal in that his breathing became hard right away and there was a sense of urgency in all his moves. He undressed me with vigor, standing behind me and unzipping my slacks, unbuttoning my blouse. It was such a turn on. His breathing made a constant growling, grumbling noise that added an animalistic sensation to our encounter. His body was amazing. His chest was so broad and muscular, his thighs were solid muscle. I just wanted to face him and adore his naked body, the like of which I had never seen in real life before. To run my hands up and down his warm flesh and feel his huge muscles as they flexed would have been fantastic. My hands were so tiny compared to his larger muscle groups, which were so hard, like stone, but warm. He laid naked beneath me with his erection in my ass crack and played with my body as no one had before. I could feel his whole muscular body flex beneath me. He breathed in my ear roughly and had one hand on my nipple and the other one was working busily on my crotch. Every now and then his gentle kisses turned to playful, but painful bites. He claimed to have honed his technique on older women in his mom’s club in Florida. Thus he brought me to levels of ecstasy previously unknown to me. I squirmed with delight as he pleasured me. This growling and passionate animal of solid muscle beneath me, my god he was just so hot! He was like an orgasm ride, put in a quarter and get the ride of your life. But I did not have sex with him, because at that time I didn’t do that on the first date. He would only have been my second lover. Silly me.

So, I stayed the night. I used to enjoy lying curled up across his chest, around pec level with his arms circling me. But mostly we slept like spoons. He told me that there was a party the following weekend and could I come to that and I said absolutely. I was happy that we were going to see each other again so soon. He did not have all of the athletic obligations that Tom had, so we could see each other far more often.

The next morning I got dressed and it was time to go. I kissed Zach good bye but I really didn’t want to leave. He put his jeans and a shirt on and offered to walk me back to the frat. He walked me part way but was wary of going in since I had told him that my boyfriend was there and he didn’t like the idea of being beat up. So, we said our good byes again. I hugged that wide muscular body. God, I was going to miss that. I walked into the frat and who did I see on my way in? Tom. There I was in my last night’s outfit walking back in again and there was Tom. The message was clear. Our relationship was over. Tom didn’t look too upset and I sure wasn’t. I said my good byes to Verne and told him I would be up next weekend.

Zach Photo credit: Unnatural Devotions

Sophomore Year – Part 2, Organic Chemistry Lab

June 19, 2007 Posted by suefairview

In the laboratory section of organic chemistry I had Dr, Swinehart. He was rather aptly named, although his name should have been ‘swineheart’, because he was truly a pig at heart. He was just a dirty old man. He would sidle up to all the pretty girls in the lab; it was pretty disgusting if you ask me. But he was harmless. He was also your typical absent minded professor who was close to retirement age.

Thus, he had trouble taking attendance. There were three young men who had an agreement where only one would show up to lab per week, and that one would say, “Here!” when for all three names. Dr. Swinehart never caught on. Their favorite trick to play on him was to throw a pellet of metalic sodium in a sink behind him while he was leaning on it so it would explode and he would jump. Very funny.

I used to love organic lab because of the glassware. We all received a brand new kit when we entered class. It was so pretty and functional.

A typical organic chemistry glass ware kit

At first I was intimidated, but that soon passed and then I was just having a good old time. I used to love trying to discover what unknowns were by purifying them. (Of course I had already prepared them on my job with the chemistry department.) I followed all the prescribed analytical steps and then finally got to the pretty crystals at the end on top of the filter paper on top of the Buchner funnel. It was always so rewarding.

A buchner funnel

Dr. Swinehart also taught us to use the gas chromatograph in our lab.

A gas chromatograph. Note the tank of hydrogen to the left.

We ran some samples through it and then were supposed to find out what they were and tell him. So there I was running an unknown and standing in front of the gas chromatograph and next to the tank of hydrogen when he comes up and traps me there with his body (he was tall and bulky), points to the three peaks on the paper and says, “This one is benzene, this is toluene, and that is xylene.” Then he walks away. A few minutes later, my trace is finished and I remove it from the feeder and then next student is ready to use the machine. So I walk to the front of the lab and hand him my trace. He says, “Please identify the three peaks.”

I say, “This one is benzene, this is toluene, and this is xylene.”

He says, “That is amazing! How did you know that?”

I said, “Dr. Swinehart, you just told me what they were.”

He got a puzzled look on his face. “How are you doing in the lecture part of this class?”

“I think I am going to get an A.”

“Oh. I guess I’d better be thinking about giving you a better grade here then.”

Then I looked puzzled. What was he thinking?

The other thing about organic chemistry is the other students used to bug me because I knew what their unknowns were. So, when they finished identifying them, they would come up to me to see if they got them right. I usually gave them a head shake or some other subtle indicator. The ones who were wrong were usually so far off, it was a lost cause. The professors thought that since I worked for the chemistry department I needed a real challenge and they spent their time concocting unknowns that would puzzle me to no end. Boy did they; I was never able to identify one. But, I still got a B+ in the lab section of organic chemistry.

Sophomore Year – Part 1, Back to Cayuga

June 14, 2007 Posted by suefairview

Sophomore year was life changing for me. But we will get to that later. Anyhow, I was really excited to meet my new roommates and see Colleen again. The twin towers dorms were really new and posh and I was in tower B on the 10th floor. I took the elevator up to that floor with my green duffle bag and everyone was already there. It was a four person suite, with the common room in the middle, a bedroom off to the left, which Colleen and I would share, and one off to the right, which her friends from New York City would share. We had our own bathroom in the front of the suite. Between the NYC gals, we had a fridge and television and it was just like living in a small apartment with all the comforts of home. The gals from NYC were Jan and Amy and they were very pretty and worked at keeping up their appearances as far as how they dressed and that they wore make up. But they were really down to earth and likable.

I gave Colleen a huge hug and told her how much I missed her last term. We were all so happy as we left together to go eat at the dining hall. I couldn’t wait to begin my new classes.

The class I remember the most from that term was organic chemistry. I sat in the middle of the huge stadium seating classroom as the professor, Dr. Silver, announced that the class would be independent study. All of the students groaned. I thought, what is wrong with that? I can work at my own pace, not be slowed down by others, and if I need more explanation or time, I can get it. But it was a bit daunting to think of learning such a difficult subject all by myself. But I thought I would give it the old college try. After all, there were tutors made available to us. We were given Morrison and Boyd as our text and the curriculum was broken into chapters of the text. The first segment was the first chapter of the book. To complete a segment you had to take a quiz and get at least 80% correct on it. Completion of all the segments assured you a B in the course, then you could better that mark by taking the final.

So, that was my mission. Finish the first segment over the weekend at Cornell, and take the quiz on Monday. I felt bad leaving my roomies on the first weekend back at school, but Tom was free and he was going to be very busy this fall with regattas so I couldn’t be too choosy.

So Saturday morning at Cornell, I went to the Myron Taylor Law Library to study.

I am reading Morrison and Boyd and it makes sense to me. It is logical. This is the first time in my life that chemistry makes sense to me. There I sat in this beautiful wood paneled law library with high ceilings and chandeliers and it is extremely quiet and I am having an epiphany. Chemistry makes sense to me. Organic chemistry makes sense to me. I quickly flip forward through the upcoming chapters of the book. Alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, all of it make sense now. It all makes sense. I can learn this. I can do this. I can know this. I kind of feel like know this already because it is so logical. All you have to understand is that carbon can hold 4 covalent bonds and take it from there. That is the key to all of organic chemistry. Everything clicks into place. I finish quickly and head back to the fraternity. I am ready for the quiz. I feel high.

Tom shows up late and we go upstairs. We undress and he makes love to me in an uninspired fashion. He just hops on and pumps away until he is done. It is good for me, because I am easily satisfied, but it is not quite what it was. Something is missing. I decide not to mention it to him. Sunday, I return to Cayuga.

Monday comes and I take the quiz and get 100%. Guess I was right. I did know it. I take the next 3 quizzes in quick succession and two more 90%’s and a 100%. During the third quiz, Dr. Silver comes and sits in front of me and sings, “Mares eat oats and does eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy, kid’ll eat ivy too, wouldn’t you?” It was a bit unnerving. When I finished, he graded it himself and handed it back to me.

“You know, you could really do something in this class if you applied yourself.” he said.

I just kind of looked at him. I wasn’t sure what he expected of me.

He continued. “You are smarter than most of the kids in here and have a real talent for organic chemistry. Don’t be afraid to show it.” The he nodded, got up and left.

I was puzzled. This was the first time a college professor had given me positive feedback and I didn’t know what to make of it or what do with it. It helped my self esteem a bit though.